Taking Mahaprabhu’s movement ahead with soul stirring ecstactic kirtans.


Superlative Realizations penned down by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada.


Nectarean droplets from ocean of Vedic scriptures

Kirtan Ministry

Enthusiastically fanning the flame of Harinam Sankirtan.


Celebrating a walking festival worldwide.

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Chant with Lokanath Swami

An innovative initiative by His Holiness to bring people of all segments on a single platform, to chant daily the holy names of the Lord. If you wish to become more steady in your chanting or wish to know more about ‘Hare Krishna’ chanting, then do join us everyday, from 5:15am – 7:30am

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Meeting ID : 9415113791 / 84368040601 / 86413209937
Passcode: 1896
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