Dear GuruMaharaj,

Today is the most auspicious day of Vyas purnima. Please accept my most
humble obeisances at the dust of your lotus feet.

All glories to your holiness.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Gurumaharaj, I feel guilty of not being able to attend your vyas puja festival in Pandharpur Dham. Actually Madhuri’s (Madhuri Devi Dasi, my wife) health is not good, she has rheumatoid arthritis and it is very painful. So it is very difficult for us to visit there during this period due to lack of accommodation facilities. For the next year I will try to book the room from now if possible, and we don’t want to miss this rare event.

As we couldn’t visit Pandharpur, I thought to celebrate your 74th Vyas puja festival in our temple. I took the initiative and with the help of Indore and Ujjain devotees we celebrated the vyas puja very nicely. Keshav prabhu and Aniruddha prabhu helped me very much. Temple management also helped me in this celebration.

The Gundicha temple was decorated nicely and we celebrated the programs there in Gundicha pandal. Initiated devotees of Indore helped me greatly with donations. 30 initiated disciples from Indore participated in the festival. Ujjain disciples also took part in it. Program started at 10am with Bhajan and Kirtan. Then we played a recorded short lecture of your Holiness. After that glorification started. 12 devotees took part in glorification of your Holiness. Thereafter we had Bhoga offering, Gurupuja and Arati. There was Ekadashi feast prasadam for 300 devotees.

Without the financial help of Indore devotees it couldn’t be successful. They donated very generously. After meeting all the expenses of the festival we could manage to save 14,000 Laxmi. I have transferred that Laxmi to Pandharpur Bank a/c at your service. Please accept this very insignificant amount at your service Gurumaharaj. All the devotees are very happy for being able to take part in this festival.

After the disappearance of HH Bhakti Charu Swami Gurumaharaj we were totally devastated. All of a sudden we lost the shelter. That was the darkest time in our life. At that crucial time if you wouldn’t have come and provide us the shelter of your lotus feet, I don’t know what would happen to us. You showered your causeless mercy upon us by your frequent visits to Ujjain.I am personally very fortunate to have your cooking seva in my home. During your last visit you allowed this fallen soul to serve you personally. It is only your causeless mercy upon us. I have realized that Guru is a tattva, there is no difference between your holiness and HH Bhakti Charu Swami Gurumaharaj. Please give me some seva that I can do for your pleasure.

Today was the 3rd disappearance day of HH Bhakti charu Swami Gurumaharaj. Whole day I was busy in programs listening glorifications. I heard your lecture too. In the evening I sang the song ” Je anilo prema dhana”. That is why I am so late in writing this offering to you. Please forgive me Gurudev.

We are planning a 3 days tour to Pandharpur dham with Indore disciples group when you will be present there. Aniruddha prabhu and Keshav prabhu will lead the yatra.

Your most fallen servant
Jayesh Das (Ujjain)