Chittagong Bangladesh

Dear Gurumaharaj

Hare Krishna. Please accept my Humble obeisance unto your lotus feet. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

I am very glad to inform you that this year we are so fortunate to have chance to celebrate your divine appearance tithi for the 4th time in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Over 150 devotees were present with IYF leaders and congregational devotees of Chittagong. Many VOICE students also present in this auspicious occasion.

The programme followed by the touchy kirtan of my younger brother Nabajit prabhu who is also a youth preacher and Engineering student. And others kirtaniyas also performed accordingly.

Leaders and devotees read their offering in front of you.I know all this you heard and accepted.
Then the charanabhishek had been started and all participated in it.

The programme concluded with Guru puja, Pushpanjali and transcendental anukalpa prasadam.

Dear Gurudev plz accept our heartfelt offerings

Your Servant
Sankirtan Gaur Das