Lokanath Swami Japa Talk
18th Mar 2023

1) Hare Krsna ! Are you ready !
2) CC Madhya 22.54

‘sādhu-saṅga’, ‘sādhu-saṅga’ — sarva-śāstre kaya
lava-mātra sādhu-saṅge sarva-siddhi haya

“The verdict of all revealed scriptures is that by even a moment’s association with a pure devotee, one can attain all success.

3) Today is Papamochani ekadashi
4) Many of you join on ekadashis
5) When one is freed of ones sins then good fortune arises
6) I wish you all become free from al sins
7) Devotees should evaluate their sadhna bhakti every ekadashi ,according to Srila bhakti vinod thakur

CC Madhya 22.100
ānukūlyasya saṅkalpaḥ
prātikūlyasya varjanam
rakṣiṣyatīti viśvāso
goptṛtve varaṇaṁ tathā
ṣaḍ-vidhā śaraṇāgatiḥ

“ ‘The six divisions of surrender are the acceptance of those things favorable to devotional service, the rejection of unfavorable things, the conviction that Kṛṣṇa will give protection, the acceptance of the Lord as one’s guardian or master, full self-surrender, and humility.

Someone was sleeping while chanting and I just indicated to them … he himself got alert and he would have definitely taken a vow that he will never sleep while chanting

8) There are many devotees who join only on ekadashi
9) Hg Rishi kumar prabhu was mentioning that our bhakti becomes Ghana and tarala- sometimes intense sometimes casual
10) It shouldn’t be so
11) But I wish to know who all join only on ekadashi ?
12) Pls raise your electronic hands
13) Some say that they visit the temple regularly
14) How regular…only on janmashtami !
15) Just like that some join only on Ekadashi !
16) But you can take a vow to join everyday which will be favourable to our devotion – this is my appeal to all of you
17) After missing for 14 days now one should take a vow to join every single day
18) Or tomorrow HH Kadamb kanan swami maharaj will enter the eternal pastimes of The Lord ….
19) Everyone is leaving one by one
20) So one has to increase the intensity of devotional service
21) Intensity and frequency too must be increased
22) Occasional devotion may not help
23) For example if someone leaves us , we feel like taking up renunciation but this is just limited to the graveyard
24) Then its business as usual
25) So it should not be so
26) Devotion should be every hour, every day and every minute too !
27) So what is your determination in devotion from last ekadashi to this ekadashi
28) I am hearing this from within..I also wish to progress
29) I wish to hear from you all too
30) Its paap mochani ekadashi
31) We may have joined to escape the results of our sinful reactions

Bg. 3.36
अर्जुन उवाच
अथ केन प्रयुक्तोऽयं पापं चरति पूरुषः ।
अनिच्छन्नपि वार्ष्णेय बलादिव नियोजितः ॥ ३६ ॥
arjuna uvāca
atha kena prayukto ’yaṁ
pāpaṁ carati pūruṣaḥ
anicchann api vārṣṇeya
balād iva niyojitaḥ

Arjuna said: O descendant of Vṛṣṇi, by what is one impelled to sinful acts, even unwillingly, as if engaged by force?

32) This is Arjunas question
33) BG gives us answer to all our questions
34) Sb and CC also give us our answers
35) Krsna answers

Bg. 3.37
श्री भगवानुवाच
काम एष क्रोध एष रजोगुणसमुद्भ‍वः ।
महाशनो महापाप्मा विद्ध्येनमिह वैरिणम् ॥ ३७ ॥
śrī-bhagavān uvāca
kāma eṣa krodha eṣa
mahāśano mahā-pāpmā
viddhy enam iha vairiṇam

The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: It is lust only, Arjuna, which is born of contact with the material mode of passion and later transformed into wrath, and which is the all-devouring sinful enemy of this world.

Bg. 2.62
ध्यायतो विषयान्पुंसः सङ्गस्तेषूपजायते ।
सङ्गात्सञ्जायते कामः कामात्क्रोधोऽभिजायते ॥ ६२ ॥
dhyāyato viṣayān puṁsaḥ
saṅgas teṣūpajāyate
saṅgāt sañjāyate kāmaḥ
kāmāt krodho ’bhijāyate

While contemplating the objects of the senses, a person develops attachment for them, and from such attachment lust develops, and from lust anger arises.

36) Anger blinds us

CC Ādi 4.165
আত্মেন্দ্রিয়প্রীতি–বাঞ্ছা—তারে বলি, ‘কাম’ ।
কৃষ্ণেন্দ্রিয়প্রীতি–ইচ্ছা ধরে ‘প্রেম’ নাম ॥ ১৬৫ ॥
ātmendriya-prīti-vāñchā — tāre bali ‘kāma’
kṛṣṇendriya-prīti-icchā dhare ‘prema’ nāma

The desire to gratify one’s own senses is kāma [lust], but the desire to please the senses of Lord Kṛṣṇa is prema [love].

37) Its simple
38) So we have to protect ourselves from lust
39) It will disappear naturally when one loves Krsna and serves Him

Bg. 18.66
सर्वधर्मान्परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज ।
अहं त्वां सर्वपापेभ्यो मोक्षयिष्यामि मा श‍ुच: ॥ ६६ ॥
sarva-dharmān parityajya
mām ekaṁ śaraṇaṁ vraja
ahaṁ tvāṁ sarva-pāpebhyo
mokṣayiṣyāmi mā śucaḥ

Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.

CC Madhya 19.170
tat-paratvena nirmalam
hṛṣīkeṇa hṛṣīkeśa-
sevanaṁ bhaktir ucyate

“ ‘Bhakti, or devotional service, means engaging all our senses in the service of the Lord, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all the senses. When the spirit soul renders service unto the Supreme, there are two side effects. One is freed from all material designations, and one’s senses are purified simply by being employed in the service of the Lord.’

40) The master of our senses is Krsna
41) When we serve Him , our senses also get satisfied
42) Thats why surrender unto the lotus feet of Krsna
43) We must take the shelter of the holy name
44) namashraya kari jatan tumi
45) Pls take the shelter of the holy name
46) And also protect it and take care of this most precious thing
47) Many barricades will come
48) This is Kali Yuga
49) There will be hinderances in chanting
50) But we must take a vow to stay away and avoid all of them
51) You may speak briefly on what is your evaluation of your devotional service since the past 15 days or 2 ekadashis
52) What was the effect of your vows / downfalls in devotion
53) Please speak honestly
54) Briefly
55) Hg Padmamali prabhu speaks- many of you have raised hands
56) Pls speak briefly
57) HG Anandmayi Radha mataji- being a devotee we must not eat outside food
58) But sometimes I end up eating outside ..that affects my sadhana
59) I wish you success in not eating out
60) Rajesh prabhu- in temple sometimes I find faults in devotees
61) I wish to not do so

HG Anant Nimai prabhu noida – I had joined a japa retreat where I was chanting 32 rounds ..I have been able to curb my ego with this and keep chanting 32 rounds every day an Ekadashi 64 rounds

