4 NOVEMBER 2019 THE DHAMA IS NON-DIFFERENT FROM THE LORD Hare Krishna ! Paramananda Prabhu is chanting 66 rounds in Solapur. So whether you chant 16, 32 or 64 rounds your main focus must be towards attentive chanting. Devotees from 445 places are chanting with us. In ISKCON Amravati I saw 150 visitors and many children. They must have chanted with us and did deep daan. So ISKCON Amravati marathon is getting ahead. There is competition amongst the temples and individuals. Let's see who wins this deep daan marathon! You all are sending scores from time to time and we have to prepare the report of the scores at month end. It will report back to Padmamali Prabhu and he will give a brief report summary. Solapur has an idea of making the prisoners offer lamps in coming Ekadasi. They will rescue the prisoners, spread radiance in the prison and enlighten their lives. There is Katha and deep daan going on in Gurugram. In ISKCON Pandharpur 50 devotees did deep daan in Jagannatha Temple yesterday. As I was telling you, while doing so you can narrate the glories of deep daan , Damodar Lila (pastime) or the meaning of Damodarastakam. We also inspire you to read Vraja-mandala darsana. Through Vraja-mandala darsana, you can see the photographs of the Lila places, temples and old Deities of Vraja, kundas, Bhojan sthali/ thali, Altars and things like that. You can see Caitanya Mahaprabhu doing Govardhan Parikrama. You can also see Yama-Yami, that is Yamraja and Yamuna. You can have darsana sitting at home. Bhanu Priya, Are you having darsana? Make sure you all have this book. Open that chapter and read where the Parikrama is today, like it is going to Ram-ghata, Khelan Van, Akshya Vat and Parikrama will arrive at Chir-ghata and there it will stop today. You can also have darsana of those places. When you read, then you will hear. Audio will turn into Video and will manifest in front of your eyes. We have to see through our ears. By reading, you can see what Parikrama devotees are seeing and what we have experienced during Parikrama. When we read such realisations, then we can also have those realisations. So, we are just sharing our experience and realisation of Vraja- mandala Parikrama of different Lila places. guhyam akhyati prachhati. All Vrindavana lilas and places are confidential. This is nothing but sharing of those confidential pastimes and we can uncover and discover them. There is also the Discover Yourself (DYS) Course, like Bhagavad-gita. By reading, we can realise that there is a covering of the body and the mind above our soul. (Sthula- large Sharira and Sukshma -subtle Sharira). We can discover ourselves and forget the body. The way Bhagavad-gita discovers the soul, in the same way it also makes self realisation, Lord realisation and realising the dhama. The dhama is also one of the forms of the Lord. While doing Vraja-mandala Parikrama, we are trying to discover and uncover Krsna. We want to have darsana of Sri Krsna and that's why we are discovering the dhama. It cannot be limited to the realisation of the dhama, but also of the Dhamis (residents of the dhama) who are none other than Radha and Krsna. They are Dhamis of Vrindavana and Vraja-mandala. One who stays in the dhama is called a Dhami. ananda-cinmaya-rasa-pratibhavitabhis tabhir ya eva nija-rupataya- kalabhih goloka eva nivasaty akhilatma-bhuto govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami TRANSLATION: I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, residing in His own realm, Goloka, with Radha, resembling His own spiritual  figure, the embodiment of the ecstatic potency possessed of the sixty-four artistic activities, in the company of Her confidantes [sakhis], embodiments of the extensions of Her bodily form, permeated and vitalized by His ever-blissful spiritual rasa. (Brahma Samhita, Part 4, Text 37) Not only Radha Krsna reside here but also asta sakhis and gopis. They are also Dhamis. Everyone who resides here is a Dhami beginning with Radha Krsna, who are the Head and Aradhya Dev (Adorable Idol) because they have those who adore Them. They are in different Rasas like Sakhya Rasa, Vatsalya Rasa and Madhurya Rasa. All the cowherd boys and cows are also Dhamis. This is expanding. Every Dham has different Dhamis. Like Sri Rama is Dhami of Ayodhya. We think that Radha Krsna are only Dhamis of Vrindavan but why only Radha Krsna? This dhama is not of Radha Krsna only, because They are never alone. divyad-vrndaranya-kalpa-drumadhah srimad-ratnagara-simhasana-sthau srimad-radha-srila-govinda-devau presthalibhih sevyamanau smarami TRANSLATION In a temple of jewels in Vrndavana, underneath a desire tree, Sri Sri Radha-Govinda, served by Their most confidential associates, sit upon an effulgent throne. I offer my humble obeisances unto Them. (Abhidheyadhideva Pranama) If Radha Krsna are seated on the throne and there is no one with Them and doing anything, then why there are servants or astasakhis? If there is Vraja Dhama then there is also Vraja vasis. Radha Krsna , all the cowherd boys, Mata Yasoda are Vraja vasis . We need not only discover The dhama or realise the dhama, but we also need to discover the Dhamis of the dhama which are Radha Krsna and all the devotees present in the dhama. The dhama is full of devotees. Here the Dhamis reciprocate with each other. All of them are related to Krsna and their interaction is recognized as Lila by us. Dhama means there is also Dhami. Now you understand, Radha Krsna are not the only Dhamis, but the entire population of Dhama is Dhami and they remain active 24 hours a day. Then, Ashta Kaliya Lila starts. Lord plays Lila 24 hours a day. You can also discover and experience it by doing Vraja- mandala parikrama in Damodara month. One of the Vratas could be,”I will do Vraja-mandala Parikrama this year in Damodara month.'' Experience of Vraja-mandala Parikrama has been compiled in Vraja-mandala darsana for those who are not doing Parikrama and also for those who are doing Parikrama. They also carry this book with them and do Parikrama. Parikrama devotees also read this book, but those who are not doing Parikrama must especially read so that they can remain engrossed in the mood and thoughts of Damodara. Today we have less time. I should have mentioned it earlier. Today is Gopashtami. There is something new happening everyday in Damodara month or in Vrindavan. Festivals are happening everyday. Different incidents had taken place everyday and are also going on. Ashtami of Damodara month was Radha-kunda appearance day. This is the second Ashtami of Shukla Pakshabwhich is Gopashtami. Gopashtami was celebrated in Vrindavana. Govardhan Puja started in Kartik month and is still going on. So when Krsna became Pauganda that is when he turned 5 years old the resolution was passed by the Vraja vasis that Krsna will take care of cows now as He has grown up and is capable. Earlier He was taking care of the calves . Today 5000 years ago in Damodara month, Lord was promoted as Gopala from Vatsapal. Vraja vasis had celebrated this day in Nandagrama by decorating Nandagrama, the cows, the cowherd boys and Krsna Balarama were also specially decorated. Swasti Vachan was also performed (a spiritual activity in which benedictory mantra or chanting is recited at the time of the beginning of an auspicious work). Today Krsna became Gopala from Vatsapal. This occasion is called the Gopashtami festival. We have a big Goshala on the Parikrama path. Devotees doing Parikrama will come across the Goshala on the way. Khelan Van is also there and Viharvana, where Krsna played Gocharan Lila and he had also played in Khelan Van. Parikrama devotees are about to reach there. I need to join them. They will be reminded more regarding Gopashtami Lila. So, Let's stop here! So, you stick to it. Always chant and do deep daan . Haribol! Damodara Maas ki jai! Gopashtami Mahotsav ki jai!