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ISKCON Aravade is gearing up to extend help to any of our congregational members who is in need in relations to the ongoing Covid emergency.

We will try to help you with any Covid emergency health care and doctors consultation. We will try to Help with hospital admitance and other types of emergency help in relation to the Covid emergency.

We will also be available for counseling and prayers and will make available our entire devotee network through out India to try and help you in any way possible.

Please call: Daru Brahma Rupa Das +91-8888841863


We  have discussed with our local TMC members and checked the availability of doctors.
We have one Local Doctor who has been assisting our full time devotees and congregational  members since beginning of Covid.
We also have one Ayurvedic that we know he guides us as required.
We have  little influence in one of the hospitals here if required ( influence of Nagar Sevak and two staff member in the Hospital)
We don’t have a facility for providing prasadam there for we give Groceries to needy members within  our congregation.
We had raised some funds last year for Aravade, Maharashtra padayatra and Pandharpur.
Things are a bit tight here since it’s an industrial city and everything  has been locked down for sometime but if anything is needed locally I am sure people will come forward.
Yes  we are sharing all kinds of safety related tips and  our community is intact  with each other’s physical,medical   and emotional needs.
We are communicating   by phone and Whatsapp group messages. We also have shared guidelines set  by Dr. Madhavananda das and team.
Few members  are already  taking AYURCORO 3  and we are in the process of placing 2nd order.
On behalf of all the devotees and congregational members of Ichalkaranji and Area we thank you all for your valuable concern and endeavor to assist all of us to cross this nuscience of Covid wave.

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