Hare Krishna Gurudev,Please accept my humble obeisances unto your lotus feet.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
All glories to you, Gurudev!
All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga!

Gurudev! wishing you once again a Happy Vyasa Puja! We wish we could have celebrated your vyasa puja with your presence, but by your mercy, we celebrated your vyasa puja here in Damodardesh with many devotees. Yesterday, an 8-hour harinam sankirtan was organized at the Regent International School, Dubai. We were chanting the harinama for your vyasa puja as you are one of the kirtan pioneers and on the occasion of Sripad Aindra prabhu’s tirobhava.

Your disciples, H.G Shyamalangi mataji, H.G Sundari Yashoda mataji, and myself had read our offerings and all the devotees present there offered pushpanjali, there were around 300 devotees present and wished you were present. We performed the Guru puja followed by the pushanjali. H.G Balabhadra Nitai prabhuji was performing the arati. Your disciples, H.G Prabhupada Vani prabhuji and H.G Lakshmi Kanth prabhuji were too present.
It was nice thinking that Gurudev, you are the ‘Kirtan Samrat’, and performing harinama sankirtan which is one of your main goals, made us feel very
grateful. We sponsored ekadashi prasad yesterday’s kirtan.

We collected and sent Rs.1 lakh for your Vyasa puja in Pandharpur and Rs.50,000 for Arvade. H.G Keshav Bharati prabhuji has brought the Lakshmi.

Your most insignificant servant,Chitta Hari Das and Damodar Premi Devi Dasi and family