10th January 2020 Chanting the maha-mantra is an authentic process Please forgive me as I have stopped your chanting. You were chanting, and some are still chanting. You were listening to the Lord,you were getting association of the Lord, you were having a meeting with the Lord, When we chant we are in an interview with the Lord, in audience or meeting with the Lord. All this was going on and I stopped you in between so please forgive me for that. Chanting is the process of getting association of the Lord, achieving the Lord and of having his association. Chanting of Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare In many ways chanting is compared to a phone call to the Lord. It's benefits, and usefulness is all narrated and explained in various ways. When we utter the Harinama , shabda yonitvat or sastra yonitvat. Today before chanting I was reading Tattva sandarbh. Srila Jiva Goswami explains there with reference of one part from Vedanta Sutra. One of the principal from that is Sastra yonitvat. Other place it is said shabda yonitvat. Basic understanding of Sastra yonitvat or shabda yonitvat can be explained in a way. Yoni means source, the place of origin, the place to achieve Lord is 'word'. Shabda yonitvat. Sastras are full of all different types of words and sentences. 'Ved-vakya' or ‘Ved-vani' is also said Sastra- yoni. On hearing the words from scriptures we can achieve the Lord. Lord can be achieved with the help of words. By help of scriptures and words from those scriptures Lord is achievable. If one wants to prove this highest evidence ( praman) is Sruti-praman. There are different types of pramanas. There is Sastra-praman, Sruti-praman, Pratyaksha-praman. One may ask what is the evidence for whatever you are saying? How can you prove? What is the proof? Then it's said that sastras explain which can be taken as Sastra-praman or Sruti-praman. How you will prove whether God really exists? They say Sastra-yoni. So scriptural words can prove the existence of the Lord. Evidence means these words and scriptures will explain to us how the Lord is in actuality. Ved-vani will explain us this thing. sarvasya caham hrdi sannivisto mattah smrtir jnanam apohanam ca vedais ca sarvair aham eva vedyo vedanta-krd veda-vid eva caham( BG 15.15) Translation: I am seated in everyone's heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness. By all the Vedas am I to be known; indeed I am the compiler of Veda Vadameans with the help of the Vedas. With the help of the instrument called Vedas. Vedais can sarvair aham eva vedyo. I am to be known by studying all the Vedas. Vedas are the scriptures. The scriptures from which things can be understood. To know the Lord is called Vedas and the Lord is called 'Vedya'. Someone is very learned. Why is he called learned? Because he has studied the Vedas. Those who know and study Vedas are called as Vidvan. ( Knowledgeable). What does one come to know from the knowledge of the Vedas? - 'Vedya'. Ahameva vedyo. Are you understanding this? - Ved, Vidvan and Vedya. There are sastra like Veda, Purana and Srutis. If one knows it, reads it, studies it then one is called as Jnana-van or Vidvan. One who has acquired knowledge is called as Jnana-van. What he has understood? He has learnt about the Lord. So this Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare These words or this mantra ( vachan) , this is the conclusion of all the scriptures. You may read all the different mantras in the Vedas or are you may study all the Shrutis or read only one mantra and that is Hare Krishna mahamantra, it's a same thing. Brahma explained this to Narada, in one of the conversations which is explained in Kali-santaran Upanishad. Naradji asked Brahmaji who is his spiritual master as well as his father , that now new yuga has started and so what is the method of achieving the Lord in this Yuga? Which mantra or method is useful? Then Brahmaji explained that one can chant Harinama. Then Narada inquired that there are innumerable names of Hari. Is there any specific name which can be chanted specially in Kaliyuga? Then Brahmaji explained that there is one special mantra, the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, and further explained, iti sodasakam namnam kali-kalmasa-nasanam. So these 16 names or 16 words are there. Hare is one name then Krsna is another name. Then Hare is third name and Krsna is fourth name. Krsna Krsna is fifth and sixth name and then Hare Hare is 7th and 8th like that there are 8 more. So this mantra is of 16 names and 