ISKCON Udaipur

Dear Guru Maharaja & God Family,

Please accept our humble obeisances at Your divine lotus feet !!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada – the savior of the entire world !!

By your causeless mercy, We (your disciples) in Iskcon Udaipur celebrated 73rd Vyasa Puja on 17th July with full enthusiasm and in high Krishna Consciousness spirit.Total devotees participated in the event is 50+ including baramcharis.

The Vyasa Puja started with Kirtan Mayapur Vasi Prabhu ji , President of ISKCON Udaipur. Your heartfelt offering to Srila Prabhupada was recited there after which gave us the insight of your deep Love and unflinching faith towards His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada.Then we start glorification our humble offerings. its was our immense fortune that we were given two hour to glorify Gurumaharaj . We presented the glories of Gurumaharaj from his childhood, Cross Maidan festival , various projects done by Gurudev and explained in brief about various books by Gurumaharaj.All the other devotees really relished this part of the program and were very happy & inspired by learning more about You and Your divine qualities during these offerings.

After glorification bhoga offering was done then Guru Vandna was sung beautifully by Mayapur Vasi Prabhu ji & Mayapur Dham Prabhu ji offered Aarti. Then Mayapur Vasi Prabhu ji guided all with pushpanjali mantras & delighted devotees offered their respect with faith in form of flower petals and then Prashadam for all assembled devotees.

Devotees were happy & many expressed their happiness regarding getting to know so many things about Guru Maharaj in detail for the first time.

Gurumaharaj we humbly offer this small service at your lotus feet, & seek your blessings & blessings of all the vaishnavas for always remaining engaged in service of Guru & Gauranga.

Your Humble Servat
ISKCON Udaipur
Mayapur Vasi Das
Hari Lila Devi Dasi
Mayapur Dham Das
Nimai Priya Devi Dasi
Ajay Gaurang Das
Mohit Sejwani (Inspring)