15th July 2019 Let’s internalize and meditate on the Lord So, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, He shared the nectar of Krishna Karnamrita with the devotees those who were around Him. He made Krishna Karnamrita so popular that till date we relish it. We also remember compiler of Krishna Karnamrita, Bilvamangala Thakura. Previously he was not a very good character person. He was somewhat like dasi pati Ajamila. He was attached to a prostitute. Once, he wanted to go to meet her on the other side of the bank of the river. It was raining heavily still he wanted to go at any cost to meet her. He was so attached to that prostitute. He saw a trunk of tree with its support he crossed the river but that was not wood but dead body. Chintamani, was the name of the prostitute and was staying at first floor. He saw a rope and climbed finally. But it was not a rope it was a snake. And then he was face to face to that prostitute. It was great fortune for Bilvamangala Thakur to meet that prostitute. She was surprised to see him. “How did you get here? It is raining so heavily.” She chastised him throwing some lights on his dark mind. If you had attempted to meet Lord instead of meeting me, my body which is full of blood, stool and pus. If you would have tried to see the Lord that would be perfection of your life. Her words had effect on Bilvamangala Thakur. She acted like a siksha guru. And Bilvamangala Thakur accepted her orders as a siksha guru. And he stopped all his enjoying propensity. And he started his journey to Vrindavan to meet the Lord. First, he wanted to meet the prostitute but now he wanted to meet the Lord. He started his journey to Vrindavan to meet the Lord. As he was on way to Vrindavan, he was thinking of Lord, he wanted to have audience with the Lord. He was always busy with his sadhana. He was trying to live simply, simple living and high thinking, Krsna conscious thinking. But again, he met another woman, a very chaste woman and he had thoughts of enjoying her. But Lord gave him reminder- same things Chintamani had told him- don’t do this thing, don't try to enjoy the opposite sex. He asked the lady to give him her hair pins. She did not know what he was going to do with the pins. papa vasana nako dau doda tyahuni andhada baracha me The famous statement of Tukaram, if I am going to see the sinful objects or sinful scene then it's better to be blind. He took two pins in his hands and pierced his eyes and spoiled his eyes. He became blind, he internalized and he only wanted to see Lord within the heart. He moved towards Vrindavan with help of passersby Oh! Where is Vrindavan? Please help! People were helping him on the way to Vrindavan. He did end up in Vrindavan he had great fortune of meeting Krsna, Krsna became his friend. He had good time with Krsna. Hare Krishna