10 May 2020

Realizations of Devotees Part 2

prabhu nityananda
sri-advaita gadadhara

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Devotees from 710 locations are chanting with us. Welcome you all. We will continue the sruti phala or fruit of 7 days Katha you have offered back on the chat session. You all are writing that we got such fruit, such benefit, and realizations. We also read yesterday. When we hear Katha we get the privilege to get its fruit. You have presented that fruit in this chat session so that we can taste it more. Along with that one I was thinking that sravanam kirtanam visnoh smaranam and then contemplation has also to be done. When we read that fruit of hearing which you have presented in this chat session, then contemplation will happen. We can again chew that fruit. Prahlada Maharaja said what do people all over the world do. If they get lusty desires they keep on chewing on it. Here we are chewing things related to love. When we remember or contemplate what we have heard then that Katha awakens us.

I’m singing glories of manan and cintan. We should not forget what we have heard. We should remember it again and again. In this Japa talk also we are again reminding you of that Katha session. We are sharing it with you so that you can contemplate on it again. Let’s go ahead. You have given many sruti phalas (Fruit of hearing). The chat session is also open. You can make further comments. I’m commenting on what you have commented on. In this way, sravanam kirtanam vishnoh smaran goes on. Then this becomes living Katha.

• Jagadananda Pandit Prabhu: He wrote that, in Rukmini Katha, it was like Maharaja you were there in the pastime. He also remembers the Radhe Jaye Madhav bhajan. It’s like running commentary which goes on in cricket. They do commentary and that can be heard by everyone who is not present there. This is also something similar. Not only me, those who deliver the Katha, they first hear it. And they narrate it after realization of that Katha and by entering into that Katha-Lila.
• Jagannath Darshan Prabhu: He wrote that I liked all the Katha told by you. In that also especially I liked the Katha of Madhavendra Puri in which Lord steals the sweet rice for a devotee. Lord also gets bound by the devotion of a devotee. I got to know about the importance of hearing from Rukmini Katha.
• Jagannath Swami Das: He wrote that all the Kathas were excellent but I like the most is Rukmani Mataji’s Maan which is similar to Radha Rani and Lord reached Pandarpur. Jagannath Swami liked the Maan showed by Rukmini Mataji just like shown by Radharani.
• Jamuna Jivan Das (BVS): He wrote that I liked the past times of the Pandhrinath and Rukmani- Dwarkadesh. Thank you very much.
•Jayabhadra DD: She wrote that Rukmini Maiyas Katha was very inspiring I fell more in love with her after hearing her glories. Narsingh Katha was very inspiring how Lord protects his devotees. we should destroy the demon in our hearts.
We should say that the Lord should destroy Hiranyakasipu present within our hearts.
• Jyoti Raval: She wrote that All Katha was wonderful.
• Kamal Govind Das He liked the meaning of Narsingha Aarti
• Kanishk Dwivedi: He wrote that I liked Sita Ram Katha and Narasimha Katha, Madhavendra Puri Katha. Yesterday’s kirtan was very energetic. Please continue to give your blessings as we need it the most. I am trying to do serious Japa and I suddenly become emotional in the pastimes of Krsna and Radha. What to say if bhav arises as a result of the hearing. Shraddha increases after hearing Katha.Katha sravan gives us Ruchi and by that, we can attain Prema.
• Kaunteya Dasa: He wrote that the daily Kathas were so nectarian that I was just praying today morning that we should be having more such long Lila kathas. I got more inspired to continue with my daily Sri Rama Katha preaching which has reached Day 45 today. He has got inspired by Katha that we are doing.
• Kaushalya, Mumbai: She is now very clear in chanting and Katha inspired her. She is remembering Ugra Narasimha.
• Kavita Damdhar Mangal Damdhar: She Liked Radha Pandharinath Darshan and Sita Ram Katha.
• Kisori Radhika d.d: Thank you very much for the Katha about Lord Rama and Sita Devi. Especially for Katha on Nrsimha Chaturdashi. Nrsimhadev pierced my heart.
• Krishna Kumar Das Vrindavan: He wrote that day 4th Katha pandarpur dham ki mahima was very exclusive. His Holiness is the only speaker who gives us nectar in detail which is not available by other Katha Vyas.
• Krishnakanta Devi Dasi Nagpur: She wrote that all Kathas were good and I liked Rukmini Katha. As Rukmini heard Katha She attained Krishna and hence we should also hear.
• Madhavendra Kripa Prabhu : He shared also the same thing.
• Madhavi Gopi Dasi: She wrote that seven days Katha was like a shower of autumnal rain on pools of our muddy consciousness during these Corona quarantine days. All Kathas made me ecstatic, but Prahlad Maharaja’s Katha has gone deep down in heart & will have permeant imprints. It will help to consolidate unflinching faith in Lord. Our deep gratitude for giving us so much association.
• Madhuvidya Devi Dasi: All Kathas were good especially liked Rukmini Katha. • • Mahalakshmi.P (Bangalore): Katha was very nice I am blessed to hear the Katha from you.Rukmini, Narashima and Pandharpur Dham Katha very nice.
• Mahamantra mahima devi dasi: She wrote that I like the Rukmini letter.
All other letters in the world are lust letters. This was a love letter.
• Manupriya Devi Dasi Nagpur: She wrote that I came to know so many mysterious things. I got a deep knowledge of Vithal Rukmani. I like the Katha of Sita Navami. Kirtana was very melodious.
• Mayapurdham Prabhuji: He wrote that we are blessed by your mercy Sita Devi charitra, hanuman charitra. Liked Radha Raman darshan with teeth.
•Megha Gupta: I loved the description of the Radha Raman appearance also. Thank you for giving this nectar to us. Katha of Vithal Rukmini and Narsingh Bhagwan was amazing and heart touching. It helped me in increasing my love and shraddha towards them.
•Mukund Madhav Das:Yesterday’s kirtan where I felt heart-melting. This time pastimes of Sita you presented from Ramayan was very touching especially the description of Sita’s love, devotion for Lord Rama. All Kathas were well presented. But Rukmini Haran Lila as usual very inspiring. Thank you very much for all this Katha.
• Mohan Sakha Das: He wrote that this lockdown is getting a blessing for us, we are getting divine quarantine with your Vani-shelter.
• Namarupa Das (Dr.Nilesh Ghanokar): Katha gives the subject to meditate during Japa.
• Namdev Patange: He wrote that he liked Rukmini and Radharaman Katha.
• Namish Sahni Praveen Sahni & Bharti sahni: Gurudev Katha goes deep into our consciousnesses. We were feeling the presence of characters in front of us. Bhav and emotions were purified. Sita and Ram Katha was emotional. Learned the values of patience, determination, concentration, and honesty in following these stories. Guru Gopal bhashya was the best among these sessions. It gave a different dimension to my Japa. Japa now is more serious and purified.
•Naradamuni das: He wrote that I liked the verse which Sri Madhavendra Puri used to recite and which resembled Srimati Radharani’s mood.

