ISKCON Richmond, VA, USA

His Holiness Lokanath Swami Maharaja 73rd Vyasa Puja Celebration 

Richmond Virginia, USA, July 10th, 2022

Hare Krishna Dear Maharaja,

Please accept our respectable obeisance unto your lotus feet.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to your service. All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

On the auspicious day of Sayana Ekadasi all the Disciples, aspiring disciples, and well-wishers in Richmond gathered at Divyanam Das Prabhu and Premlatika Devi Dasi Mataji’s ashram to celebrate the joyous occasion of the 73rd Vyasa Puja of your Holiness.

Devotees of our congregation lovingly came forward and coordinated the setup, Altar decoration, Bhoga preparation, Garland making, Guru puja and Pushpanjali, Media and Prasadam serving in the mood of joy and devotion as the celebration of Vyasa puja is no less than other major festivals.

As it was a Sunday, the preparations started on Friday itself, where devotees joined at Divyanam Prabhu’s home and joyously shopped for groceries, cut vegetables, set up the altar, and did decorations. Cooking was done with love and devotion, and a mood to just serve your Holiness. During the preparations, your kirtans kept our consciousness even better.

We started the program by first singing Vaishnava Bhajans – Ohe Vaisnava Thakur…, Gurudev Kripa bindu diya… and Ei bara karuna Karo…., followed by HG Adi Gadhadhar Prabhu’s wonderful lecture via Zoom on the Guru tattva and how to surrender to our spiritual master. He shared your caring and munificent nature for all those who come for your blessings and how your mercy has brought him closer to Srila Prabhupada.

This is followed by Vyasa puja offerings by your dear disciples Divyanam Prabhu and Premlatika Mataji. They shared their heart in the offerings which made it even more beautiful. They shared their loving interactions with you and how merciful you are. It was so amazing to know that many years back you mentioned him as an ant, who, when finds a grain of sugar, calls the colony of ants to share the sweetness.  We could totally understand your Divya Drishti and how your mercy has been fructified. It is so true that Divyanam Prabhu and Premlatika Mataji bring all the congregation together to taste the nectar of the Holy Names. Thank you Maharaj for your kindness and Kripa.

Then, your aspiring disciples Uttara Mataji and Rishikesh Prabhu shared heart-touching realizations that brought tears to many eyes. This was followed by offerings from your well-wishers and followers and how devotees want to serve you. Even a 7-year-old devotee named bhakti aspires for your mercy. Your kirtans inspire many souls and bring us closer to Krsna. The devotees relived the time when you personally visited Richmond and how blissful it was in your association. The devotees prayed at the lotus feet of Lord Narsimha Dev for your good health and well-being.

After this, aarti, Pushpanjali, and Prasadam, over 20 preparation, cooked with love and devotion offered to your holiness by all the assembled devotees. Sri Guruvastakam and blissful kirtan were part of the offerings.

Divyanam Prabhu, Premlatika Mataji, Uttara Mataji, and Rishikesh Prabhu personally served the Prasadam to the fullest of all the devotees.

Everything connected with your divine becomes an ecstatic festival of celebration, and especially Vyasa puja celebrations are very special and memorable.

In total, around 50 devotees attended the program and we all received a keepsake, a picture of Sri Panduranga Vitthala from Pandharpur Dham.

Thank you very much Maharaj for engaging us in your loving service and we pray for your blessings for our upcoming temple project in Richmond. May we always serve under the guidance of your senior disciples and in some way serve you eternally. We request you to kindly bless our congregation by visiting Richmond and giving us the opportunity to serve your Holiness personally.

Here is the link to a beautiful video that provides a glimpse of the whole festival –

Thank you

Your insignificant follower

Bhaktin Nidhi

ISKCON Richmond, VA, USA