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A person can only be content when his soul is satisfied. In Krishna consciousness you can be satisfied. The soul is satisfied, then the mind is satisfied, the body can also be satisfied and kept.

What is mercy?

Wishing happiness to all. Sarve sukhina bhavantu – that is the thought.

Temporary Pleasure

Something we hear, temporary, the music, this, that, touch, smell give some temporary pleasure, but that is flickering. It disappears like the bubbles. How long do the bubbles last? They don’t last very long.

Our Promise

When we take initiation we promise to the spiritual master, the fire, Paramatma, the Vaishnavas and other witnesses, to chant the holy name of the Lord, to follow the principles. We promise to practice Krishna consciousness or propagate Krishna consciousness, and kind of promise to stay in ISKCON for the rest of our life, to stay loyal and active within the Hare Krishna movement.

Soul’s Satisfaction

Materialism cannot satisfy us. It could satisfy our senses, our mind. Some entertainment, some body satisfaction, mind satisfaction – but soul’s satisfaction? Not possible. The soul could be only satisfied when the soul makes Krishna the object.

Only Going Forward

When shraddha is fixed and steady then we are “nisthavan.” It means no more U-turns, no more looking back: only going forward, no ups and downs with your Krishna consciousness.

Once He Enters the Heart

It is very difficult to make Krishna enter our heart, but once He enters then it’s very difficult to remove Him.

The Consciousness of The Residents

It is the consciousness that makes Goloka or makes Vrindavan or Mayapur or Jagannatha Puri, the consciousness of the residents there.


Those who are supposed to be assisting us and doing us that favor, if we end up offending them in some way, mentally, physically, vocally, there is some offences committed by us, then that offence takes the form of an elephant and enters your garden and could trample all that you had been trying to grow in the garden of your heart.