62) HG Madhavi kumari ekadashi- I have not been able to wake up for Mangal Aarti everyday ..pls bless
63) HG Srimati Radhika mataji- whatever you say in japa talk I wish to follow as it is
64) Just like king kulashekar
65) HG Shaligram priya mataji- since my initiation I took a vow to be sincere in chanting, reading, Narayan kavach and listening to your lectures gurdev
66) Also do temple sevas
67) Wish to continue like this
68) HG Srihari darshan prabhu-i have 12 members in the family and I take a vow to not get angry and beat anyone
69) Darshan prabhu- I am paralytic
70) I am associated to HG Srihari darshan prabhu
71) I am chanting now
72) With this my voice is free
73) And I can speak well too
74) HG Amal prema prabhu- we are in Rameshwar dhama with 80devotees
75) With a second of association with pure devotee we can return back to godhead
76) Ho can we see everything in relation to krsna …I wish to meditate on this
77) Prasdaam, devotees, ocean.. and so on
78) Supriya mataji- there is no one in devotional service where I stay
79) But I will cook myself now onwards
80) Jitu prabhu – my mother has been chanting since last 25 years
81) But now I will try to ne a devotee and make my entire family Krsna conscious
82) Umesh prabhu – we are new to KC
83) We wish to take your shelter
84) Pls bless us
85) HG Brajanari mataji- my vow was to chant 64 rounds on every ekadashi
86) Lalit mataji-i get angry easily
87) Pls bless me I dont get angry
88) HG Rambhumi mataji – today is my material bday
89) Pls bless me so that I can chant well
90) Shivani mataji- im from a non devotee family
91) Pls bless that I can complete my chanting and not do fault finding in devotees
92) Hg Sakhi vrinda mataji -मेरी इछा है की मेरी साधना बढ़े और मैं अधिक किताबें
93) पढ़ूँ
94) HG Natarani mataji- pls help me complete chanting
95) Pls do some next time in Ratha Yatra in Muradabad
96) HG Dhir Gauranga prabhu – I chant 2 rounds extra -18 rounds
97) Every Ekadashi try to be be more sincere
98) HG Anant vishnu prabhu- pls bless me so that I perform devotional service with more determination
99) HG Sankirtan dharma prabhu- I am trying to do devotional service continuously even on holidays
101) HG Madan mohan mohini mataji- I wish to chant 16 rounds regularly
102) Next 10 mins we will carry on
103) Others pls start writing
104) Koudanyapur Subhadra Sundari Devi Dasi: हरे कृष्ण गुरू महाराज दंडवत प्रणाम
105) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: And we shall share in this conference and everyone can read too
106) Parth Jeevan Das JUHU: Hare krishna guru maharaj dandwat pranam
107) Dolly Deval: Guru Maharaj me Guru Gauranga ki sewa karna chahti hu apni life me Guru Maharaj kripa kijiyega
108) Tarun Gaur Das VVN: Maharaj muje apko letter letter lakhava he plaese
109) Anurag Kalikar: hare krishna maharaj dandawat pranam mujhe ashirvad dijiye main roj 16 mala kar pau jald se jald …
110) krsna bandhu_Bhavya: Hare Kṛṣṇa maharaj ji Dandavat pranāma
111) Please bless me guru maharaj that may I keep chanting attentively everyday
112) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: Jyotica mataji- I am science teacher
113) Parth Jeevan Das JUHU: Mera japa me Dhyan nahin lagta krupaya Mujhe adhirwaad dijiye
114) Payal Patil: hare Krishna Gurumaharaj dandvat pranam…
115) Yash Gupta: dandwat pranam guru mahraj mai nitya bhagwat Geeta ka adhyayan karna chata hun kosis karunga guru maharaj roojnkar sakun
116) Krishna bandhu_Dipti_A6: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj dandvat pranam
117) S𝖗𝖎 𝕬𝖓𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖆 𝕯𝖆𝖘, 𝖐𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖉: हरेकृष्ण दंडवत प्रणाम गुरुदेव जी
118) मै कराड मे मेरे घर मे श्री जगन्नाथ जी के विग्रह स्थापन कर राहा हूं…. मुझे आशीर्वाद दीजिये
119) Hyd-Syama Preyasi Devi Dasi: Hare Krishna Gurumaharaj! Dandvat Pranam!
120) I want to improve upon my chanting! Plz bless me Gurudev so that I can increase and improve it Your fallen servant,
121) Syama Preyasi Devi Dasi
122) Tarun Gaur Das VVN: Letter aap tak kese pahocha sakte he maharaj ?
123) Machindra Somade/Thane: Hare Krishna prabhuji bhakti me intensity badhane ka ashirwad di jiye.
124) Bhakti (Kavthe Mahankal): हरे कृष्ण गुरूमहाराज
125) NnjuhuBechra Vaviya: harekrishna gurumaraj
126) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: I wish to teach spiritual science to children
127) BLR Radha Smrti devi Dasi & Devashree: Hare Krishna Guru maharaj Dandavat pranam, I m not able to do more reading on daily basis,pls bless me I should be able to complete Srimad Bhagavatam all cantos as soon as possible,
128) Surat Bhakt Madhav: Hare Krishna koti koti dandavat pranam guru maharaj meri 16 complete ho paye aur ekadashi PR Shrimad Bhagavad Gita ji disbuted kr pau
129) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: What should I do ?
130) A7 Krishna Bandhu_Aayushi Patel #: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Dandavat Pranam Please bless me Guru Maharaj that I be an obedient servant of Guru and Gauranga
131) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: Hg Ayodya shirsat mataji- I try to avoid offences
132) Sudevi Lila DD Ahmednagar: हरे कृष्ण दंडवत प्रणाम गुरू महाराज जी महाराज जी आप कि कृपा मला मिळावी
133) Krishna Bandhu Mohit #AB: Hare Krishna GuruMaharaj Dandwat Pranam. Me sankalp le raha hu ki me apne rounds attentively chant kar pau and please blessings dijiye GuruMaharaj ki me aapka shelter jldi se pe saku and diksha le saku
134) Krishna Bandhu Keerti A6: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Dandwat pranam PAMHO
135) Guru maharaj mera sankalp h ki me ab se daily apke sath japa krugi jisse meri chanting pure ho jaye or hmare apki shelter k liye me daily apka 1 japa talk attend krugi ab se daily
136) Please bless me Guru Maharaj ki me regular kr pau
137) RK krishna bandhu Madhusmita: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj..dandbat pranam
138) ..Guru Maharaj mere upar Krupa kijiye ki me bhog Bana ke Prasad am le sakti hun ..Ghar per Esa allow nehi krte hai
139) krishna bandu NS5Samiksha Shinde: Hare krishna prabhuji Dandwat pranam me shakap le saki ki roj 16 rounds chant karu aapki krupa dhrusti bane rakhe joining krishna bandu i m become discipline by chanting hari naam i m consistent in reading Bhagwat Geeta and understand in a better way
140) Koudanyapur Subhadra Sundari Devi Dasi: Guru maharaj mai roj bhagvatm padhti hu our roj 18 mala karti hu
141) Guru maharaj krupa kijiye ki mai 18 mala dridhtase man laga kar kr aku krupa kijiye maharaj
142) Krishna Bandhu Mira 3: Hare Kṛṣṇa Guru Maharaj ji dandwat pranam.
143) Please bless me so that i can do 20 rounds attentively in brahm muhurat.
144) Anadi Bhakti Devi Dasi: Hare Krishna dandvat pranam Gurumaharaj
145) I want to be more attentive while chanting and Regular with my srimad Bhagavatam reading and hearing
146) Krishna Bandhu_Sridharshni Iyer@: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja Dandawat Pranam With your immense mercy and blessings, we have installed Sri Nityananda Gauranga’s deiteis idols. You have kept the name of the deities. please bless me so that I serve them with sincerity and do deity worship well and serve my Shiksha Gurus, My Guru Maharaja which you Maharaja and Srilaprabhupada
147) Varaha Krishna das ahobilam: Hare Krishna maharaj please accept my humble obisanceses unto you again and again…
148) Myself not able to overcome lust kindly need.. completing blessings & need help maharaj kindly bless me..so much suffering again and again
149) Hare Krishna
150) In anyway chanting…
151) Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare Rama hare Rama Rama Rama hare Rama
152) Krishna Bandhu Ritesh#AB: Hare Kṛṣṇa Gurumaharaji dandwat pranam mai ek non devotee family se hoon gurumaharaj aashriwad dijiye ki sab bhakt ban jaye or mai hamesa bhagwan ko bhog lga ke khau or kabhi koi aparadh na karu aur hamesa japa session join kru
153) Alahdini Sita Devi Dasi: हरे कृष्ण गुरु महाराज मी अशी सेवा करू की तुमचे नाव नाव निघाले पाहिजेल महाराज हि लोकनाथ स्वामी महाराज ची शिष्या आहे. कृपा करा गुरुं महाराज
154) Radha agrawal: Prabhuji dandvat pranam
155) Prabhuji ekadadhi PR aksar meri tabiyat kharab ho jati h ESI krapa kare ki Mai acchi tarah pura kr saku
156) mahamantra kirtan das Nepal: Hare Krishna gurumaharaj ji pamho give bless to attentive chanting
157) Krishna bandhu shivani gupta jammu: Hare krishna dandwat pranam prabhuji iam connected with you from oast many months hari boool prabhuji iam trying to feed naam mahima to my kids so they can also enter in krishna bhakti
158) Kindly maharaj ji bless us with krishna consciousness to my family hari bool
159) krishna bandhu rekha shrivastava: Radhe radhe guruji mujhe apna ashirbaad prdan kijiy
160) jitendra kumar/grater noida: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Ji dandvat Pranam Guru Maharaj Ji Hamari puri family Ekadashi Vrat karte hain aur aap Aashirwad Do Guru Maharaj Ji Bhakti Mein Aage badh sake Hara Krishna
161) Saumya Sakhi Debi Dasi , Ranchi: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj danwabat pranam, kripa kijiye ki main apne pariwar k sab member ko bhakti me la sakun
162) Krishnakanta Devi Dasi Nagpur: Hare krishna guru maharaj dandawat pranam…mai roj zoom japa me jap karti hu mera kabhi kabhi man bahot bhatak jata hai mujhe ashirwad dijiye ki mera japa achchese ho jaye…
163) Ram Sharan Das Panipat: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja, dandavat pranam!

164) Two resolutions:
1: Bhagvatam reading daily 30 minutes.
2. 25 rounds japa on each Ekadashi.

165) Presently unable to do. Please give your blessings so that I get enough time for improved sadhna.
166) KAUNDINYAPUR_Poonam Sharma(wardha): Please gurumaharaj ji bless me ki mujhe sadhu sang or unki seva sadev milti rahe …. mujhe apni siksha guru ki seva milti rahe unka sang milta rahe mujhe Radheshyam sunder ki prem seva milti rahe …. mai thik ho saku apradh se bachu nam prabhu me or dedicated ho jau
167) krishna bandhu mamta sharma: Danvat guru maharaj mujhe aashirvaad dejia ki m mayapur dham ki yatra krpaau
168) Krishna Bandhu Mansi Priya: Hare Kṛṣṇa GuruMaharaja
169) Please accept my humble obeisances unto Your Lotus Feet
170) Please bless that I can chant attentively and contemplate and understand the lectures you give and also please bless me with your eternal shelter and service to you and my Shiksha Gurus
171) (Mumbai)Satyavati radhika Devi dasi: Hare Krishna guru Maharaj ji dandavat parnam .Iwant to start childrensummer camp.
172) Sundari sakhi devi dasi: Hare krishna dandavat pranam maharaj mei yaha sankalpa leti hu ki mei 16 rounds morning mei ese zoom temple mei sab devotee ke sath bina aparadh japa karu
173) M1896ayatita Krishna das vidyanagar: Hare Krishna dandavat pranam guru Maharaj,I am regularly attending zoom japa & japa talk,pl bless me gurumaharaj so that certain Anarth like lust is removed
174) K.Tayaru: Hare Krishna prabhuji dandavath pranam, prabhuji bless me to be in touch with Krishna consciousness every moment and to-do chanting with out doing aparadh
175) Aachal Drolia Vrindavan: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Dandavat Pranam. Guru Maharaj main Shrila Prabhupad ji ke kitabo ko padhke vitrrit kar payu aur unhe padha bhi pau. Mujhe pl aashirvaad dijiye ye main kar pau. Ye jivan ki bahot badhi kripa hogi
176) A9 Krishna Bandhu Sneha Mishra: Hare Krishna Shrila Guru Maharaj ji Dandwt pranaam at ur lotus feet All glories to Srila Prabhupada ji Shrila Guru Maharaj ji I want to regularly read at least for half an hour daily and scrutinizingly and want to control my anger, jealousy and chant attentively and serve Vaishnavas and don’t waste my time at all…..pls protect me from falling into the trap of Maya ….and pls call me to Shri Pandharpur Dham this Vyas Puja Hare Krishna Shrila Guru Maharaj ji Dandwt pranaam
177) Anand Nitai Das, Baramati: हरे कृष्ण दंडवत प्रणाम गुरु महाराज जो सेवा मैं कर रहा हूँ वो कृष्ण चरणी अर्पण हो ।
178) Akriti kalra. Ludhiana: Hare Krishna guru Maharaj Dandvat pranam

179) Main pichle 1 month se japa session continuously attend kr Rae hun aur japa main sudhar bhi hai par 16 rounds pure nae ho pate plz blessing dijiye ki Dhyan purvak 16 Mala Jaap Karun vinamrata ke sath
180) Raganuga Sadhana dd Jalgaoñmcmkfp¹: Jap karte samay apradh rahit jap kar saku evm mein parninda na karu aur na sunu aisa mein sankalp h mera aap mujh par kripa kare gurumaharaj
181) Brajanari devi dasi: Hare krishna Dandvat pranam Guru Maharaj ji pl give me blessing Guru Maharaj for more and more Bhakti
182) Rukmini Mohan Das – DDY: Hare Krsna Gurudev! Dandavat praman!
183) Please I need your blessing to complete my pending rounds as due to work and my laziness I am unable complete.
184) Jalgaon VrajTarini Radha Devi Dasi: 3 mahinese mera book padhana nahi ho raha h pahale me rose 2 ghante padati thi to muz par krupa karo
185) RK KRISHNA BANDHU KRISHNA N2: हरे कृष्ण महाराज जी
दंडवत प्रणाम

186) मेरा संकल्प है की कम से कम 12 माला ध्यानपूर्वक जप करू
187) Shamchandra das prabhu.dhaj.bk.wasim.: Hare Krishna Guru maharaj dandwat pranam prati din japa talk se judne Pran let hu aashirwad dijiye guru maharaj
188) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: HG Shambhunath das- I wish to take a vow to read prabhupads books 15-20m mins everyday and also hear lectures
189) Dipali Das/ Delhi: Guru Maharaj ke charano me koti koti dandvat pranam…. Maharaj ji ashirwad kijiye ki Mai daily 16 round Bina rukabat ke subha subha kr pau aur extra v kr pau
190) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: My wife also starts chanting
191) Preambhaktilata dd {solapur}: HERE Krishnan guru maharji panchang pranam guru maharaj ji muji bachoki upar gusa jyada aa raha hyi vo myi kam kar sakuv or unko bhakti mi rakh sakhu us prayasmi tode myi kam pad rahe hu plzzzz guru Maharaja ji bless my family.
192) Krishna bandhu (yuvraj) _TSC: Hare krishna maharaj ji dandwat pranam

