Moradabad ISKCON Center

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja & God Family,

We are blessed to celebrate Your 73rd Vyasa Puja on 10th July at ISKCON Moradabad center with over 50+ devotees. Our center head HG Ujjwal Sundar Prabhuji and HG Samarpit Gaur Prabhu helped us to organize this event and provided necessary guidance.

Program started with an ecstatic blissful kirtan. Thereafter, devotees shared their realizations, pastimes of Yours and heartfelt offerings. This was the best part of the program where we could relish Your Divine qualities and got inspired by Your faith towards Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON. Guru Puja, Pushpanjali and Prashadam for everyone is followed after offerings. Lots of kids have also participated and they were really excited during the cake cutting ceremony.

Guru Maharaja, this was really a festival for us celebrating your Vyasa Puja here in Moradabad. Please accept our humble offering. Few photographs of the event are attached for your pleasure.

Your humble servants,
Moradabad Family – Diciples & Aspiring Devotees

Participants: Radhika Madhava Pr., Natrani Mataji, Abha Sharma Mataji, Shobha Sharma (Aspiring), Hari Sparsh Pr., Saccinandan Pr., Radhakant Giridhari Pr., Sharan Priya Pr., Achyuta Vijaya Mataji, Priti mataji, Anukula Hygriva Pr.,Champaklata mataji,Lila mataji, Prema Janki mataji, Krishna Pr., Shobha Lakshmi Priya mataji, Dhira Daya mataji.