Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj!

Please accept my humble obeisances at Your lotus feet.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

All glories to You Srila Gurudeva!

We, Mayapur devotees who were not able to come to Pandharpur this time, celebrated Your Vyasapuja here in Sridham Mayapur. Here Ekadashi was on 30th, therefore we decided to celebrate Vyasapuja on 30th and be present mentally in Pandharpur on 29th.

Main organizer of this event was my Prabhu, Parameshwar Thakur Prabhu, but each member had an important service to do; some had small service and some had service throughout the event, but each one did his or her part perfectly.

Our preparation started a week before the Vyasapuja day. And on 29th evening we did cleaning and decoration of the hall where we were going to do the program. We will never forget this experience where we even worked using our mobile torches because of power cut. We can say that the achievement of this year’s Vyasapuja celebration is development of deep loving bonds between godbrothers and godsisters. Whole team worked very enthusiastically from beginning till end of the program. Our group photo is attached herein, in which three godbrothers are missing as they left before this picture was taken.

So, on 30th we welcomed each devotee with garland, Candan and Narasimha oil. Program started with vaisnava bhajanas, especially offering Vandana to all vaisnavas, Guru Parampara, Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu, and then after Radha Madhava Vandana we offered Vandana to You, Guru Maharaja. We did kirtan for one hour and then started offerings, but just after two devotees’ offerings heavy rain started and due to power cut we had to stop offerings and prepare for abhisheka of Your Carana Paduka, Guru Maharaja. During abhisheka we did kirtan. After abhisheka, we again started our offerings and side by side bhoga offering was going on. All guest devotees and six of us, godbrothers and godsisiters, offered our shabdanjali to You, Guru Maharaja. We promoted our ‘Zoom temple’ as well, mentioning the major benefits of joining this temple.

Then we had Guru Arati and Pushpanjali. And after that Ekadashi feast prasadam was served to all devotees. 48 dishes including the Birthday cake were offered first to You Guru Maharaja and then to all assembled Vaisnavas. Around 65 devotees honored prasadam. I must mention that, due to power cut lift was not working, therefore our youth devotees brought prasadam of 70 plus devotees by staircase to seventh floor. Definitely our team of Sewadharis will never forget this year’s Vyasapuja celebration.

Guru Maharaja, please continue to shower your causeless mercy on all of us.

On behalf of our team

Yours insignificant disciple

Sudevi Sevika Devi Dasi