193) Me strong sadhana kar saku Or Or apna jeevan aapki, srila prabhupad ji, or gauranga mahaprabhu ki seva me samarpit karu
194) आनंददायीनी देवीदासी हरे कृष्ण,- बीड: hare Krishna kotikoti danvatpranma gurumaharaji iskcon Beed ananddaynidevidasi
195) Vidyamurti. Devi. Dasi. Ichalkaranji: Hare. Krishna. Maharajji. Aaj. Maza. Birthday aahe. Mala. Aashirwad dya. Akhrchya. Swasaparyant. Mala. Bhagavantachi vaishnavanchi. Seva. Karayala. Milude
196) ऐश्वर्या लक्ष्मी देविदासी बीडl: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dandavat pranan give me bless that l can do chanting daily attractively
197) Koudanyapur Subhadra Sundari Devi Dasi: Aashirvad dijiye guru maharaj grahstime rahkar mai achhese bhakti kar sku bina apradh ke
198) Abhishek: Hare krishna Guru maharaj ji aapke shri charno me dandwat pranam

199) Maharaaj ji main noida se hun last year se aapse guru pad aashraya lena chahta hun lekin man ki weekness se main aisa kar nhi paa rha hun

200) Please mujhe aashiraavd dijiye next paapmochni ekadashi ke pahle main aapse diksha le saku.
201) Smt Laxmipriya Devi Dasi,/Thane: Harekrishna Gurumaharaj, mera 16 rounds ekdam sincerely aur dhyanpurwak ho
202) Erandol Sarvdarshani d d: हरे कृष्ण दंडवत प्रणाम गुरू महाराज वैष्णव संग आणि वैष्णव सेवा करू शकेल असा मला आशिर्वाद द्या
203) Krishna bandhu Shivika &: Hare Krishna Guru maharaj mai sankalp le rhi hu ki roz 16 rounds chant kar pau japa session me or jldi se apka shelter mil jaye
204) Rupasanathana Dasa Noida: Hare Krishna Maharaj every Ekadasi i will do japa at least 32 rounds and i won’t show anger to any vaishnava here after, I will read daily still Ptabhupadji books.
205) Pandu maharaj das, bbsr: Harekrishna gurumaharaj Dandavat pranam
206) Mera mala na hone tak prasad nehi lenge& regular mangal arati karunga
207) Mujhe kripa kijiye
208) Jayabhadra dd amravati: Hare krsna Gurudev
209) I m very lazy and can’t get up in morning. I will try to join regularly now. My chanting is not very good.
210) So bless that I can chant nicely and get up early morning. And serve at your lotus feet eternally.
211) I dnt wnat to commit any offense that affects my devotional life
212) So plz bless Gurudev my devotion towards Guru and Gauranga increases day by day.
213) Ur insignificant servant
214) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: Parul mataji- before ekadashi I was not able to chant well
215) SHASHIKANT &Dnyaneshwari patil: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dandavat pranam
216) Me ye saklp karna chahta hun ki me nitya subah japa conference me bhag le saku apka ashirvad chahiye
217) Krishna bandhu_Vaidehi Sita Devi Dasi@ Roorkee, Uttarakhand: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dandwat pranam
218) Guru Maharaj please bless me that may I’ll not miss a single mangla arati and brahma muhurat japa and never do any aparadh in chanting,my sevas & may I never commit any vaishnav aparadh.
219) lways serve you,my shiksha guru and all the devotees throughout my life
220) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: But after hearing your japa talk I am revived
221) Krishna Bandhu Advaita Priya DD @: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Dandwat pranam
222) Please bless me guru maharaj that i don’t waste yours and my shiksha guru’s endless efforts
223) Manjula sakhi dd juhu: Hare Krishna maharaji ji dandavat pranaam maharaji ji mere mala barabar nahi hoo rahi he please maharaji ji mujhe achieved dijiye ke mala barabar kar pau
224) Shyam Sakhi Devi d noida: Hare Krishna guru mehraj ji dandwat pranam guru mehraj ji morning japa me jitni mala aapke sath hoti hai wo bahut acchi hoti hai per jo baad me mala kerti hun wo dhyan poorvak nahi ho paati aapki kripa chahti hun guru mehraj ji please bless me
225) Dandwat pranam
226) Krishna Bandhu Sanskriti A7: Hare Krishna Gurumaharaj Dandwat Pranaam
227) Maharaj mai bhakti m apna best nhi de paa rhi…and also not taking prasad daily..i’m also very inattentive in my chanting and also not attend your japa talk regularly. My sankalp is to attend this japa talk regularly..please bless me Gurumaharaj so that I can serve you. Dandwat Pranaam.
228) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: Vinita mataji- my chanting as become weak
229) Anukula Bhava Devi Dasi Noida: Hare Krishna Guru maharaj ji Danbat pranam
230) BBSR, Bijayananda nahak: Hare Krishna
231) Dandvat pranaam gurumaharaj.
232) i am a farmer.student. connected with BVA Bbsr. i have to work hard in farming and also managing my study. it’s hard to do sadhana,still i am trying my best and doing 16 round and book reading daily. plz bless me for physical and mental strength…
233) Vishnu Kanti DD G.noi: Hare krishna guru mharaj dandvat pranaam mujhe aashirvad dijiye ki mai sadaiv bhagwan ki bhakti jivan paryant karti rhu ,sabhi mujhse prasan rhe
234) BLR Murari Baktha & MahabhavaThakurani DD: Hare Kṛṣṇa GuruMaharaja
235) Please accept my humble obeisances unto Your Lotus Feet
236) Please bless that I can chant attentively and contemplate and understand the lectures you give and also please bless me with your eternal shelter and service to you and my Shiksha Gurus- BLR Mahabahav Thakurani DD
237) Vaishnav tithi Devi Dasi/ Delhi: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj ji Panchang Pranaam
Guru Maharaj ji,mai apni sadhna apraadh rahit ker paau …Bhakto ki seva Mai tatper raho sadev ..Pls blessings dijiye Maharaj ji ,ki guru gouranga ki seva Mai sadev tatper rahoon .
238) Dipesvari krsnapriya dd: Hare Krishna maharaji danvat pranam
239) Krishna ki kripa se bhagwatam Orr Bhagwat Gita study karti hu bt mere japa talk regularly nii karti
240) Aap mujhe aashirvad dijiye ki early morning japa talk regularly join karu
241) shrimati Radhika dd: Maharaj I have one wish pls I want to die first before all vaishnava and I want to sincere to your lotus feet,second I want to serve to all devotees and all devotees who are come to japa talk they all are invited to my place delhi and vrindavan home
242) cc.santkrupadas.radhanagri: Hare krishna garumaharaj maza16mala japhoto pan jadakaranas manlagatnahi apalala asirvadmalaiva hi prathana
243) Baldev patni dd/Noida: हर कृष्ण गुरु महाराज दण्डवत प्रणाम गुरु महाराज मै सुबह जल्दी उठकर कर जप नहा कर रही हू लेकिन मै चाहती हू कि मै सुबह जल्दी उठकर कर जप कर सकूं। कृपया मुझे आशीर्वाद दीजिए कि मै अपने को सुधार सकूं।
244) ERANDOL chhaya patil: Hare Krishna gurumaharaj ji koti koti dandavat pranam gurumaharaj ji mi sakadhi bramhmuhrtav Dhyan purvak japa karin aasa aashirwad dya Maharaj ji
245) Swamini Shree Radha DD @malk Jal: Hare Krishna dandawat pranam Guru maharaj ji , dandawat pranam to all devotees, गुरू महाराज मी आणि माझी सासूबाई आम्ही दोघी regular आपल्या झूम temple सोबत १६ माळी जप करतो, माझी मुलगी देखील जप करते, महाराज माझे पती व माझा मुलगा या दोघांनी जप सुरू करावा अशा कृपा आशीर्वाद द्या महाराज , आणि माझ्या कडून अपराध होऊ नये या साठी मला आशीर्वाद द्या महाराज
246) IGF Ngp Sakshi Gour: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj please accept my humble obisences Guru Maharaj Please bless me that I can tell my family members to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra and In a day atleast one time I can offer bhog to Sri Radha Krishna and then I take that Prasadam to uplift my Krishna Consciousness and please Bless me to chant sincerely
247) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: Sometimes japa mala falls off my hands while chanting due to sleeping
248) Krishna Bandhu Bidyut: Hare Krsna Maharaj apke charan me koti koti dandavat pranam
249) I’m from Krsna bandhu (Kolkata)
250) I want to jap attentively in bramha muhurat aur Dham bas mil sake, aur whole family ko krsna consciousness me leke au
251) Mujhe Ashirvad dijiye
252) Koudanyapur Subhadra Sundari Devi Dasi: Roj mai jala talk me join hokar bhaktoka sang kar sku krupa kijiye aashirvad dijiye guru maharj
253) Krishna_bandhu ANJU THAKUR A9( HP): Hare Krishna dandwat pranam Guru maharaj ji. I always see faults in others And I am Not able to attached to my shikshhaa gurus. And bcz of your mercy I got a life partner I want him to be Krishna conscious . And I can recover from my mental Or physical health. Please Please bless you that I can come to pandharpur this June.
254) Madan Mohan Shyam D, Hyderabad: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Dandavat Pranam, Last time one more time says that Ekadashi is the day of counter of Bhakti and last some of ekdasi day i have taken the Sankalpa will attend the Mangalarti apart from Sunday in between minimum two days also. And will try to complete the 16 round in morning with attentatively also conveyance to other for the chanting.
256) Shefali Rana Gondia: Hare Krishna Maharaj ji or sabhi vaishnava bhakto ke charno me dandwat pranam ,Maharaja give me blessing that I can complete my sadhna well everyday and always do morning japa sincerely.
257) Prasanaa Gopi devi dasi: Hare Krishna maharaj PAMHO
258) Meri shadi devotee se huii desciple of HH bhakti charu Swami Maharaj
259) Bt sasural me devotional background nahi hai mere sas sasur ki seva our baki relatives ka aana jaana chlta rahta hai mai chanting ke alawa baki reading hearing mere laddu gopal ji ko waise samay nahi de paati plz muze ashirwad dijiye mai other service our married life krishna conscious rakh Pau
260) Meri mother brother iskcon nagpur temple me servant hai
261) Mother ke yaha pura devotional background hone ke karan shadi ke baad apne aap ko acchese treat nhi kr paati gussa aa jata hai jb material service jada ho jati hai plz bless me ki mai stable ho pau
262) A7Kṛṣṇa Bandhu-Rachna#: Hare Krishna guru maharaj Dandwat pranam
263) Guru Maharaj pichle ekadashi prr or uss se phle mai sadhna me bhot week ho gyi thi… kuch meri laparvahi se kuch bhotik cheejo prr jada dhyan dene se lekin please bless me Guru Maharaj ki mai aaage se aisa nahi kru or sadhna thk se kr paau or mnn me kisi ke prati galt vichaar na laau or bhotik cheeje kam kru, chanting dhyan purvak kr paau
264) Please bless me Guru Maharaj
265) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: Dolly mataji- I wish to serve guru and Gauranga \
266) Madan Mohan Shyam D, Hyderabad: Hare Krishna
267) NnjuhuBechra Vaviya: harekrinagurumarajiaasirvaddigiyekemaiacchebhaktikruaur4niyamkapAlan karu aurjamedaribhi nibhasaku asaasivad dijiye
268) Padamgàndh dd: Bless me that i can see good in always Not criticise to others
269) Krishna Seva Das, Chennai: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj, Dandavat Pranam. Please bless me that I can wake up at 4am and do mangal aarti everyday. Currently I am waking at 5:30am. Your servant, Krishna Seva Das, Chennai
270) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: Many lifetimes have passed
271) अष्ट सखी देवी दासी बीड: हरे कृष्ण दंडवत प्रणाम गुरू महाराज
272) Krishna bandhu_Dipti_A6: Guru Maharaj bless me, this ekadasi I vow to chant my 16 rounds in brahma muhurat attentively
273) Rasamrta Murti DD USAKrishna: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dandat pranam Guru maharaj, I’m not able to chant properly lately because we had some complication with other devotees so please pray for me so I can chant proper and have good relations with all devotees and serve all of the devotees.
274) अलौकिक राधा देवी दासी: गुरु महाराज मि पंढरपुर ची आहे मि पहिले तर सकाली सकाली 16माला करत होते पन मागल्या वरसी मला चिकनगुनिया झाला होता पन तेवापासुन मला सकाली उठने हो t नाही मला असीरवाद दया मि जगन्नाथ मंदिर मध्य aste अलाओकिक राधा देवी दासी
275) vrinda bais: Hare Krishna dandvat pranam Maharaj ji bless me Maharaj so that I can read prabhupad books regularly every day
276) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: I am with iskcon baraily since 2 years
277) Bhakti (Kavthe Mahankal): हरे कृष्णा गुरूमहाराज मे 2महिने से 64माला कर रही हू और भक्ती वृक्ष के लिए होम प्रोग्राम भी कर रहे है आप आशीर्वाद दिजीए की ओ continue रहे
278) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: But my family is not becoming devotee
279) Dindayal das Nasik: Harekrishna guru Maharaj ji charno me dandvat pranam, I Daily attentively chanting 16 rounds and extra, and daily jap and jap talk me bhag le sku, daily bhagvad geeta study kar saku and aapka lecture sun sku gambhirata se, your grace ki aavashyakta hai. Dandvat pranam
280) Raasmayiradha devi dasi, Delhi: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dandvat pranam plz guru maharaj mujhe aashirwad dijiye ki m apni family ko jeewan ka maksad samjha Pau or unko bhakt bna Pau or m iss jeewan ko bhagwan or guru ki seva m laga Pau
281) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: HG Vishnu kanti mataji- may I always serve the Lord always
282) Mathuradhis Das: Hare Krishna Gurumaharaj. Dandvat Pranam
283) Gurumaharaj, I seek your blessings so that I would be sincere and careful in not committing any offense any associated vaisnav, studying min 1 hr Srimad Bhagavatam, do some service with due humility atleast till next ekadasi and onwards…
Your servant
Mathuradhis Das

