19th April 2019 I was on the streets yesterday or in the park of airport of Surat. So, from the streets to the palace today. Srila Prabhupada had told Sri Sri Radha Rasbihari to stay on & he will built a palace for Them. So, this temple of Radha Rasbihari is like a palace, which Prabhupada built for Them. Before we talk more, it's a time for celebration. We have crossed the mark of 500. Today we have 503 participants. This is a good morning news for all of you. I had expressed my wish, that by end of this month we should reach the target of 500 but by efforts of all of you, by end of the day & not end of the month, target has been achieved. So, we did it. We achieved the target together. Param Vijayate Sri Krsna sankirtanam. (Shikshashtakam verse 1) This is also victory for the Sankirtan movement. When so many devotees come together & chant, then that is Sankirtan. Then victory is guaranteed for Sankirtan movement. So one phase of the victory we have achieved. ‘Jitega Bhai jitega’, (definitely there will be victory) they say in India. So Sankirtan movement will be victorious. So keep Chanting. We achieved some sort of target. With all of your enthusiasm it was possible. But we have long way to go. But stay fixed & Chant every day with enthusiasm on the conference. Enthusiasm & Determination, both are required to become steady. What sort of determination is needed? That we will Chant 16 rounds every day, we have to do, we have taken vow, so we don't have any choice, but to Chant. However, if you could Chant with us that will be most welcomed & I think you will be also very much benefitted by the association. The reason I wish to continue this conference, is because, it’s a part of taking care of you, taking care of devotees, taking care of disciples. To train the disciples to chant 'Hare Krishna’. To train to be steady, train to be enthusiastic, train to be attentive, train to be offenseless. All sorts of training & aspects of Chanting are there & we have been reminding every day, this aspect, that aspect, this training, that training. Among all sorts of trainings, training of doing Japa is the topmost. If we become expert in Chanting, then it's effect will be evident in all our spiritual life style. Your whole life will be revolutionize. All aspects of your life will improve, once your Chanting is improved. So take advantage. Many of you are sharing your realizations & you are letting me know, how you have been benefited by this conference. Madhavi Gauri mataji wrote to me. It was a nice communication, I appreciated. I appreciated her appreciation and her realization. She has become steady chanter. Every single morning, fix time of the day, otherwise she was Chanting, but at all different times. Life was not disciplined. But now she also had a thought, that how she could not Chant, during this time of the day when her Guru Maharaj is sitting & Chanting, how she could be sleeping? Or how she could be doing some other thing. So those were her thoughts. So keep Chanting. Be steady with your Chanting in association of devotees & also in my association. ‘loot sako to loot lo’ (You may take full advantage of this opportunity, which has come knocking at your door) that is the thing. So, take advantage. Just by sitting at home you are getting so much benefit. When you will get opportunity like this of getting association every day. You all should take full advantage of it. I will have to close this Japa-talk soon as we have to greet Radha-Rasbihari. Also I will have to sing Guru Pooja Kirtan & in evening also we have Kirtan, beginning at 7.30pm. Let’s see what all things we can do. All day there are meetings also. So, day is packed. All the talks that we had been giving, includes various thoughts, guidelines, various training points, different inspirational statements. Because we go on talking every day, we try to say something different, new or additional which you should be welcoming. However, whatever has been said in the past, we have said 100 times, as we have passed 100 days of Japa conference. Every day we have said something substantial, something useful, something meaningful, some practical tips. So, you should go back to those. You should remember, you should contemplate on that. Some of you are making notes. Otherwise you also know, you must know, we had been posting transcriptions of these Japa talk in English, Hindi & Russian. Some of the participants of this conference are taking trouble of transcribing this Japa-talks in the language that you could understand. So you could visit Japa-talk, “Let's Chant together”, conference, or wherever it is posted, on Lok-Sanga. So you should read through those postings & refresh your memory. Guidelines, instructions, tips, hints that we have been giving & try to follow that every day as you chant. So, I am just saying, don't forget training points & guidelines which are meant to help you to chant with attention & offenselessly. So that's also part of homework. Chanting is a homework & wherever we had been Chanting, revisit in your mind & try to remember. But in this age we can not rely upon our memory. We don't have sharp intelligence. So better you write it down. Or whatever has been said or transcribed, you should make copy of that. Put that in your file those print outs & read & follow. Prabhupada used to say,'If you want to remember something, write it down.’ Hare Krishna! Thank you.