7th May 2019 Akshaya Tritiya We have special guest speaker today- Nityananda prabhu. I told you yesterday some of the glories of Nityananda prabhu. We asked him which day you would prefer to address our participants. So he preferred Akshaya Tritiya day. So today is very auspicious day to undertake, anyway all days, it is auspicious for new undertakings. Today just briefly want to say, today is Akshaya Tritiya. As mother Ganges descended on this day. Doors of Lord Badrinath, they remain close in winter season, so today they get opened and they are flung open for darsana on Akshaya Tritiya day. Lord Parasurama appeared on this day. Sacred grain barley also appeared on the earth today. Today Draupadi the wife of Pandavas, received the gift of Akshay patra from Vivasavan, Sun God. And then, Srila Vyasadeva started composing Mahabharat today. So like that, some more items are also there of the great happenings on this day of Akshaya Tritiya. So on this shubha muhurta or maha-muhurt also begin any undertaking. So you will also want to take advantage of this day, so we will be learning the correct pronunciation of Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a sacred language or mother of all languages, spoken in Vaikuntha. We have to one day speak in that language. So today we want from Nityananda prabhu to learn some techniques, also hear some of the glories, not necessarily in detail of mother of languages Sanskrit, importance of Sanskrit, significance of the correct pronunciation. So Nityananda prabhu one time was student of Govardhana Bhagavat Vidyapith in Vrindavan. And that was operated by our dear and late Godbrother Gopiparanadhana prabhu. I remember in those days, myself and Nityananda prabhu, few times, we studied commentaries of Bhagavatam together. I was kind of learning from him. I was his student. And mean time he has learned much more. And he has become a quiet well versed in Sanskrit. And hence he has been employed in services of book trust. I think the service of review board, review new publications. His contributions are highly appreciated by BBT trusties. So we are proud of Nityananda prabhu. I am specially taking a keen interest in seeing that ISKCON devotees around the world improve their pronunciation. And he has been or he has agreed to assist me in this endeavor. What we are today doing is, like a charity begins at home, I had requested him to teach few lessons to our students, you all who chant with us everyday. Ok he is all ready. I don’t want to be between you and him. So here he goes. [Speech by Nityananda Prabhu] So it’s the good beginning that we started with Hare Krsna Mahamantra. It is Japa conference and you are addressing 580 participants. Some of them are making their comments- that was excellent class- someone says. Simply wonderful someone says. It is very helpful for pronunciation, another devotee says. Some are offering you their obeisances. Some are saying please share this video. Very excellent class. Do it once again. Prabhuji does this online courses teaching pronunciation. Devotees can take advantage of these online courses. I know some of you are his students. And I like more and more of you to take advantage of this talent that Nityananda prabhu has gifted, God gift. Amongst us we have someone who can teach the correct pronunciation. He also gives personal guidance. To contact him- NTD108@gmail.com Hare Krsna