This upcoming Ashadhi (10th July) marks the 73rd Vyas puja of our beloved Gurudev in the Golden Jubilee year of His Initiation. Additionally and most important feature of this festival is “Bhumi Pujan of New Temple Project” in Sri Dham Pandharpur, the spiritual capital of Maharashtra.

It is the heartfelt desire of Srila Gurudev to make this project, not just a temple but a monument. Srila Prabhupada, in his letter to Srila Gurudev, dated 30th July 1977 writes, ” OUR Lokanath Swami is just like Saint Tukaram. The whole of India and specifically YOUR Maharashtra are enthused with Krishna. Now you have to revive their Krishna consciousness… So revive them by the process of the Sankirtana movement. I am very glad that you are preaching village to village and will cover all of Maharashtra…”

Sri Dham Pandharpur is the motherland of many saints and the heart of millions of devotees of Lord Vitthal. So preaching done at Pandharpur will be heard in the nooks and corners of Maharashtra. In this way, Srila Prabhupada’s desire will be fulfilled & Gurudev’s dream will come true. So Gurudev was urging all the leaders, disciples & well-wishers to help Him in this service to Srila Prabhupada.

Details regarding accommodation and service opportunities are as follows:

Accomodation :-
a) For common accommodation, please fill out the Accommodation registration form given below. Last date of registration is 20th June 2022:

For any query in general accommodation, please send WhatsApp message on – +91 9096149069

b) For booking a room outside ISKCON temple campus, please contact – ( You have to book a room with advance payment. Standard of room and distance from temple will be communicated personally on whatsapp )

HG SriKrishnadev Prabhu
+91 7559499684

c) For booking room inside temple campus (if you have a sponsored room in temple or you want to sponsor a room), please contact:

Reception – +91 9075220180