284) lohar: हरे कृष्णा गुरु महाराज दंडवत प्रणाम गुरुदेव माझ्या जीवनात कितीही संकट वादली आले तरीही 4नियम् काटे कोर पाने पालन करुँ माला आशीर्वाद दया गुरु महाराज आनी प्रचार करत राहू
285) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: I wish to serve you always
286) Vrajkishor das kolhapur: हरेकृष्ण गुरुदेव दंडवत प्रणाम आम्ही कोल्हापूर मध्ये आपल्या आशीर्वादने गेली 21वर्षपासून नगर संकीर्तन करत आहोत, तरी आम्हाला आशीर्वाद द्या कि नाम संकीर्तन कॅन्टीनु राहूदे, आता ऐकून 55भक्त आहेत
आणि आशीर्वाद दया कि उद्या इस्कॉन कोल्हापूर sundye fisht lectur देणेची सेवा आहे, त्यामध्ये मी भक्तांची चांगली सेवा करू शकेन. हरेकृष्ण धन्यवाद आपला दास अनु दास व्रजकिशोर दास
287) Ys Divya Radha dd bvs: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Dandwat pranam
288) Guru maharaj meri apke charno. Mein atoot shradhda aur Prema pradan Karen, aut apne man ki sewa chhodkar apki and apne shiksha gurus ki sewa mein nirantar lagi Rahun, please save me from maya and give me place at your lotus feet
289) Give me strength to follow the transcendental knowledge I am recieving by your mercy and all my endeavours be targeted towards pleasing Krishna Yis Divya Radha dd.
290) Krishna Bandhu ritik gupta: Hare krishna guru maharaj dandvat pranam please bless me that i keep on attending managala aarti and complete my 16 rounds ,follow all my regulative principles . My attachment to you and prabhupada grows with time , i want to become yiur servant so also bless me that i can become capable of that ,and i want all the people also gets the blessings whomever i met physically and virtually till date and they also get krishna bhakti .
291) Payal Patil: hare Krishna Gurumaharaj dandvat pranam….Gurumaharaj mai kucha dino sai zoom japa roj join nahi ho pa rahi hau…bcz of late sone se aur late uhtanse…plz bohat try karti..but subha utane ke liya..par kabi kabi…1ya 2 din chuta jata…plz Gurumaharaj give your mercy to me…mai roj japa ko join ho saku…Hare Krishna.
292) CC AMR Krushna Nama Dhan Devi Dasi: हरे क्रिष्णा गुरू महाराज दंडवत प्रणाम मै सुबह जल्दी ऊठ जाती हू तो पित्त बढता है इसके वजह से मै आपके साथ जप नही कर पाती तो मुझे आशि्रवाद दिजीये
293) Damodar preeti devi dasi: Hare Krishna dandwat pranam Maharaj ji ….. maharaj ji aashirwad dijiye ki Aaj Mera birthday h toh aaj se mere jo bhi aim h usme mai 100% efforts lga sku or ab tk procrastination chalta rehta tha toh ab self discipline la sku life me or hamesha determined rhu or apne jagnnath ji guru maharaj shril Prabhupada or mummy papa ko happy kr pau plzzz blessings me
294) भुमिजा सीता देवी दाशी इचलकरंजी: हरे कृष्ण श्री गुरु महाराज जी के चरणों में कोटि कोटि पचांग प्रणाम
295) गुरु महाराज मुझे आशीर्वाद दीजिए कि मैं रोज सुबह ही मेरी 16 माला पूरा कर सकु,ओर में ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा सेवा करु
296) Srivas Thakur Dasa/Delhi: Hare Krishna dandwat pranam guru maharaja and all the vaisnavas lotus feet, I am trying to japa with you n all vaisnavas in Bramha muhurt but not able to do, pls give your blessings to serve you in better manner by japa with your guidance
297) Krishna bandhu divya bhatt A’md A2: Hare krishna. Pamho GM. my sankalp is to take sankalp on every ekadashi and to analysis my past two weeks sadhna and my consciousness and to work on my anarthas on that basis. Please bless and also to increase my daily chanting and to do some deity worship.
298) OnePlus 6: Hare Krishna Gurumaharaj
299) Maire japa mala bich bich mai slow ho jata hai because maire 4 5 friends hai wo muje bauth mante hai or maire liya prashad bhi banate hai per mai nahi pana chahate hun or mai anko bhi bhakti mai lagana chati hun please muj per kipa kijiye
300) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: HG Bhajan priya mataji – pls bless me I was chanting 48 rounds every ekadashi
301) Subala mitra s noida: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dandawat parnam my family me bhakti ka mahol nahi hai guru maharaj Ashirwad dijiya
302) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: Now I am unable to join 32 rounds
303) Aachal Drolia Vrindavan: hare Krishna Guru Maharaj. Aapke shree charno main Dandavat Pranam. Mare pitaji aur meri saas bhakti main aaye . Yehi aashirvaad dijiye Guru Maharaj. Chanting bhi dhyan purvak kar pau. Aur meri kaam rupi hriday se bachkar. Apne indriyon ko sirf bhagwan ke seva laga pau. Main vaishnavo ka apraad na karu. Apne grihasthi jeevan ko bhagwaan ke bhakti main kendrit kar pau
304) Visakapatnam UMA,Mohana Rao: Harekrishna dandavath pranam GurumahaRaj, please bless us to prachar harinam in rural areas. I ana my wife went already 2 villages for harinam prachar.Recently we went to new village. GurumahaRaj .please bless us to develop harinam in that village. We followed directions of Vedanta Chaitanya Prabhuji ISKCON,Noida
305) Udaipur mayapurdham das: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dandwat pranam
306) Please accept my dandwat pranam
307) Reading and studying will improve karunga
308) A5 Krishna bandhu SIMLA: Hare Krishna Dandvat pranam guru maharaj guru maharaj me 64+ rounds kr paa rahi hu aap ki kripa se plz bless me gurudev ki me ye ache se krti rhu , or sath hi ache se reading bhi badha saku , or me try krti hu hi me sbh ko prachar bhi krti rahu gurudev muje aap ke aashirvad ki jarurt he kripiya mujpe apni kripa bana ke rakhiye
309) Ojas Gade(Nagpur)- Aspiring Initiation: Hare krishna guru maharaj दंडवत प्रणाम
310) Plz support me for the sankalpa to become more steady in नाम स्मरण and not to get disturb by the changes happening around
311) Savita Kulkarni, Ambernath (MAH): Hare Krishna dandvat pranaam Guru Maharaj Ji ,
312) Guru Maharaj nitya japa talk madhe aaplya barobar sarv bhakta barobar japa karta yava nuste shrvan nahi tar आश्रय घेऊ शकू ह्यासाठी आशीर्वाद दयावा
313) Shubhangi Radha Devidasi Jalgaon: Hare Krishna guru maharaj mi roj Harinam Mahima Akin aani lahan mulana sangaycha paryant karel
314) Krishna Bandhu Aksaya Tritiya Devi Dasi @: Hare kṛṣṇa Srila Gurudeva
315) Please accept my most humble obeisances unto your lotus feet.
316) Please give your blessings so that i can understand your Vani more n apply teachings in my life. Pls bless that i can be more Guru concious always. And engage myself completely in Sri Guru Gauranga’s sewa.
317) Please bless so that i can be sincere n serious in all angas of devotional service.
318) Satyajit Behera, bbsr: hare krishna guru maharaj, dandavat pranam, it is my sankalp that i will not late from early morning to join with you for chanting with zoom. I will not sleep after 4 am and try to not be late in zoom japa. hare krishna guru maharaj. please give your blessing
319) BLR Murari Baktha & MahabhavaThakurani DD: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Dandwat pranam
320) Please bless me guru maharaj that I work for yours and my shiksha guru’s projects and endless efforts. I want to improve my sadhana and advance in devotional. BLR Murari Baktha Das
321) Bhakti (Kavthe Mahankal): Jagannath dya dasi
322) Maur L Sundarachal Das: Hare Krishna gurumaharaj I am in Rodrigues island no association of devotees here I can maintain my sadhana bhakti nicely wake early in the morning to chant everyday with you and zoom platform and can preach to the people here and make one devotee here
323) OPPO CPH2325: हरे कृष्णा दंडवत प्रणाम गुरु महाराज मुझे आशिर्वाद दिजीए मै आपनी साधना आछेसे कर सकचु
324) Radhavallabhi dd: Hare Krishna Guruhmaharaj Dhabdwat Pranamas to your lotus feet. Please bless me that I attend your morning program everyday without any delay.
325) Natalia Chernusheva­_UKR: I have a hard time waking up at 2 am for a japa session and little time for serving the devotees. Please bless for…7
326) Koudanyapur Subhadra Sundari Devi Dasi: Muzse kabhi vaishnav apradh n ho our aapka darshan jaldi jaldi ho krupa kare
327) Abhay Kr @Ballia , U.P: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj dandavant pranaam
328) गुरु महाराज जी मैं श्रील प्रभुपाद जी के पुस्तकों को रोज दृढ़ता से पढ़ नहीं पाता हूं, जिसके कारण से मैं भक्ति में आगे नहीं बढ़ पा रहा हु ।
329) इसीलिए गुरु महाराज आप अपना आशीर्वाद दीजिए की मैं प्रभुपाद जी पुस्तकों को पढ़ना कभी नही छोडूं ।
330) Mjiri mhima devi dasi shirdhon: हरेकृष्ण गुरु महाराज दंडवत प्रणाम
331) माझ्या कुटूंबातील सर्व सदस्य भक्ती मध्ये यावेत त्यानी जप करावा यासाठी आशीर्वाद द्या दंडवत प्रणाम
332) maganverma meerut: हरे कृष्ण प्रभू जी कृपा करें कि मैं भक्तिपूर्वक से वा कर सकूं
333) Krishna Bandhu Sargam_ A6: Hare krishna dandwat Pranaam guru maharaj ji
334) Aap to sab jaante hai .please mujh pr kripa kariye maharaj ki jald he meri diksha ho mai sahi marg pr chal saku maharaj ji ekadashi k din kripa kijiye maharaj hare krishna
335) Bhakti (Kavthe Mahankal): Jagannath dya dasi kavathe mahankal
336) सुहासिनी रुक्मिणी देवी दासी चुरू (राजस्थान): Hare Krishna guru Maharaj Dandavat pranaam
337) Guru Maharaj m jo bhi sankalp leti hu vo pura nhi hota h Or hamare gaav m ek bhi Krishan bhakt nhi h To guru Maharaj aap aasirvad dijiye mujhe ki m jyada se jyada bhakto ko Krishan bhakti m jod saku Or mere sabhi sankalp pure ho
338) Hare Krishna guru Maharaj dandavat pranaam
339) Aap kripa kijiye guru Maharaj
340) 33445 Varsha kadam Baramati18961896: Hare krishna guru maharaj ji meri aapase vinati hai ki meri jadase jada bhakti ho jaye .is sal meri diksha ho jaye aapka aashirvad dijiye.