“Ai deena dayardra nath he
Mathuranatha kadavalokyase
hridayam tvadaloka kataram
bhramyati Kim karomy aham”.

Your explanation of this was very deep.

• Natwargopal das: He Liked Madhavendra Puri Katha. He got to know how anxious Lord is about his devotees. He has understood this, have you?
• Neel Damodar Das Gurugram: He likes Rukmani Mataji’s Katha.
• Nistaban Das: He liked Vithal Rukmani Katha.
• Nity Kishori D D: She liked Srivas acarya’s Katha.
• Nitya Harinama Das: he wrote that your everyday Katha is connecting me to you and parampara very strongly.
• padmaradha dd: She wrote that thank you for the wonderful nectar of Katha for 7 days, I was pleased by the character of calling and got to know more about him. Please bless us.
• Padmsundri D D: She felt sad when she got to know that Sita Mata had to go to forest exile twice.
• Pandumaharaj das: After hearing about Rukmani, his attachment with her increases. I think we have to stop here. There are so many sruti phala. You can read the remaining as it is posted.

There is nne announcement for you. ISKCON Harinama Sankirtan Ministry will be having 7 day sankirtana from now. His Grace Ekalavya Prabhu will give you this information. Please wait and hear.

Eklavya Prabhu speaks:
Hare Krishna. During this epidemic so many japa camps have started.One of them is so we have chant nonstop globally 5:00 p.m to 5:30 p.m and that is still going on. Juhu organized online kirtana mela. Mauritius organized online kirtana mela. Many Japa conferences are going on. Just like this one Chant Japa with Lokanath Swami. Giraraja Maharaj and Mahatma Prabhu are also organizing so many conferences. Yesterday Guru Maharaja said something to me because now we are planning the biggest festival that is the Grand Finale. We are having one week All India Kirtana mela online. It is called the Kirtana festival India online. We are sending you the links on the WhatsApp group and Loksanga for this festival. So we want you to do three things:

1. Join the Facebook group. It’s called Kirtan Fest India Online
2. Sign up to sing
On the above link you can see the schedule of kirtana. We have half hour
slots from 9:00 A.m. to 9:00 p.m. That’s almost 200 slots.
3. We have written one article on dandavats.com. You can read that article.

Please share this with your friends and tell everyone to join this wonderful kirtan Fest India Online. By joining the group you will get a schedule and just clicking on the link to sign up to sing and you can see the schedule.

Guru Maharaj is schedule to sing on Tuesday 12 May from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 pm. So please be there. Any issue you have in to sign up to sing, then you can contact HG Krishnabhakta Prabhu. We will send his email address to your WhatsApp.
Email id of Krishnabhakta prabhu : kbd.lok@gmail.com

And please continue to chant nonstop on the global kirtana from 5:00 p.m to 5:30 p.m.Today we have Sanatana Gauranga Das starting the program from Ahmedabad.I will just mention the few names . Jagannatha Kirtananda Prabhu from London will sing. From 1:30 to 2:00 pm Kishori Jani mataji will sing who is very famous. At 2:00 pm Madhava Prabhu will sing. At 5:00 pm myself Eklavya Das will sing and at 5:30 Krishnabhakta prabhu will sing. At 7:00 p.m Jai Govind Das will sing from Sri Dhama Mayapur. Then from 7:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m Swarupa Damodar Prabhu from Dubai will sing. So those who want to sing can sign up. Just click on the link and book the slot

Thank you very much
Srila Prabhupada ki jay
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