31st May 2019 Today’s conference is being attended by 683 participants. Hari Hari bol! Congratulations for joining. I do believe that we have achieved the target of 600 as we had desired. We are doing so far so good. It is the end of the month, 31 May, and we have exceeded the target! This number is beyond our expectation. Although we are not entirely steady with this number of 600, but we are almost there. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow which is our deadline for this target. Keep going ahead, keep chanting and get more of your friends and family to join us. Devotees have assembled in Vallabha Vidyanagar, almost 300 devotees are chanting. Sacidanandan Prabhu has organized retreat for change of heart and I just saw hundreds of devotees chanting in open field. I am very thankful for the retreat and I congratulate all those who have joined. I am happy. Special thanks to Sacidanandan Prabhu . The name of that retreat in Vallabha Vidyanagar is ‘change of heart’ but I have not seen the devotees going to any operation theater, they were not lying on the hospital beds. I did not see heart being transplanted. So, what is this change of heart? Its change of values, its change of attitude, its change of consciousness. Or it is also change of soul because soul is in the heart, soul resides in the heart. When I saw devotees of this retreat I was reminded of 10,000 sons of Daksha who were sent to forest for some rituals but Narada Muni reached there and gave discourse to them and there was transformation in the hearts of those 10,000 sons of Daksha. As there was change in heart they did not return home to their parents but they were going towards Vaikuntha, this is example of change of heart. Mrigari the hunter was killing animals and was happy to see their suffering then, Narada Muni gave answers to all his arguments and changed his heart, changed his consciousness, changed his attitude, changed his philosophy, changed his vision. Narada Muni also gave him japa mala to chant. He had agreed to chant Hare Krishna, and all change took place. Mrigari was no more the hunter, the killer of animals. He used to chant with his wife, keeping Tulsi Mahrani nearby. Initially he was thinking if I chant how will I take care of my family? Narada Muni said, keep chanting don’t worry. Lord has said in Bhagavad-Gita, yoga-kṣhemaṁ vahāmyaham [BG 9.22] I provide what they lack and preserve what they already possess. So as he was chanting and chanting there was purification of heart and Lord was pleased with him. He was chanting and calling out for the Lord. So many visitors were coming. They were all surprised to see Mrigari one-time hunter, killer of animals he has now become Hare Krishna. He is sitting down and chanting. They were amazed and pleased and started getting so many gifts. All his needs were fulfilled, by what they were bringing. Patram pushpam phalam toyam (BG 9.26) Take clothes from us, take milk for us, take this, take that. Lord was fulfilling all his needs. So Mrigari was following Krishna consciousness. Once Narada Muni came to meet him, he was walking very slowly in zig zag fashion. Narada Muni asked what happened, you could come to me running when you saw me but you took so much time? Mrigari explained I could but there were so many ants on the path so I was clearing the path, so it took me longer to reach your lotus feet. When he heard this he was very much pleased so see the transformation in heart of his disciple. He said well-done. You were killer of animals now you don’t want to kill ants. This change of heart you have under gone, I am very much pleased. Now you are not killing animals you are not drinking their blood you have gone for pataram pushpam phalam. You are following all the principles of Bhagavad dharma, you are not killing animals any more you are only honoring Krishna prasad. I am very happy with this change of attitude, change of consciousness, change of values. Once Prabhupada was asked in UAE by reporter “Swamiji, you have come so what change you would like to see, what change you are looking for?” Prabhupada responded “I want to see in the way people think.” Thinking, feeling and willing in other words change of heart, purification of minds. From dirty mind make pure mind so that is change of consciousness, change of heart, change of intelligence –pure intelligence. And all this change of heart and consciousness occurs by process of Krishna consciousness or basically by chanting Hare Krishna, reading Bhagavad-Gita, Bhagavatam, following 4 regulative principles every day we change. Gradually our attitude changes, our consciousness changes, our mind changes, its purified. Thus we have fully developed Krishna prema, evolution has taken place and we have achieved full Krishna consciousness. Complete change has taken place from mundane consciousness to spiritual consciousness. Initially we were lusty now we are premi. Now we have love for Krishna, love for spirit soul initially we had love for matter. So it’s a big thought these are the thoughts of change of heart. Krishna consciousness is meant to bring about change in heart and change in consciousness. So keep changing every day, every day we want to be a changed person, every day changing evolving going higher and higher we are not stopping then we are fixed and confident. Now we are on the way back to home. We are going back to home back to Godhead and we will invite others also. Come to this ISKCON boat, we are going back there we will get Darshan of Lord’s lotus feet. We will also move forward and help others also move ahead. Hare Krsna