• It was very nice to hear from you how the demigods offered their prayers to Lord in Dwaraka. In that you mentioned many wonderful simile of how Lord’s leg was looking like a pole and the Ganga coming from it was like a flag. This was really artistic and contains so much of aesthetic sense in it. Thank you for this.

I had one realization that when you were mentioning about “tirthadvaya, i.e; Ganga and Krsna’s pastimes, one can dive in the rivers of these two tirthas. The second one that is Krsna’s pastimes is ever fresh and its not just a river but an ocean of bliss, there i could recollect a verse from Damodarashtak which says

“itidrk sva-lilabhir ananda-kunde
sva-ghosam nimajjantam akhyapayantam”

and also how there are two kinds of ocean, one is prema sagar and one is maha-anartha sagara. Since this is month of Lord Damodar and Damodarsatak speaks of taking bath in the “ananda kunda of lila of Krsna” and since you have also mentioned today of superior greatness of Krsna’s pastime tirtha, i would like to request you to kindly bless me and empower me so that in any activity i would always keep Krsna’s sweet pastimes in my mind and see this world also as His divine lila.

When i am studying Srimad Bhagvatam verse by verse i feel this is real ocean, as you mentioned in today’s japa. Each acharyas have such deep and unique understanding. What else do we need when we have such jewels.
Naradamuni Das

Dvadasi, the day after Nirjala Ekadasi 14th June 2019
Lots of reports are still coming through, but I do not think we can take note of these reports now. We are talking. Some devotees did not only chant their japa, they read Bhagavad Gita and studied Bhagavatam. All reports are amazing and very pleasing. Some matajis are hearing this report and they’re clapping their hands, expressing their joy and congratulating all the chanters.

Noida had a very special celebration yesterday because they managed to gather more than a 100 devotees and they were all chanting together. I’m sure most of them chanted their 64 rounds and that’s a very unique gathering and celebration which others can also plan in the future.

Other ISKCON centres and temples in our zone should organize and get the congregation and initiated devotees together. It is easier to chant and complete your sankalpa. It is now too late for this year, but for next year you can make such a plan.

Someone reported that it is also very special that there is no internet all day. No Facebook all day. Someone reported fasting from Maya and we said, “Actually, is very special report.”

• Once your Holiness discussed about riding uphills and downhills . You said that if we chant in the morning hours it’s like riding downhill and if we chant later it’s like riding uphill . But we get so much addicted to the conference now that if we are chanting alone although it’s early morning hours , I feel like riding uphill. It’s so tough to control mind at that time whereas if we are chanting in the Conference that could be at any time , but sitting and chanting in front of you , it’s riding down hills where the mind will get stuck to the mobile screen and won’t move here and there so frequently.
Akincana Bhakta Dasa

• Once on the day of ekadashi you were in NOIDA and were saying that on the day of Ekadashi we should survive only on air. Many devotees do this.So this time it was I who took a vow to be on air only. And I took target of chanting 64 rounds. I can only complete 56 till 12o’clock and also was present on job.But it was very miraculous to me. Before joining your session I was approaching hardly 25 rounds and as you told us to observe our sadhana from Ekadasi to Ekadasi.This was very wonderful.

I was in my village and got up are.3.30 Without your japa session it was taking 10 minutes for me to chant one round and I couldn’t understand.But when I start with japa session it was only 7.30 minutes to me taking one round.So your association also provide us alertness.
Prahalad Maharaj Das

• Thank you Guru Maharaja for teaching us by your own example – wherever we are should keep our promise.
Purnanandi Radha Devi Dasi (Greater Noida)

• We are enlightened and are now curious for japa. We are filled with energy when you raise your hand to bless us or become alert when you utter our name. And it becomes “sone pe suhaga” when you give us the conversation about the japa. Thanks a lot for this transcendental endeavour made for the deliverance of fallen souls.
Prahalad Maharaja Dasa (Vrndavana)

• I am eternally grateful to you and feel indebted and would like to express my gratitude for giving us darsana and your personal association.Since I started and joined the japa conference, I haven’t failed to miss a single day. Earlier I daily never was woke up regularly like this to chant in the morning hours, especially if I slept late the previous night. But now no matter how late I go to sleep the night before, I still wake up as I know my Guru Maharaja is awake eager to chant with all of us. How can I be sleeping also when my other god brothers god sisters are also awake…not to forget devotees from Russia who are awake earlier than us and chanting. The best part of all this since this japa conference has started, is that every day I am awake before 4 am and I chant about 8 or 9 rounds on the conference. I try to complete the remaining of the 16 after your japa talk. At least my 16 rounds are chanted in the morning which wasn’t the case before.
Shyamalangi Devi Dasi(Dubai)

• You are so kind to give us your association by sacrificing your sadhana. I remembered your instruction that chanting is also seva. You very nicely explained how we should be humble and how we should come to the level of the soul.
Radhanatha Krishna Dasa(Yavatmal)

• It is so blissful chanting online all the way from Toronto. Can’t believe that you are so far in India. We get charged chanting with you, Guru Maharaja.
Nama kirtana Dasa(Toronto)

• For the past one month, I have joined the japa session daily. Ever since I joined ISKCON I always desired to do so, but always lagging behind, but thanks to your japa session revolution I am feeling very happy and more purified. Thanks a lot to the team behind the live japa broadcast.
Sundarachal Dasa (Mauritius)

• I cannot hold back the words of gratitude. Thanks to you my spiritual life over the past two weeks of regularly repeating japa in your association has greatly improved! I receive inspiration and strength to repeat the holy names with better quality! Everything is valuable, starting from your instructions and ending with your kind smile and welcoming gestures. Your smile for me is a KRSNA smile. You are so kind and attentive to everyone. Our regular morning meetings are better than any japa retreat. They have brought significant improvements in my spiritual life.

