Dear Gurumaharaj
Hare Krishna. Please accept my Humble obeisance unto your lotus feet.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Guru And Gauranga

On 10 July 2022 by the mercy of Radha Madhav we got an opportunity to celebrate our beloved Gurur Maharaj Vyas puja at our home in Mayapur with the help of our godbrothers and sisters.

We were 30 godbrothers and sisters. H.G. Kamal Gopal das prabhu (he is famous for his kirtan in the whole world) leading the melodious kirtan and sung a very beautiful guru puja also. All devotees glorified Guru Maharaj pastime in a unique way.

H.G. Vishwambhar das bramhchari perform the charan paduka abhishek of Guru Maharaj with all the devotees. Ecstatic kirtan was going on in background the atmosphere was so amazing that we felt the presence of guru Maharaj was watching us.

After abhishek we offered bhogha followed by guru puja and pushpanjali. We ended this beautiful vyasa puja program by honoring the prasad.

Guru Maharaj please accept our small offering of your Vyas puja and always keep all of us in your shelter.

Your Servant
Padmini Rukmini Devi Dasi (Mayapur)