Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj
please accept my humble obeisances.
All Glories to Srila Prabhupada
All Glories to you.

We celebrated Guru Maharaj’s 74th Vyas Pooja at Radha Krishna ISKCON CENTRE Hyderabad, Pakistan on 7th July 2023.
It was a Grand celebration and for the first time, it was celebrated in Pakistan by Maharaj’s Disciples.

Due to heavy rain and load shedding, we faced many technical problems in having proper internet connection but It was all Guru Maharaj’s mercy that He cooperated with us, and all the devotees were able to receive His blessings and Darshans.

Around 300 people attended the program despite rain and water on the roads and streets, we were amazed by their presence, there could be more devotees if it wouldn’t rain. Many devotees brought the offerings. Maharaj’s disciples and their families came all the way from different cities of Pakistan like Ramesh Prabhu from Sajawal, Veer Vikram Prabhu from Mithi, Esha Mataji from Shahdadpur, Lukshmi Mataji from Karachi but Krishna Mataji from jumpir couldn’t attend because of storm and rain in their area. Shewak Ram Prabhu and Hanesha Mataji resides in Hyderabad who organized all the decorations along with other devotees. Matajis brought many of Guru Maharaj’s favorite dishes as the recipes were shared by HG Purnanandi mataji.

Moong dal Chilla, idli, dosa, sambhar, Daliya, soup, etc. There were more than 100 offerings. We were very happy and delighted as we offered the Garlands and Arti to Guru Maharaj. The best part was the Cake cutting ceremony in Guru Maharaj’s presence on the live call. We are very touch
ed and obliged by Maharaj’s mercy on us. An unforgettable day of our lives.

All the devotees enjoyed and relished the festival, Maharaj’s darshan, lecture, Glorification, and Mahaprasadam.
We want to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to His Holiness Guru Maharaj for everything.

We are Grateful to HG Padmamali Prabhu for arranging it. Tons of Thanks to HG Svarup Anand Prabhu, HG Purnanandi Radha Mataji, and HG
Panduranga Vithala Prabhu for arranging and organizing this event for us.

Thanks to Kanhiaya Lal Prabhu, president of ISKCON Centre Hyderabad, and the entire community and team of the ISKCON Centre for their support.

your insignificant Disciples
From Pakistan.