32 letters. Kali-santaran Upanishad is saying this which Sruti praman. Whatever you are saying, what is the proof? So this Kali santarana Upanishad is Sruti sastra or Sruti praman. One is Sruti sastra and another is Smriti sastra out of which Sruti sastra is considered supreme. There are four Vedas and then Mahabharata is History and is considered as pancham Veda. So iti sodasakam namnam kali kalmasa nasanam natah parataropayah sarva vedesu drusyate Translation “In this way, the collection of sixteen names is the only destroyer ofsins in Kali-yuga. No other remedy can be found in any part of theVedic literature.” (Kalisantarana Upanishad, Text 6) oṁ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya janmādy asya yato ’nvayād itarataś cārtheṣv abhijñaḥ svarāṭ tene brahma hṛdā ya ādi-kavaye muhyanti yat sūrayaḥ tejo-vāri-mṛdāṁ yathā vinimayo yatra tri-sargo ’mṛṣā dhāmnā svena sadā nirasta-kuhakaṁ satyaṁ paraṁ dhīmahi Who are you? What right do you have to say whatever you are saying? But Brahma can say that he has the right or authority to explain that because, he has learnt and understood it directly from the Supreme Lord. It comes in our tradition ( parampara) . Who is the main Guru of our parampara? Brahma, Madhava and then there are many more who appeared in this tradition. Brahma is telling Narada in this conversation which is explained in Kalisantarana Upanishad. Then there is shabda-yonitvat, Sastra- yonitvat with the help of scriptures and with the help of words we can know about the Lord. Kali-santaran Upanishad explains this. Sadhu , scriptures and Guru are explaining this. This is Kaliyuga and if you want to know the Lord and not only know but to achieve the Lord, and if you want to return to Godhead then the way out is this shabda-yonitvat sastra-yonitvat. They tell about these words, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Whenever names are being chanted then karna randhrenwith the medium of our ears the Lord enters. cetah-prangana-sangini vijayate sarvendriyanam krtim no jane janito kiyadbhir amrtaih krsneti varna-dvayi (CC Antya 1.99) Rupa Goswami explained this, ‘When I chant the maha-mantra with my tongue , my tongue becomes happy and I feel with one tongue how much I can chant! If I had 'arbudh' tongues it would been so nice. Arbudh is a very big number. Then there is Arbudh, Kharva , Shankha, Mahashankh etc. Crore is a very small number and there are many countings further beyond that. Then with my one tongue how much can I chant? Tunde tundavali… tund in Sanskrit means tond in Marathi. Tundavali labdhaye. Aavali means rows. Tundavali labdhaye. It would be so nice if I had rows of mouths. Lord Siva says that he has five mouths, so is called Panchanan. With all the five mouths he chants the names of Lord Hari. Ananta sesa has thousands of mouths, and he chants with all those mouths. So in this way when the names of Hari are uttered then ghatayate… how much can be heard with only two ears? Then he explains karna arbhudhen spriha. I wish I had millions of ears. If the Lord gifts me with millions of years then I can hear the names of Hari with so many ears and then it will easily reach my heart. In this way when Lord will enter my heart I will start dancing. Because we the soul stays in heart, then soul will embrace the super soul. They will shake hands. Then there will be ecstasy of happiness and all the bodily awareness will be lost. When we are saying Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna that means Radha Krishna Radha Krishna. We are meeting with the Lord. Rupa Goswami says vijayate sarva indriyanihi krite.We will conquer over all the organs. We are victorious over all our organs. Whatever business they keep on doing will come to a halt. If only the mind which keeps the organs busygets engaged in chanting the names of the Lord, then the meeting with the Lord will be deep in the heart( antakaran). The mind and the subtle body is also there. Mind, intelligence and false ego is finished. Our real ego, aham, is the soul. Ahankar is just false ego. Aham mameti is on the physical level. If some disorder occurs at the level of mind then aham comes up but actual aham is soul. Soul is busy and engrossed in Radha-Krsna bhajan. But when Soul is busy in taking darsana of Radha Krsna and in chanting and hearing their name and glories in Their presence then sarva indriyani krite … then all the sense organs will be frozen or immobilised. Rupa Goswami further explains this varna-dvayi. There are two varnas or syllables. 