Dandavat pranam to all devotees.
All glories to Srila prabhupada and Gurudev.

For the most

Auspicious event of viyaspuja of gurumaharaj organized celebration at Thailand Bangkok, Shri Shri radhagovinda Iskcon with more than 200 devotees we started from Mangal arati, Dharshan arati, Gurupuja for prabhupada than glories of gurudev by Iskcon bhramacharis and we’re, Devotees sings kritan tunes of gurumaharaj and Mahaprasadham offering to gurumaharaj were cooked all ekadashi prasadham even cake to all
total 48 thing and puspanjali to gurudev and aratiā€¦.

After we go fo harinam at market place with prabhupada small books vagwatgeta and prasadham for distribution .that all book is translate in thai language with mor than 30 devotees.

All Evening program at temple after we distributed ekadashi prasadham for mor than 250 devotees.
your servants and disciples Bahulastami devidasi and 5 more expair devoteesā€¦

Thailand Bangkok