Our dear most Guru Maharaj,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada, Guru and Gouranga ..
Please except our humble obesience at your lotus feet.

We had a great fortune to be a part of the most auspicious Vyaspuja at Sri Dham Pandarpur through online as well as we celebrated with local Iskcon Tampa devotees here in Tampa, Florida with Kirtan, bajan, glorification of your dedication to Prabhupada, offering arati and Bhoga and distributing sumptuous prasadam to devotees.

I loudly broadcasted your contribution through mesmerizing Kirtan, organizing pada yatra in India and worldwide, constructing so many temples and
Vedic learning institution and writing so many books for our spiritual guidance by showcasing each and every book to the Devotees.

I am also loudly advertising your contribution to Iskcon North America especially in 1987 when Iskcon was penalized by Supreme Court to pay $32
million by fundraising, pada Yatra and arranging rally in Washington DC.

Please bless us profusely so we can glorify you and Srila Prabhupada at the top of our voice at least in North America.

Dear Guru maharaj you will be happy to learn that we hosted HG Jananibas at our Krsna Dham for one night while he visited Tampa along with TOVP team for fundraising.

Yours eternal servant at your lotus feet,
Baladev Seva Das Sundari Revati Devi Dasi