'Krs' is one 'na' is another. There is so much happiness in these two syllables. Krsneti dvayi gives so much happiness. These two syllables are full of the Lord. So shabda-yonitvat, sastra yonitvat. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna. These words become the origin, or yoni or strot. As these words itself are the Lord. Abhinatvat nama namino. Nama itself is the Lord. This is beyond understanding( Acintya) . Whether He originates from Harinama or Harinama itself is the Lord. Shabda-yonitvat. Yoni doesn't give birth to the child. The infant is in the womb. When the child takes birth it appears that he has taken birth from the yoni. The way if someone enters from the door, we observe that he has come out from the door, but that doesn't mean the door gave birth to that person. So this harinama becomes yoni. Shabda is one thing and Harinama is another thing. But here the words are yoni. That is why it is said, nama cintamanih krishnas caitanya-rasa-vigrahah purnah suddho nitya-mukto ‘bhinnatvan nama-naminoh The holy name of Krishna is transcendentally blissful. It bestows all spiritual benedictions, for it is Krishna Himself, the reservoir of all pleasure. Krishna’s name is complete, and it is the form of all transcendental mellows. It is not a material name under any condition, and it is no less powerful than Krishna Himself. Since Krishna’s name is not contaminated by the material qualities, there is no question of its being involved with maya. Krishna’s name is always liberated and spiritual; it is never conditioned by the laws of material nature. This is because the name of Krishna and Krishna Himself are identical. (Padma Purana) Nam and nami are one. Yoni and nam`, these words haven't given birth. These words are not medium, but the word itself is the Lord. Nama is the Lord. Brahma who is the authority, who advisedNarada. He was told to go and spread it all over…. iti sodasakam namnam kali kalmasa nasanamAll the short falls of Kali will be nullified by this maha-mantra. Whatever defects, shortfalls, problems are there that will be taken care of. These faults will be removed. He not only explained this teachings but Brahma himself appeared. When Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared on the earth that time even Brahma also appeared. The way he had explained it to Narada similarly he demonstrated that. In English we say 'walk the talk'. The way you talked now shows us your behaviour. 'Walk the talk'. So Brahma appeared and busy Brahma took out time from his busy schedule. He is very busy as he is has created the universe. It is his service. He thought he had done enough work. He was not happy doing only that. Then he took a beadbag , and chanting beads and started chanting 3 lakh names everyday. He is and he was acarya of our parampara. Then he became acarya of the name - Namacarya Srila Haridas Thakur. This is to convince us that this chanting is not just someone's idea , O! All of you chant! Chant! Chant! Sadhu scriptures and acharya are the solid proofs . Brahma’s teachings , Narada’s teachings is evidence. Vyasadev, and scriptures written by Him are evidence. But Vedas are not written by Vyasadev. Vedas are apaurusheya. Vedas are eternal. Even when there is complete annihilation of the universe, at the time of pralaya the Vedas are protected. Lord appears as matsya incarnation. All the Vedas are then kept in a boat and then when again universes are created then those same scriptures, Puranas, Mahabharata and Bhagavatam is presented again. Otherwise the world will not know how to live. It is called a manual. When we buy any machine or any tool we get a manual with it to understand how to assemble it , how to unpack it and how to maintain it. Without reading you won't understand how to handle that machine. So this Vedic knowledge and scriptures are called manuals. Brahma created the universe first and then there is sarga and visarga. There are two types. So creation of the universes is first and starts by the Lord himself and then Brahma takes birth and he is appointed after being given knowledge of Vedas. tene brahma hṛdā ya ādi-kavaye muhyanti yat sūrayaḥ then with the use of that knowledge, after getting the manual Brahma takes his work further. So chanting of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra is an authentic process.Scriptures are the evidence, Lord is evidence(praman). Acaryas are evidence. Sadhu, scriptures acarya are evidence. We should all chant the Hare Krishna maha-mantra in Kaliyuga to attain the Lord. Hare Krishna!