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Our Promise

When we take initiation we promise to the spiritual master, the fire, Paramatma, the Vaishnavas and other witnesses, to chant the holy name of the Lord, to follow the principles. We promise to practice Krishna consciousness or propagate Krishna consciousness, and kind of promise to stay in ISKCON for the rest of our life, to [...]

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The unseen merciful hand of Lord Krsna

Dated: 19th June 2016 Venue: Nagpur I was born in Aravade, a small village in the Indian state of Maharashtra that differs little from more than seven hundred thousand others in India. After I graduated from high school, my family sent me to Bombay to study chemistry in college. But my college career was not [...]

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Attitude towards Vaishnavas

Thank you for this opportunity that we have today with you. You are all Bhakti Shastris, Bhakti Shastragya meaning also like you are scientist. One who knows the Shastras - Shastragya . ‘Gya’ means one who knows, Shastragya:-one who knows shastras is scientist; this is yet another vaishnav definition for understanding of who is a [...]

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