25th April 2019 Reporting is inspirational/ Seeing you chanting gives me inspiration I am happy, I am sure Lord is also happy that you are chanting. I am seeing you and so is Lord seeing you chanting. He also has eyes, He sees first then the world sees. As you know the whole world is chanting with us. 17 devotees chanting from Nashik, devotees from Mauritius are chanting with us, 20 devotees from Surat. I was just there, few days ago in Surat. Anadi Govind I also saw him chanting. I was especially pleased to see him chant, because I had not seen him for long time and now I see him chanting, so I was very happy to see him chant. 52 from Greater Noida. Where is Noida? 55 from Mauritius! Haribol! Noida, they are not keeping track those who are chanting. Devotees in Shukratal are doing japa with us. Wonderful! place where Shukadeva Goswami recited Bhagavatam on the banks of Ganga. So, our Vamsidhar Prabhu, co-president of Noida has reached Shukratal, where recitation of Bhagavatam is going on. Devotees from Shukratal are chanting with us Haribol! So we get benefit of their association also, devotees from Shukratal. Noida devotees are only sending their pranam obeisances but not their score. Hari hari! ISKCON Solapur, ISKCON Pandharpur, ISKCON Latur, ISKCON Greater Noida, ISKCON Pandharpur. Vaidarbhi from Pandharpur or Pune also may be. Vrajleela from Solapur. 55 devotees are tracked from Noida. It’s great news, so Noida has defeated Greater Noida. 17 from Bangalore. Akinchan Bhakta Prabhu he is reporting and I am grateful to him, he does translation of japa talk in Hindi. Namasankirtan from Toronto, Canada. Radha Kshirchora Gopinath ki jai! There is a temple of Radha Kshirchora Gopinath in Toronto. Devotees are chanting. Namakirtan is chanting with us. Madhupriya is chanting from Nagpur, she is very steady. Ratikeli Mataji originally form Nagpur now in Australia is also chanting with us. Anandprada from Noida. She is also steady. She is chanting daily with patience. You all have beautiful names sweet names. Meaningful names you should also remember. The meaning of Anandprada is giver of ananda. Da- giver, ananda and that is Radharani, so anandprada is Radha dasi. Yes I have from Burma, Padmaja, is chanting. I think I like to see that she keeps chanting with us forever. Ya, thank you. Everyone is offering dandavats. So, you should also thanks devotees around and offer them dandavats also. 17 devotees from Ahmedabad, 13 devotees from Bhubaneswar, its Shivaji’s place, Bhubaneswar, next to Jagannath Puri. Vaikuthanayak is preaching here, others also preaching but Vaitunthanayak is one of the preachers in Bhubaneswar. Akash Markande from JJ, JJ what is that JJ? RCF workers chanting. What is RCF? So, our Giriraj Govardhan and another devotees, devotees from Alibag chanting. Chanting with some of the workers there in factories. Raichur, good 5 devotees from Raichur. This is in Karnataka, our Jaytirtha is chanting. Chanting with his associate devotees, his friends and family. ISKCON Amaravati, they have not mentioned how many. And I am missing lot, 5 devotees from Sangali, only, Sangali lai changli [laughter] only 5 devotees why. Preacher from Sangali is with us. Audarya Gaur Prabhu not very udara. May be today number has dropped. Normally good number of chanters from Sangli. 15 from ISKCON Jalagaon. Engaging, getting more. Nashik Road devotees are attempting, endeavoring to get more to join conference. 30 devotees from Solapur. That’s good. Jamshedpur, this is where? Bihar? Jharkhand. That is where animals chanted with Caitanya Mahaprabhu, now from Jharkhand human beings are also chanting. You know Jharkhand lila of Caitanya Mahaprabhu? 20 devotees from Nagpur, 20 devotees from Nagpur, 5 devotees from Vaikuntha BACE. Pandharpur Vaikuntha BACE has 5 chanters now. Normally they are more. Dayalu Radha this is very special. This is one island in Indian Ocean near Mauritius. Small island, I was there few years ago. Reunion Island, few matajis, only few handful of devotees few followers of Gaudiya Vaisnava. So, she is chanting that is very special. 9 devotees from Udaipur, Rajasthan, 3 devotees from Satara, 15 from Vrindavan, Anandmayi Radha is reporting. Vrindavan Dham ki jay! Why only 15 we should have more. 5 devotees from Hadapsar BACE. 11 from Melbourne ok that’s nice. Melbourne Australia is chanting, so this way the grand total was 558 today. From ISKCON Beed, Radha Govind Dev ki jai! 15 devotees are chanting and Haribol from somewhere. Jamshedpur started Padayatra very wonderful, Caitanya Mahaprabhu did padayatra in Jharkhand. I am very happy with this news that devotees from Jamshedpur organizing padayatra. That may be one day padayatra. Welcome, wonderful! And 9 devotees from Andhra Pradesh. 2 from New Zealand are chanting and 12 from Dubai Sharjah. Bangladesh one chanter only. Only one should have more people. 31 from Russia 31 chanters from Russia. Hare Krishna! Russia is defeating so many countries. 2 from Ahmad nagar. Ahmad nagar is near Pune. Naradi Gopi, Why only two? We should have more. 9 from Kolhapur. Mahalaxmi mataji ki jai. Alibag devotees are planning for one day padayatra. I am waiting for the posting. I missed some of the posting. Too fast I couldn’t keep track of the reporting. 4 devotees from Baroda. 4 devotees from Ahmad nagar. Amravati updated score is 25. 3 devotees from Yavatmal. Why only 3, should be more. Vaikuntha BACE Pune 10 devotees. Ok there are two BACEs, one vaikuntha BACE is in Pune and another is in Pandharpur. Youths are chanting with us, most welcome. Youths are chanting. Anadi Govind from Solapur. 3 devotees from Pandharpur Jagannath temple. We also have Jagannath mandir in Pandharpur and devotees are chanting form Jagannath temple. Jai Jagannath! 500 devotees are going from Bangalore to Mayapur today. Ok. That’s good news, you are welcome to Mayapur. And Hardik Patel’s Haribol one more time. Hari hari bol! And maybe we are towards the end of the session. We spent most of the time in reporting, which is inspirational, good to know who is chanting. How many are chanting. This inspires us to chant. We would like you to pray for our Yashoda Dulal Prabhu from New York. He met with an accident yesterday car accident. And he was admitted and being operated upon and recovering now in New Zealand. So, pray for the faster and early recovery. Yashoda Dulal prabhu is admitted in New Zealand. So please pray. So, let’s all pray by chanting out loud one time together. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare So Krsna Bhakta Prabhu is next to me He is coordinator and organizer of Pandharpur ekadasi festival. He will personally invite you for the festival. Hare Krsna