22nd April 2019 CALL OUT TO LORD LIKE DRAUPADI Gaura Premanande Hari Hari Bol! We are happy as number of participants have gone to 530. I was thinking when you chant, Krishna is pleased & you get credit for chanting, but if you become cause of others to chant, you inspire others to chant, on this conference or otherwise, then also, Lord is pleased with your endeavours, if your attempts to get others to chant. So, keep endeavouring & get more & more participants. It is not only me, who is seeing you & becoming happy by seeing you chant but originally Lord is seeing you chant & He is becoming happy, seeing you chanting. Yes? Do you agree, that Lord is seeing us? (H.G. Anandmayi Radha mataji on the conference is traveling while attending the conference.) Devotees are chanting everywhere in all parts & in all conditions. So it's nice & should be appreciated that, under all circumstances you are chanting, whether it's a comfort zone of your temple or house or austerity of being outside in unfavourable circumstances such as travelling, but Lord is watching. And Lord is pleased with you. So, keep chanting. Today in the middle of the conference I asked you all, whether you all can hear me properly? And you all responded saying, yes it was okay. Then my thoughts were, chanting is not only for others to hear, but chanting is for your own self to hear & for Krishna to hear. We chant with this objective, that Lord should hear. So make sure that Lord hears your chanting. That is why we say, “Hear with Attention. Hear with Meditation. Chant without Offenses.” That's the reason, you are reminded again & again to chant attentively. You are chanting attentively means, you are hearing your Japa. Make your Japa prayerful. Prayerful chanting Lord will definitely hear. Offenseless Japa, Lord will definitely hear. Your Chanting is then heard by the Lord. So, see to it, that your chanting is heard by the Lord. Lord is merciful. If you pray, then Lord will definitely hear you. Advaita Acharya prayed & cried for mercy of the Lord, Darshan of the Lord, Advent of the Lord. Then Lord had to appear. He had no choice. He appeared as Gauranga. Sri Krishana Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ki jai! He prayed for advent of Gauranga not only for himself, but for benefit of whole world, he wanted Lord to appear. The way Draupadi called out for the Lord. Hey Krishna! Hey Govind!! She must not have called this way. It's difficult to exactly address the Lord the way she must have called. With how much amount of eagerness & devotion, she must have called, that Lord had to appear. Lord doesn't come, why? Because we don't call out to Him like Draupadi. So, this is a practice, we are addressing the Lord every day. Everyday chanting is the practice of chanting, calling, begging the Lord. So, one day, our calling out, our address, our prayer will be like that of Draupadi's prayer. Then when those conditions are met, Lord has no choice but to make His appearance. Give us His darshan. Accept us in His company, in His association. Why Lord doesn't eat? Because we don't feed Him like Shabari. Why Lord doesn't dance? Because we don't make Him dance like Gopis. When our calling out will be like Draupadi, then Lord will definitely appear. ahaṁ bhakta-parādhīno hy asvatantra iva dvija sādhubhir grasta-hṛdayo bhaktair bhakta-jana-priyaḥ ( S.B. 9.4.63) This is introduction of Lord. I was also thinking, number of participants are increasing, so quantity wise we are doing better & better. That's one target. But our main goal has to be quality chanting. So, work on quantity as well as quality. Or even sometimes devotees chant more rounds. But goal is one also has to improve quality wise. Our Japa should be Quality chanting. Attentive chanting, Offenseless chanting, Devotional chanting. So, work on both of these goals. More chanting, increase number of rounds as well as number of participants, as well as the quality of our chanting. Okay. We will stop. See you another day. I am still in Juhu, at Lotus Feet of Radha-Rasbihari. Hare Krishna!