341) krishna bandhu_Priyanka Patil a9: I know I can’t be qualified to be your sevak gurumaharaj but every ekadashi I vow to be more serious in bhakti and try to be eligible to be your servent for rest of my life and get your shelter as soon as possible please bless me
343) Galaxy On5 Pro: Hare krishna Guru Maharaj Dandvat pranam Please bless me meri 16 rounds mein n bhakti mein intensity badh jaye aur subah hi 16 mala ho jaye aisi bhakti mein in tensity
344) Galaxy J2: गुरू महाराज मुझे आशिर्वाद दिजिये मै टोस्ट माला करतील हुशार मुझे कंटुनी होताना अपराधाची होता एकही चाहती हुशार आशिर्वाद दिजिये कृपा दिजिये प़ेम धारीदेवीदासी सातारा
345) BLR Murari Baktha & MahabhavaThakurani DD: HK Guru Maharaj Dhadwat pranam,
346) Jana Tadkalas: Guru Maharaj danvat pranam aapse diksha Lena chathi hu aashirwad dijiye
347) Jaymala Kumawat: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dantwat pranam me 16 round achhe se kar pati hu guru maharaj aapka ashirwad chahiye
348) Rajesh saini Jaipur: Hare karishna gurumaharaj Danvat parnam
349) Karpa karo guru Maharaj
350) Veshnav apradh bahut ho rahe hai
351) Karpa karo karpa karo
352) Dhany yasodhad devi dasi: हरे कृष्ण दंडवत प्रणाम गुरू महाराज मी भगवतम वाचते आहे पण मध्य वाचन नाही होत जपकरतान मन भटकते.
353) Prempradayini DD Thane: Hare Krishna Maharaj
354) Maine Apase Diksha Liyi Hai
355) Chharo Niyamka PalanKarti Hu. MUZE Eak Prashna Hai ke Ham Dusare Tirthstal Nahi ja Skate Hai Kya. Jaime Girnar ,Gangapur Vishnodevi.Mandirse Mai Sabhi YatrKo Jase Vrindavan. Jagannathpuri Govardan,Mayapua ext.Hari Bol
356) Shweta Dixit: Hk guru Maharaj dandvat pranam
357) Plz bless me gurudev ki mein apna anger kaam kar sakho and reading habit ko bada sakhu
358) Krishna Bandhu ritik gupta: Gurumaharaj i will try to become more kind then before , and always try to remember you when doing any seva
359) Maur L Nandanandana das GauraSundaridd108108ndan: Dandavat pranam Maharaj, I’m Gaurasundari dd from Mauritius, I teach yoga in a Marathi Mandir, I am trying to make them chant Maha mantra and doing preaching, Plz Maharaj bless me.
360) Sahishnu Nityananda Das and sarvmohini DD Jalgaon: Hare Krishna Dandvat pranam Guru Maharaj, We Daily attentively chanting 16 rounds and daily jap and jap talk me bhag le sku, daily bhagvad geeta padh saku. Ashirvad dejiye Guru Maharaj.
361) Noi_Atmaruci dd_SGD: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Dandawat Pranam
362) Maharaj ji Mai Daily Japa Session attend karti hu But mera japa complete nhi hota Morning mai..
363) Kal se maine (3.45 am) Uthna start kar Diya ab aapki Kripa se mai daily early morning uth kar japa ache se kar paahugi….Thank You Maharaj aapke Daily Darshan Hote hai to full day bhout KC mai jaada hai But sometime I feel lazy.. Plz Bless Me maharaj.. Jay Guru Dev
364) Tarun Gaur Das VVN: Muje apko letter likhana he maharaj plaese kripa kare
365) Kusum dhawade mataji: हरे कृष्ण दंडवत प्रणाम गुरू महाराज मला आशीर्वाद द्या की मी चागली भक्ती करू शकेन
366) Sitanath Ram das (wardha): हरे कृष्ण गुरु महाराज जी
367) आपके चरणो मे कोटि कोटि दंण्डवत प्रणाम
368) गुरु महाराज जी मुझे अपना विशेष आशीर्वाद प्रदान करिये, मै रोज सुबह जल्दी उठकर जपा सेशन मे आपके सानिध्य मे जपा कर सकु. और जीवन के अंतिम सास तक हरिनाम करना चाहता हु, कृष्णभावनामृत संघ आंदोलन मे जीवन के अंतिम सास तक दास दासानु दास के रूप मे सेवा करना चाहता हू. वैष्णव अपराध से बचना चाहता हूँ. गुरु महाराज जी मुझ पर कृपा करिए ना
369) Iskcon Akola: Hare Krishna dandwat pranam Maharaj ji
370) Maine commitment Kiya hai.. roj 17 rounds japa karne ki and
371) Wake up early in morning
372) And wear dhoti kurta moretimes than before
373) Practicing Mridanga and kartals for Sankirtan. Your servant Sandip Hare Krishna
374) Dhany yasodhad devi dasi: Bless me
375) Noi Prema Manjari Devi Dasi: Hare Krishna
376) Guru Maharaja
377) Please bless me so that I can hear my chanting better.
378) Rani Yashoda Dasi pune Hadapsar: Hare Krishna dandavat pranam guru maharaj pura jap Mera subhah ho jaye,our meri reading Jada se jada ho,bhakto ki our apki seva kar saku,vaishanav apradh na ho please guru maharaj kripa kijiye
379) BLR Murari Baktha & MahabhavaThakurani DD: HK Guru Maharaj Dhadwat Prananam, MY heath condition is bad, not able to do seva and sadhana, please bless me , so that I will be back to normal. BLR Mahabhava Thakurani DD
380) ERANDOL chhaya patil: Hare Krishna gurumaharaj ji mi prabhupada books vachaylapahije aasa aashirwad dya Maharaj ji
381) A’bad , Jamunakeli dd: Dandwat pranam Pujya Gurumaharajji, Mera japa achhe se or dhyan purvak ho, aisa ashirwad dijiye Gurumaharaj ji hare Krishna dandwat pranam
382) krsna bandhu_Bhavya: Hare Kṛṣṇa guru maharaj Dandavat pranāma
383) Please bless me guru maharaj ki hum apni saadhni achchhe se carry kr paayen. After joining krishna bandhus my sadhna has improved so much guru maharaj. Please bless me so that I can carry mt reading, chanting and hearing this way and serve you and srila prabhupada
384) Radhavallabhi dd: Hare Krishna guru Maharaj, bless me that I chant 64 rounds every Ekadashi and do not offend any devotee. Please bless me to be in your service enternally
385) Pushpachaudhary Nagpur: Hare Krishna dandvat pranam Maharaj japa talk se bahut benefits hai disharmony nahi hui hai aapka aashirwad chahiye
386) A5 Krishna bandhu SIMLA: Plz bless me GURU Maharaja
387) Vishuddhaprem devi dasi: Hare Krishna Dandvatpranam
388) Gurumaharaj Or sabhi vaishnavvrind ko dandvatpranam
389) Mare se koi vaishnava apradhna pure jivanme na ho koi bhi apradha naho
390) or meri sadhna niymit ho.
391) mera japa dhayanpurvak ho
392) mera aadhyamik or bhoutik
393) sadhna baalens karakelo
394) aap ke charan kamlome yehi
395) prathna hai aap ke aashirvad do
396) kripakaro mujhepar dayskaro
397) Gurudev
398) Jaymala Kumawat: gurumaharaj aapki kripa chahiye aapki kripa bina kuchh nahi ho sakta hum jivo ko
399) Maur L Sakhi Vrinda dd: Hare krishna my dear gurudeva . Thank you for being so merciful and caring. You are listening to each of us and giving us blessings so that we can uplift in our sadhna. On this ekadashi day I pray strongly to the Lord that I keep serving you from my heart and soul in this lifetime and eternally.
400) Sudevi Lila DD Ahmednagar: हरे कृष्ण गुरू महाराज मी रोज Shrimadh Bhagvatam वाचते Bhagvadhgita vachte roj 25mala japa karte mala apla Ashirvad dya Maharaj ji
401) maganverma meerut: Hare Krishna prabhuji danvat pranam मै भक्तिपूर्वक भक्तिकरती रहूं आशिर्वाद दीजिए
402) Shweta Dixit: Hk I can do my chanting better
403) Kishore Shyam Das Noida: दंडवत प्रणाम महाराज जी। मैं अपराध राहत जप करना चाहता हूं
404) Indu Verma/meerut: Hare krishna guru maharaj ji ke charno me koti koti dandvat pranam muje apna ashrivad prapat kre ki m bhakti me age Badu hare krishna
405) Aachal Drolia Vrindavan: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj. aapke shree charno main koti Dandavat Pranam. Main bhakti main kuch bhi aache se nahi kar paa rahi hu. Koi to ang main dhang se kar pau. Guru Maharaj main thodi sudhar jau mera mann bahot vichilit rehta hain. Usse kendrit kar pau
406) Udaysinh Rathod: Harekrishna guru mahraj ji Dandvat pranam Radhe Radhe ji
407) Alaukik Krishndas: Hare Krishna Gurumaharaj ji dandavat pranam muze ashirwad dijiye ki muzse vaishnav aparadh na ho aur acharyo ke grantho me meri ruchi bani rahe
408) narzo 50A: Replying to “Hare Krishna Guru Ma…”
409) Hare Krishna guru mharaj asirebad dotimesegujanhihopatihai
410) Tulasi Manjiri dd Nagpur: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj dandvat Pranam Pichhle Kuchh Dinon Se Meri bhakti Mein Kuchh Kami a rahi hai Main santusht Nahin hun Guru Maharaj please Mujhmein per Kripa
411) पराशर मुनि दास नॉएडा: हरे कृष्णा
412) महाराज की इक्षा से मैं स्कूल खोलना चाहता हूँ।
413) कृष्णा concious को सेंटर बना कर।
414) कृपया आशीर्वाद दें।
415) दंडवत
416) Mithil K: Hare Krishna Maharaj
Dandawat pranam
417) Sabhi vaishnavo ke charano me dandwat pranam
418) Maharaj muze aashirwad dijiye ki mai roj without laziness ye session join Karu aur mai vaishav aparadh se bach saku
419) Maur L Yasoda: Dear Guru Maharaj I will continue to chant a minimum of 16 Japa rounds with attentive chanting every day and will continue to follow the 4 regulative principles, I also ask for your blessings so that I become a strong preacher- bhaktin Yasoda Mauritius.
420) आनंददायीनी देवीदासी हरे कृष्ण,- बीड: हरे कृष्ण दंडवत प्रणाम गुरु महाराव मला आशिर्वाद द्या जेनेकरुन माझी साधना मध्ये का हि विघ्न येऊ नये आनंददायी नी देवी दासी
421) RK KRISHNA BANDHU KRISHNA N2: Hare krishna maharaj ji dandvat pranam please bless me so I can chant attentively
422) Sukanta Sarkar: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj, Dandavat Pranam. I am grihasta devotee. Trying to overcome the LUST within me. Taking Sankalp but failing. Please bless me so that I can stand on my sankalpa of controlling Lust. Hare Krishna
423) NOI Bimala Krishna Dasa: Hare Krishna
424) After listening to so many sincere devotees, I feel that I need mercy of Guru and Gauranga on all areas where I lack. Maharaja, please keep me under your protection
Dandavat Yhs
