Hare Krishna Gurudev,
Please Accept My Humble Obeisance at Your Lotus feet.

We felt very fortunate when got order from You to distribute books, though we were not planned anything about it and got this seva just two days before by Your merciful heart. We tried our best to complete target of distributing 740 Bhuvaikuntha and 740 Sukhi Jivanacha Marg, as it is Your 74 th Vyasapuja, which goes total 1480 books.

I start requesting for donation from devotees while I was in train Radhika Pati from Solapur gave 10000, Madhavkaruna from Solapur gave 11000, Sankarshanlaxaman pr from Solapur gave 7000 remaining donation we took from Latur devotees rs 100000. We put two book stall on Your Vyasapuja day one infront of main pandal and another at the main entrance. Latur devotees along with parali and ShekhRajur devotees, total devotees may goes more than 40. They distributed books whole day and for Your pleasure and by strength of Your blessing inform of Your desire we achieved target in very blissful way. I beg pardon at Your Lotus feet that I was not able to give offering on satge as engaged in book distribution.

Latur got another seva of distributing filter water HG Sudamasakha pr, HG Narharisarkar pr,HG Natwargopal pr took lead in this seva. They took monitoring of plant by regularly changing cartridge and making separate arrangements for gents and ladies devotees.

We all felt very much loved as Yourself consider us worthy of doing seva which came directly from Your Lotus heart. Iskcon Latur Gave separate rs 70000 donation for Vyaspuja.

We all thank You dear Gurudev,
Iskcon Latur Devotees.