• I want to share the opportunity to chant japa in a group of devotees and friends of Sri Sri Radha Govinda from Omsk, Russia with about 6,000 participants. If you permit we will post an invitation. Today, before work, I chanted 20 rounds by your mercy and I plan to continue the repetition of the Holy Names work in the community of devotees.
Polina Kalyonova (Russia)

• Guru Maharaja, every morning turns into a big festival now.I eagerly wait for the time.
Sankirtan Gaur Dasa (Bangladesh)

• I have been attending these sessions from South Africa. It was very inspiring and blissful chanting in your presence. It gave me immense strength from within. I find this is the best amongst all the devotional services that I perform. I look forward to hear instructions on chanting and read and contemplate on it every day. Want to thank everyone for keeping me inspired. This is our good fortune.
Madhavi Sita Devi Dasi (New jersey)

• This Japa revolution is like getting up early for Vraja-mandala Parikrama. Thanks a lot Gurudev.
Ojasvi Madhavi Devi Dasi (Mauritius)

• Whatever you do, is really revolutionary – be it Padayatra, Harinama sankirtana or now, the japa revolution. You are a great warrior of Srila Prabhupada. Your energy, enthusiasm and mood to serve the Lord is exemplary. I pray to Lord Narsimhadev for your good health.
Svarupa Anand Dasa (Greater Noida)

• It is a feast to watch you chanting daily. You are sacrificing that personal and special time with your Deity Nama Prabhu to take care of your children. I had heard of living for a higher purpose and now experiencing the same principal in your behaviour which brings more conviction and inspires me to do the same.
Radhanatha Krishna Dasa (Yavatmal)

• I want to express my sincere gratitude for taking so much pain daily just to help us in improving our sadhana. You are personally demonstrating every day how to chant in the right mood and with sincerity.

• Thank you for motivating me, giving me hope that I can also relish this higher taste of chanting. I have started chanting with more attention and love and consequently there is a change in my consciousness and lifestyle. I feel more Krishna conscious and my lifestyle has become more satvik. I feel more enthusiastic to serve Krsna and Vaisnavas. As you have said, “The quality of our japa influences our daily activities”. I can see the change.
Manamohini Devi Dasi (Ahmedabad)

• These japa sessions are very helpful as it becomes part of my meditation in my early morning rounds. Please continue this forever. I have so much gratitude.
Lila Madhuri Devi dasi (USA)

• Dear Gurudev, we have been desiring for years to have your live association in an interactive way. Sometimes we would send you mails and had to wait long for a response. But now you are talking to us every day. We are getting the very powerful association of all the devotees and we can always feel your presence. Our life, our consciousness has changed and we do not have enough words to describe what we really feel. We are grateful to you eternally.
Sakhi Vrnda Devi Dasi (Mauritius)

• Yesterday Your Holiness mentioned that there is a competition between Mauritian devotees and Russian devotees.That was a kind of spiritual boost for us. It is a spiritual competition and now to reach our target of 50, I and Vamandev Prabhu have started calling everyone in the morning . We are kind of jiva jago agents waking up most of them. We have become a source of nuisance to many and we are challenging Nidra Devi. I hope that we are doing the right thing Guru Maharaja.
Kaunteya Dasa (Mauritius)

• My chanting has improved just because of your live darsana and some tips on chanting. I thank you for this the live sessions.
Sri Candrika Devi Dasi (Shyamdesh)

• Guru Maharaja, these chanting sessions have increased our sincerity and now we feel we are back on track doing japa in the right way in the right direction under your guidance and association of our god family brothers & sisters. We pray this might never ends.
Paramkaruna Dasa & Bhaktinidhi Devi Dasi (Nagpur)

• Maharaja, I really addicted to this conference Once you stop we really wait eagerly for the next day.
Amala Caitanya Dasa(Coimbatore)

• This japa has become more nectearian and effective. It helps to survive happily during the entire day.
Padmamali Dasa(Ahmedabad)

• Dear Srila Gurudev, this session of japa is like a spiritual tonic that is keeping me healthy during the day. Thanks a lot for giving your direct association. I feel like sitting next to you in the temple and chanting.
Harikirtana Dasa(Noida)

• It is nice to hear about what you are reading and your reflections and meditations.
Ekalavya Dasa (Mayapur)

• Every morning I chant before going to work. I feel your powerful presence the whole day and gives me the taste for reading. I feel very strong at heart.
Sakhi Vrnda Devi Dasi (Mauritius)

• Hare Krishna! Please chant a little bit longer, its soooo sweet to chant together
Olga Dar (Belarus)

• I can’t sleep when you chant. You said me ‘Jiv Jago!” & I woke up!
Madhavanandini Devi Dasi (Russia)