425) Srihari Darshan-pankaj,Pune: Hare Krsna maharaj,i want to share my experience,if I start it will b an easy but in short it’s very fruitful & physical changes also i feel like she walling reduced & my speech i feel very much better than b4 & so on
426) Krishna bandhu Shivika &: Please accept me Guru maharaj i want your shelter. It’s my only desire
427) AdabhutaRadha Devi Dasi Iskcon Latur: Hare Krishna
428) I used to sleep sometimes in my chanting but now my vow is that Not to sleep in my chanting
429) Vithlanand das ISKCON Beed: हरे कृष्ण गुरुमाहाराज मीं एका ठिकाण बसून 16 माळा जप करणार विठ्ठलानंद दास
430) Dhruva Charitra Das BARC, MUMBAI: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj, Dandvat Pranam…
431) I am unable to join Zoom temple on time getting late almost everyday. Please bless me so that I can join Zoom temple on time.
432) I wish to chant attentively please bless me…
433) Ys Divya Radha dd bvs: Hare Krishna guru maharaj Please bless me , to follow my sankalpa of remembering Krishna always and never forget him
434) And stop contemplating on vishaya
435) Krishna Svaroop Das (Batala): Harekrishna dandvat pranam guru maharaj ji batala panjab karishna savrop das
436) A1 Krishna Bandhu_Ashmeet: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj
437) Please accept my humble obeisances unto your lotus feet.
438) Guru Maharaj please bless me that may I be able to develop Service attitude to serve you properly. I’m hiding my sadhna from Family, Pls bless me Guru Maharaj that May i be able to follow instructions
439) Sanjay kale & Priti kale yavatmal: हरे कृष्णा गुरू महाराज दंडवत प्रणाम
440) Ichalkaranji, Sita pati Ram das: Dandavat pranam Gurudev
441) Since many days I m unable to wake up at 4.30 . previously I was waking up at 4.30 and could complete my chanting at one place.
442) Please bless me that I should wake up early and complete my chanting.
443) Koudanyapur Subhadra Sundari Devi Dasi: मैं बिना अपराध ध्यान पूर्वक जप कर सकु कृपा किजीए गुरू महाराज
444) Visakapatnam UMA,Mohana Rao: Harekrishna dandavath pranam GurumahaRaj, I chant everyday 16 rounds and read Bhagavatam 1st canto, and my wife chant everyday 48 rounds and read Bhagavatam also. GurumahaRaj please bless us to continue our devotional service.
445) narzo 50A: Replying to “Hare Krishna Guru Ma…”
446) Rajeshwri
447) Jayantilal Jaytirth das: everyday 64 round jap karta hu magar bich me ruk jata hai.abhi 21 days 1lakh Harinam jap ka sanklap chal raha hai. Jaytirth das
448) Yash Gupta: dandwat pranam guru mahraj
449) OnePlus 6: Gurumaharaj ji muje ashirwad dijiye ki mai aap ke bataye marag per challu mujshe aprad na ho uske liye ashirwad dijiye
450) Nand Rani Priya dd Noida: Hare Krishna guru Maharaj ,me temple or seva badana chahiti hu ,so pls bless us,to serve Guru vaishnava always thru out the life.
451) सौंदर्यवान दास & सुकुमारी राधा देवी दासी नाशिक: हरे कृष्ण गुरुमहराज दंडवत प्रणाम मैं ध्यान पूर्वक जप कर सकु our कोई वैष्णव अपराध नही कर सकु. Pls pray
452) Kalparupini Dasi: Hare Krishna. Koti koti Dandavat Pronam Guru Maharaj
453) Please bless me. For better japa.
454) Rani Yashoda Dasi pune Hadapsar: Our jap karte samay kabhi kabhi nind ATI hai o na aaye
455) SHASHIKANT &Dnyaneshwari patil: Hare krishna maharaj dandvat pranam hum sirsa posting hai haryana yaha centre nahi hai tin bhakt hai Sunday and ekadashi ek sath milakr book reading karte hai hum aashirvad chahte hai ki yaha prachar kr sake and bhakt jud sake hare krishna
456) iskcon Noida pinki yadav: Hare Krishna guru Maharaj
457) NOIDA Damodara Bhakti Devi dasi: PAMHO I was praying from last year that I should write and make notes of Guru Maharaj japa talk Today by your blessings I make a new diary to write your lecture and I pray that I will continue it for my whole life
458) Priyanka & Sanjeev sah nagpur: हरे कृष्णा गुरु महाराज दंडवत प्रणाम मुझे आशीर्वाद दें। गुरु महाराज कि मैं डेली आपका जापा टॉक अटेंड कर पौन और हर एकादशी में 16 mala करता हूं और रोज 16 mala कर रहा हूं। लेकिन हर एकादशी में 32 mala karna चाहता हूं। प्लीज गुरु महाराज मुघे आशीर्वाद प्रदान करें प्लीज! गुरु महाराज दंडवत प्रणाम
459) Mathuradhis Das: Gurumaharaj also with your blessings I will Chant attentively and observe 4 regs strictly to serve you and Srila Prabhupad…
460) Krishna Bandhu Aditya KBYF 1: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Dandawat Pranam I Get Your Association By The Mercy Of Krishna Bandhus I Am Doing 16 Rounds And Reading 4-5 Gita Shlokas On Daily Basis… I Am Not Able To Do Japa With Constant Focus And There Are So Many Mansik Apraadh Happened By Me I Don’t Know How… After So Many Try I Am Not Able To Get Released From The Clutches Of Maya… Please Bless Me So That I Do My Sadhna Properly Hari Bol
461) Varsha(sonipat): Hk guru maharaj dandvat pranam plz bless me to do better in my spiritual life n not to do vaishnav apradha
462) IGF Laxmi Shetty Solapur: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dandvat pranam
463) krishna bandhu_Priyanka Patil a9 Barshi: I know I am unqualified to be your servent but I am trying to be eligible trying to follow gurumaharajs and my shiksha guru’s instruction and today I am taking a vow to follow your instructions as much as possible so i can make my self eligble to take your shelter
464) LALITA noida: Hare Krishna guru maharaj pls blass me ke mai apna angr khtm kr ke seva bhagti me pura time du or apni diksha ki tayari kru achse pls guru maharaj kirpa kijiye
465) Krishna bandhu Shivika &: Please bless us Guru maharaj
466) Nashikroad shri lakshmicharan devi dasi: हरे कृष्णा गुरु महाराज दंडवत प्रणाम
467) Bandana Shit: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Dandavat pranam kripa kra ki mera family Krishna ji ke charanprapth ho apka darsen prapth ho
468) Hare Krishna
469) Krishna bandhu_Vaidehi Sita Devi Dasi@ Roorkee, Uttarakhand: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dandwat pranam
470) Guru One more thing is that my reading and hearing are not going so well please please bless me that I can increase my reading and hearing more and more and more and it will never stop
471) Charanamrita Devi dasi Jaipur: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj koti koti dandavat pranam at your lotus feet mere tabiyat kharab hai m jaldi uthnahi pari hu plz kripa kare sadhana thik ho aur vaishnav aprad na ho
472) Santoshi juhu: Hare Krishna guru maharaj plz bless me so that i can serve Krishna selflessly and all members in my family become devotee .
473) Redmi: हरे कृष्ण दंडवत प्रणाम गुरु महाराज
474) Shri indulekha Devi dasi Nagpur: हरे कृष्ण गुरु महाराज दंडवत प्रणाम
475) मी मागच्या एकादशीला संकल्प घेतला की रोज मी आणि माझी मुलगी महाराज जी सोबत जपा करेल तर आतापर्यंत ते सुरळीत सुरू आहे या एकादशीला संकल्प घायचा की आता जास्त जपा करेल सकाळी आणि मग कामावर जाईल सकाळी ७ ची ट्रेन पकडून कामावर जायचं असते
476) तुम्ही आशीर्वाद द्या महाराज जी की माझा जप नीट होऊदे ध्यान पूर्वक होऊदे
477) hare Krishna
478) ERANDOL chhaya patil: Hare Krishna gurumaharaj ji10 nam aapradh rahit japa karin aasa aashirwad dya Maharaj ji
479) Keshav Toshini: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dandavat Pranam. Guru maharaj apki kripa chahiye ki mai daily pure jap kar pau maharaj
480) Shivani: Hare Krishna Dandavat parnams Guru Maharaj
481) Please bless me that I can do my 16 rounds early in the morning and do my arounds attentively with full focus .
482) Hare Krishna Dandavat parnams
483) Shivani
484) Udaipur mayapurdham das: Yes maharaj Please bless me that I avoid doing Vaishnav apradh and do Vaishnav seva life long
485) Naampremi D D Iskcon yavatmal: Hare krishna dandvat pranam gurumaharaj.. Muze ashirvad dijiye ki mai jyada se jyada naam jap karu… Vaishnavonki seva kar saku.. Hare Krishna
486) A4 Krishna Bandhu Parul: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj please bless me main vaishnav aparadh na karu or vaishnavo ki seva kar saku
487) Dipali Das/ Delhi: Guru Maharaj ki charano me koti koti pranam… Maharaj ji kripa kare ki Mai Bhagwan ki naam aparadhrohit kr pau…
488) Apurva Radhika Devi Dasi: Hare Krishna guru maharaj
489) Dandvat Pranam
490) Mai last 1 month se roj japa talk me Arahi hun Aur Roj reading hearing kar rahi hun. Please Ap mujhpe kripa karie ki mai ise continue kar pau and ache se japa kar pau. Jab se Maine HH Kadamba kanan swami maharaj ka last message suna hai tab se mai Bhakti Aur ache se karna chahti hun aur ho v raha hai. Aur japa v ache se kar pa rahi hun. Ap mujhpe kripa karein ki main continue kar pau.
491) Prempadmini dd: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj dandvat pranams please bless me I could do my best efforts to chanting daily japa
492) Natrani radhika d.d MBD: Hare Krishna Guru maharaj Mai full time sewa me hun meri sewa daily harinam nagar sankirtan door to door preaching and fund collection ki hai
Maharaj ji ashirwad dijiye ki prabhupad ki sewa aur apki prasannta ke liye preaching kar sakun.
493) Aur vaishnav apradh rahit bhakti kar sakun
494) Maur L Sakhi Vrinda dd: Gurudeva I come to conclusion and judge people easily sometimes which is very bad for my services. Please bless me so that I overcome this anartha.
495) A’bad , Jamunakeli dd: Hare Krishna dandwat pranam Pujya Gurumaharajji, seva se jude rakhna please bless me Gurumaharajji
496) Yogita bari shirsoli: Hare Krishna guru Maharaj
497) Danda at prnam
498) 1mahina pahle meri shadi hue to pheleki trh me bhakti jap nahi karpa Rahi hu to aap aashirvad dijiye
499) Mibhi prayas karungi
500) Meri mala aachi ho
501) Aapke aadeshpalan karu
502) Raghunandan thakur das: Hare krishna guru maharaj danvat pranam
503) Parti din dhan purvak jap karu or shast adhan karu vaishna apradh se bach ke seva karu
504) Tarun Gaur Das VVN: Sankalp ISKON VALLABH VIDHYANAGAR temple Sikshaguru ne di gai seva kar pavu Please Give me a blessings Mahararji
505) Prasanna Manjari DD Nagpur: Hare Krishna dandvat pranam Guru Maharaj to Your Lotus Feet & All Vaishnavas…. Thank you guru Maharaj for this zoom temple….
506) Ugrsendas baramati: हरे कृष्ण दंडवत प्रणाम गुरु महाराज
507) माझ्याकडून व कुटुंबाकडून जास्तीत जास्त वैष्णवांची सेवा प्रामाणिकपणे व्हावी. याच्यासाठी आपण आशीर्वाद द्यावेत
508) Bhakti (Kavthe Mahankal): हरे कृष्ण गुरू महाराज मे 2महिने से 64माला कर रही हू और भक्ती वृक्ष के लिए होम प्रोग्रॅम कर रही हू आप आशीर्वाद दिजीए की ओ continue रहे ओर हमसे कोइ वैषणव अपराध न हो Jagannath dya dasi kavthe mahankal
509) Mahabhav swarupa Devidasi: मैं बिना अपराध ध्यान पूर्वक जप कर सकु कृपा किजीए गुरू महाराज,,,
510) Ujwala gopi dd(Aurangabad): Hare Krishna dandavat pranam guru Maharaj bhagavat vachan purn karanyacha aani dhyan purvak jap karanyasathi kripaya aashirvad dya
511) A9 Krishna_Bandhu Vishali Gopinath Chennai: Hare Krishna Gurumaharaj Danwat pranam please bless me that i can read and hear more Gurumaharaj May i always follow your instructions and my Siksha guru’s instructions Gurumaharaj
512) Swati Sharma, Rishikesh: Hare Krishna Maharaj ji..Apke charno mai mera koti koti pranam..Mai Swati Sharma hu, Rishikesh se..Abhi lagbhag 10-12 din si mai japa talk mai join Hui hu.. please bless me jisse ki Mai dhyanpurvak jap kar saku..aur Prabhupada ji ki books ki reading achhe se kar saku..Mai apna jap aur reading improve karna chahti hu maharaj ji.. please bless me..
513) Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus7: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj dandavat pranam muze aashivarvad dijiye ki mai acchi seva akar saku aaur vashnav apradhse bachu muze shudha bhakti pradan Karo guru Maharaj ji,
514) Shivkala mishra thane: Hare Krishna dandvat pranam guru maharaj ke charno me,
Main apne pure pariwar ke lie krishna concious hone ki, v pure man se bhakti me samarpit hone ki kripa karne ki prathna karungi.guru maharaj kripa kare Hare krishna!
515) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: Hare Krsna Gurudev.. From last ekadashi to now I was unable to concentrate on progressing in bhakti marga and I realised im making plans to progress materially in my profession… joining a new team of doctors …recently got an offer too…
516) Is it ok to pay attention to my professional life ?that always means spending more hours in professional life …will that affect my sadhna bhakti..I also have limited time and energy ..will that be divided and adversely affect my devotion as consciousness is involved in material things ?
517) Trying my best to keep my over ambitious material desires aside and seeking your blessings to give real treatment to my patients in terms of being able to inspire them to chant or atleast read the Krsna book and Bhagavad Geeta ..
519) आनंददायीनी देवीदासी हरे कृष्ण,- बीड: मी संकल्प घेते 16माळा एका जागेवर बसून करेन ध्यान पुर्व मला आशीर्वाद द्या आनंददायी देवी दासी
520) BLR Murari Baktha & MahabhavaThakurani DD: HK Guru Maharaj, DP, my son moving away from devotion, please bless him, so that he will do devotion properly and sincerely , take interest in bhakti. BLR Mahabhav Thakurani DD
521) Jayantilal Jaytirth das: 24 march se Bhagavat katha Rajasthan me jaha Arjun-Subhadra mata ka vivah hua vaha katha karne ja raha hu aashirwad de Guru Maharaj.Jaytirth das
522) Rohininandana dasa: Hare Krishna Dear Gurumaharaj,
523) Please accept my most humble obeisances.
524) To control senses and engage them in service of lord is not humanly possible, as mind incharge of senses for conditioned soul like me. Our mind is Krishna’s energy and we can take shelter of prayers of our previous Acharyas and hear attentively. I still act based on my material attachment and envy. I pray that I can participate in hearing and chanting with Srila Gurumaharaj sincerely, attentively and daily. Unless, I take shelter of instructions of Sri Guru and always remember them, there is no hope to rise above 3 modes. Thank you Gurumaharaj for showering your causeless mercy daily.
525) Your servant
526) Rohininandana dasa
527) Ojas Gade(Nagpur)- Aspiring Initiation: हरे कृष्ण guru maharaj
528) Plz guide and support me
529) In the sankalpa : to become more obedient and humble (free from false ego) and not to get disturbed by attachments
530) Bhramha jiyasya Devi dasi Nashik: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Dandavat Pranam. I will Consternate on my Japa . And I will avoid Vaishav Apar Shradh .
531) Premavatar Chaitanya Das- UB Padayatra: Hare Krishna Gurumaharaj dandawata pranam..Mera nam premavtar chaitanya das may utakl banga padayatra me orisa se prachar kartihnu .me abhi zoom se kuchh bhakako.class kar rahnu mujhe asribad kijiye mera ak echha or Sankalp he Me adhik se adhik lokank bhagavat gita dena chahati hun mujhe kripa kijiye maharaj..me byaktigat se one by.one 5000 bhagavat gita 20 set bhagavatm 30 c.c diahnnu
532) Ashim agrawal Kolkata: Hare Krishna gurumaharaj, dandvat pranam. I have fault finding tendency. please bless me .and make me free from this anarth. Hare Krishna
533) Sanjay kale & Priti kale yavatmal: माझ्या कडून वैष्णव अपराध ना हो ही गुरू चरनी प्रार्थना
534) Krishna Bandhu Sanskriti A7: Hare Krishna Dandwat Pranaam Gurumaharaj..Please bless me that I can go to Dham Yatra soon with Krishna Bandhus and take your darshans. My Sankalp is to participate in every activity of Krishna Bandhus enthusiastically and serve my Shiksha gurus, mentor and you Gurumaharaj.
535) Krishna Bandhu Ramya Sakhi dd@: Hare Krsna Guru Maharaj Dandwat Pranam
536) Guru Maharaj Sundar Vaman Prabhuji is not well please give your blessings guru maharaj
537) Raghunandan thakur das: Hare krishna guru maharaji mujhe ashivad do me mere bure kam chut jay
538) Malati Shahi thakuri: hare krishna guru maharaj please me i want to be humble and want to avoid vaisnav aparad and want to read actively 30min daily prapbhupada books please help me
539) OPPO CPH2325: मुझे आशिर्वाद दिजीए गुरू महाराज मै ध्यान पर्वक निरापराध ज प कर सकु
540) Savita Kulkarni, Ambernath (MAH): Hare Krishna dandvat pranaam Guru Maharaj
541) Mazya कडून कोणताही वैष्णव aapradh होऊ नये यासाठी कृपा द्यावी
542) Natraj Krishna Das Thane: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj me apradh rahit dhyan purvak japa karne ka prayas karunga aapki Krupa ki aavashyakta hai
543) Manohar Gopal Das, Noida: Hare Krishna Gurumaharaj dandvat pranam, pls bless us to serve all vaishnava seva without aparadha and sins, also want to chant sudha hari nama japa daily without aparadha.
544) Jeet Lal Yadav/Noida: Hare Krishna guru Maharaj ji dandvat pranam
545) Aaj Sankalp leta ki dhyan poorvak jap Karu and Vaishnav apradh na ho kripya ashirwad deejiye
546) ERANDOL chhaya patil: Jast jasti Vaishnava chi Sheva Karin aani char niyamache palan karin aani majya purn parivarala bhakti aanin aasa aashirwad dya Maharaj ji
547) Krishna_bandhu ANJU THAKUR A9( HP): Hare Krishna dandwat pranam Guru maharaj ji. May I free from all dualities And worship Krishna faithfully And May I chant attentivally. May I take only offered food. And May I free from ego. And Please bless me that I May meet you And eat maha maha prashadam.And May I servey shiksha Guru. May I know that what to do. May I become responsible in my action. Jay.
548) Krishna bondhu A8 Tanu: Hare Krishna Guru maharaj Danvat parnam.. please bless me meri 16 rounds mein n bhakti mehi intensity badh Jaya aur subha hi 16 mala ho jaya aisi bhakti mehi in tensity
549) Sapana chityal A: Hare Krishna guru maharaj Dandvat pranam Mera 16mala dyanpurn japa hona please bless me Hare Krishna
550) Sugandha_ Krishna Bandhu NS6: Hare Krishna GuruMaharaj Dandawat Pranam
551) I need your blessings to intensify my sadhana and Japa. Do my Japa attentively. And engage in devotional service. I’m in a non devotee family. Need your blessings so that my husband and child also become devotees.
552) Erandol Sarvdarshani d d: आज माझ्या मुलाचा तिथीनुसार जन्म दिवस आहे तो वैष्णव सेवा करतो पण जप करत नाही त्याला आशिर्वाद द्या
553) Swati Sharma, Rishikesh: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj ji.. Please bless me ki mai apne jap ko improve kar saku aur shastro ka adhyayan man laga kar karu..
554) Jagnnath gangul: Hare Krishna Gurumaharaj dandavat pranam
555) 1. I will try to chant attentively japa.
556) 2.On ekadashi i will try to chant minimum 25 rounds japa .
557) Please Bless me Maharaj ,
558) Raghunandan thakur das: Hare krishna guru maharaji me aaj se book reed kar saku
559) maganverma meerut: हरे कृष्ण प्रभू जी दणवत प्रणाम आशिर्वाद दीजिए मुझेमै निरापराध जप कर पाई और मेरे प्रभु जी भी मेरे साथ जप करें
560) A’bad Padmaradha Dd: Hàre Krishna Guru Maharaj
561) Dandavat pranam
562) Please bless me that I can complete my 16 round with your japa only aur achhe se m Bg aur SB ko samjhene ka prayas Karu
Bless me
563) Krishnakanta Devi Dasi Nagpur: Hare krishna guru maharaj dandawat pranam..mujse vaishnao apradh nahi hone chaiye isliye mujhe Shirwad dijiye…
564) Natraj Krishna Das Thane: Bhakto me daush nahi dekhne ka prayas karunga
565) Krishna Bandhu Mansi Priya: Hare Kṛṣṇa GuruMaharaja
566) Please accept my humble obeisances
567) My humble prayers at your Lotus Feet to bless me with the fortune of being a part of your Vyas Puja celebrations and Yatras throughout this year and years ahead to gain your and Vaishnavas’ most glorious association
568) Radhavallabhi dd: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj, Dhandwat Pranamas please bless me that I become regular in starting my day by managala arti everyday and do not skip anytime. Also read praphupada’s books everyday and listen to his and your vani everyday without faultering. Please bless me, your eternal servant
569) A1 Krishna Bandhu Prajakta: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dandwat pranam
570) Pls bless me so that I can serve you and my shiksha gurus.
571) Pls take me in your shelter and bless my whole family that they will become a devotee..
572) Shri indulekha Devi dasi Nagpur: हरे कृष्ण दंडवत प्रणाम महाराज जी
573) माझी मुलगी मागच्या एकादशी पासून जपा करते तुमच्या सोबत तीच जपा असाच निरंतर राहूदे अशी आपल्या समोर प्रार्थना आणि तिला आध्यात्मिक जगामध्ये वळुदे महाराज जी हरे कृष्ण
574) surat suvarna chaitanya das: हरे कृष्ण गुरुमहाराज दनवत प्रणाम माला आशीर्वाद द्या की मी ध्यान पूर्वक आणी अपराध रहित जप करू शकू आणी कमीत कमीत वैष्णव अपराध करू मी रोज प्रभुपाद चे पुस्तक वाचनाचे प्रयत्न करतो आहे परंतु माजी हॉस्पिटल ची जॉब आशल्या मुळे मी त्यात ध्यान देत नाही कृपया माला आशीर्वाद द्या की रोज पुतकांचे वंचन करू शकू..
575) Vishuddhaprem devi dasi: May dhayan purvak japa karne
576) ka praytnkarugi Gurudev
577) or aadhyamik pragati ke liye
578) prayason karugi
579) merajivan ke kartavya or karma
580) sabhi balans ho yehi yachna aap se
581) daya karo gurudev aapki or vaishnavvrind ke kripase aaj mai
582) bhakti karne ka prayaas kar rahi hu
583) aap sabhi sadaiv aisi hi kripa karo
584) Dindayal das Nasik: Harekrishna dandvat pranam Maharaj ji, jab kabhi mughe Ghar grihasthi ke Karan jap talk me der ho jata hai, mai sochata hu pita ji aa gaye hai mai nahi AA paya samay par , aap Nasik aane bale hai, aapke charno ka darshan karna chahta hu, hum par kripa kare, me posting Jamnagar Gujarat me aa gaya rahu, mai sadhana bhakti vha bhi achacha tarah se kar saku. Your dindayal das,dandvat pranam
585) Visakapatnam UMA,Mohana Rao: Harekrishna dandavath pranam GurumahaRaj, please bless us to do harinam japa without any aparadh and any deviation
586) Yash Gupta: dandwat pranam guru mahraj mujhe.. pls mujhe ashirwaad dijiye jisse mai dhyan purvak jaap kar paun apki seva kar paun
587) Vrajaleela DD: Krishnaprem prapti ke liye Bina apradh seva ho.prahlad school seva apki kripa se success ho.
588) Noi – Sri Advaitacharya Das: Hare krishna Guru Maharaj, Pl bless me so that I could wake everyday@ 4:30 am and do quality japa and serve you and all Vaishnavas perfectly. ys
589) Prasanaa Gopi devi dasi: Hare Krishna maharaj PAMHO
590) Maharaj plz muzpe blessings and kripa banaye rakhna
591) Krishna Bandhu Ramya Sakhi dd@: Guru Maharaj please keep your blessings always . Want to serve you maharah
592) Vanmalini Radha Devi Dasi: Hare krishna guru maharaj, dandwat pranam, please bless me So that I can chant 32 rounds attentive ly..yhs
593) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: HG Padmamali prabhu speaks- 8 am we shall stop
594) Vigraha pooja d dTo to RR: hare Krishna Maharaj d pranam herpal Krishna ka naam bolu vishnav ke sang prapth ho pracha karneki samardy shasthra Gyan mile our Krishna se Preethi prapth ho Maharaj kripa karo
595) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: Announcement HG Dhir Krsna prabhu ’s 8 year old son left his body yesterday
596) Preeti/Gr.Noi: Hare Krishna gurumaharaj वाछां-कल्पतरूभ्यश्च कृपा-सिन्धुभ्य एव च ।पतितानां पावनेभ्यो वैष्णवेभ्यो नमो नमः।।दंडवट प्रणाम गुरूमहाराजी
Bless me to stay harmoniously with my small pariwar.
597) Krishna Bandhu Mohini Kaushik@Mayapur: Hare krishna Gurumaharaj dandwat pranaam
Gurumaharaj by your blessing I am staying in mayapur and your sentence that “ you are staying here “ will always keep me motivated to grow more and more in bhakti. Please bless me Maharaj so that I can overcome all my anarthas and just surrender myself completely to Gauranga Nityananda Radha Madhav and always be in Iskcon. Krishna bandhu’s gave me you and so Maharaj keep blessing me
598) A7Kṛṣṇa Bandhu-Rachna#: Hare Krishna guru maharaj
599) Dandwat pranam
600) Guru Maharaj pichle ekadashi prr or uss se phle mai sadhna me bhot week ho gyi thi… kuch meri laparvahi se kuch bhotik cheejo prr jada dhyan dene se lekin please bless me Guru Maharaj ki mai aaage se aisa nahi kru or sadhna thk se kr paau or mnn me kisi ke prati galt vichaar na laau or bhotik cheeje kam kru, chanting dhyan purvak kr paau
Please bless me Guru Maharaj
601) Vishuddhaprem devi dasi: Jay ho guru gourangou jayta
602) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: HG Madhavi kumari matajis daughter ’s bday today
603) Gr Noida Aarti Goenka: Hare Krishna guru maharaj dandwat pranam guru maharaj plz bless ki hum japa acche se kr paye, aur apni sevao ko pure utsah ke sath kare plz bless guru maharaj
604) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: Let us chant for Radha
605) Thane Lila priyaRadha DD: Hare krishna Maharaj Ji dandvat pranaam aap ashirwad dijiye ki mere Ghar me sabhi bhakt ban Jaye , jise meri bhakti avichal chalti rhe .
606) Sitanath Ram das (wardha): हरे कृष्ण गुरु महाराज जी आपके चरणों में कोटि कोटि दंण्डवत प्रणाम गुरु महाराज जी मेरी माताजी जी की कुछ महीने पहले ओरल कॅन्सर की सर्जरी हुई है, उन पर अपनी विशेष कृपा करिए ना,
607) Koudanyapur Subhadra Sundari Devi Dasi: हरे कृष्ण गुरू महाराज कृपा किजीए की मै एकादशी के दिन 25माला दृढतासे बिना अपराध के कर सकू
608) Surat seva Priya Radha Devi dasi: हरे कृष्णा दंडवत प्रणाम गुरु महाराज जिस दिन श्री वास पंडित आविर्भाव था उस दिन मेरे घर पर गौर निताई आऐ जिस तरह श्री वास पंडित जी के घर पर महाप्रभु कीर्तन करते थे उसी तरह ये घर भी वैष्णव की सेवा के लिए स्वीकार करें हरे कृष्णा
609) Swahali: Hare Krishna Please accept my humble obeisances that I may always serve you, Guru Maharaj and my Siksha guru more and more
610) Caitanaya Bhagavat das: Hare Krishna GuruMaharaj
611) Dandavat Pranam
612) Please bless me and help me in removing enviness towards other devotees and in removing vaishnav apradh
613) Your servant
614) Caitanaya bhagavat das
615) Subhadra Sharan Devi dasi, solapur: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj dannnandwat pranam
616) Swati Sharma, Rishikesh: Hare Krishna Maharaj ji..mere husband bhi jap improve karna chahte hain.. please bless him..please bless my daughter also so that she can become a devotee..
617) Gr Noida Aarti Goenka: Guru maharaj plz bless ki hum apradho se bache
618) (Bhatinda army) Vaikunteswardas&siromani gopika dd: Harekrishna gurumaharaj dandavath pranam.mey with out offense japa karnekeliye our patience.jyada hone keliye and bramha chary diksha mey saphalhone keliye and padayatra ko jyada sey jyadha seva karnekeliye and mere senses ko apka bhakthom ka association mey nirantharseva mode mey karnekeliye.har roj hum classes monday to friday classes dheray aap ka kripa sey krupayaa app ka ashirvadh dedho gurumaharaj a sabh kuch aap kaprasann keliye ur servent vaikuntdas siromani dasi (army batinda) punjab
619) Swahali: Please bless me that I can chant my rounds attentively maharaj
620) Smt Laxmipriya Devi Dasi,/Thane: Marese vaishnav apradhbi na ho gurumahraj
621) VISAKHAPATNAM Sunirmala Chaitanya Das: Hare Krishna ,Dandavat Pranam Guru Maharaj . plz bless me to chant attentively and serve you birth after birth .
622) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: Devotees who take a vow to not do offences unto the devotees or even think like that …immediately their offences start reducing from there itself
623) A’bad , Jamunakeli dd: Gurumaharajji ji muj se vaisnav apradha na ho bless me
624) Pushpachaudhary Nagpur: Dear guru Maharaj vaishnav apradh se bachu aashirwad
625) IGF Ngp Sakshi Gour: Please bless me Guru Maharaj so that I can’t do vaishnav apradh
626) narzo 50A: Rajeshwri hare ki shnaguru mharaj dandvat pranam sector 45noida
627) Gr Noi Svarup Anand Das: Jaya!
628) Krishna Bandhu_Premarupa DD @Darjeeling: My dear Gurudeva, my only life’s desire is to serve your instructions throughout my life, from your useless disciple I want to become someone that you are pleased to have as your spiritual daughter. Guru Maharaja please bless me that I don’t do anything that doesn’t concern Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON, please bless me that all the decisions of my life are your wish only. Guru Maharaj please bless me that I become free from anarthas and live a life that Prabhupada wants.
629) T Manju lali gopi dasi BLR: We shall share some realisations worth sharing
630) Yash Gupta: jaaayy
631) Kalparupini Dasi: Hare Krishna. Koti koti Dandavat Pronam to Guru Maharaj . Please kripa kore for Krishna seba