5 November 2019 Lets talk – man ki baat- about something which is in our heart. Today devotees from 461 places are chanting with us. Haridas Thakur from Gurugram is doing katha there. More than 500 devotees were present. They performed deep daan also. I suggested to them to distribute books during katha and distribute japa malas to more and more people and ask them to take vow of chanting at least 1 round every day. Those who are hearing the katha and if they really understand the katha must start chanting also. Book distribution has to be done every time. Whenever you organize any program there must be book distribution. We should encourage the listeners to take and read Srila Prabhupada’s books. They should also chant. Harer nama eva kevalam… this is yuga dharma. From Bangladesh Sankirtan Gaur gathered 2500 devotees and celebrated Annakut festival. This is wonderful. Today is someone’s birthday – Pragya, daughter of Jamuna Maiya from Nasik. You all should wish her a happy birthday by saying – Haribol! Vimal Krishna is raising his hand and saying Haribol! There are many functions happening. Param Brahm Prabhu from Ahmedabad does many yatras and sankirtanas. He has performed more than a dozed padayatras in his colony and asked them to perform deep daan also. “Haridas Thakur is the katha going on? Distribute books and japa mala also.” Tulsi Puja from Dubai has done a house program at her house, Ekalavya Prabhu was also there and around 30 devotees were there. They also did deep daan , but I don’t know about book distribution? Stay busy. Those who are still chanting are taking pleasure in chanting and becoming bhajananandi. They get pleasure in bhajan, which includes chanting, reading and many more. We are Gaudiya Vaisnavas. We should not only become bhajananandi, we should become goshthianand. There are two kinds of anand – Bhajananand and Goshthianand. Bhajananand is only for ourselves, but whatever pleasure we got in our bhajan and then by yare dekho tare kaho krsna updesa, by doing book distribution, by reciting Krsna katha we become Gosthanandi. So we should not only become bhajanandi. We should become bhajanandi because those who get pleasure in their bhajan can only do preaching. He only can perform bodhyantah parasparam, he can only perform yare dekho tare kaho krsna updesa. He can distribute books and prasada. The one who became sravanand bhajanand, then if he is a Gaudiya Vaisnava it is his duty to distribute this knowledge to others. Invite them and encourage them to chant. Then this goshthianand can be with the family members and others also. You should arrange some program for such goshthianand. There are many forms of this goshthi anand. You should invite your relatives and friends and become goshtha anandi. It doesn’t mean that this is not important. It is a very important thing and we should all take part in it. Transcription is happening. I speak slowly so transcription is easy. I speak in Hindi , and Santaram Prabhu from Sangali translates this into English. He chants in this conference and he does this translation into English. You can also read this in English on the website. We are transcribing this japa talk into English for the benefit of the devotees around the world who do not understand Hindi. They can take advantage of this in English. This is not the best thing. They were hearing me in English and now I switched to Hindi. So this is some sort of compromise for English speaking audience. I hope you won’t mind. Keep reading Vraja-mandala darsana book also. Today our | Parikrama will cross the Yamuna. Last night they were at Kesi ghata. They start everyday at 6 AM. In some time they will reach Nanda-ghata. From Cira-ghata they will reach Nanda-ghata. There also katha will be recited.Today is Navami when Giridhari Sri Krsna lifted Govardhan from Tritiya to Navami, During His Prakat Lila when Ekadasi came, everyone observed fast. Nanda baba also observed fast on Ekadasi. Nand-ghata is the same place where Nanda Maharaja went to take bath. Some associates of Varunadev reached there and they arrested Nanda Maharaja and took him to Varuna-lok. That time was not the right for taking bath, hence they were punishing him. The nearby residents saw Nanda Maharaja going to take bath, but they were unable to find him after that. So everyone was scared. What had happened? Where is Nanda Maharaja? He was right here. He came to take bath here and now he has disappeared. Where did he go? Near Nanda-ghata is a village known as Bhay gaon (Fear Village). Like wise all the villages of Braj got names like this. The great grandson of Krsna Vajranabha, gave these names to all the villages. He enquired which pastime the Lord had performed here and based on that he gave these beautiful names to those villages. Vajranabha wanted to reestablish the glory of Vrindavan. He founded many places, gave names to many villages, made platforms on the places where Rasa-yatra took place. He implemented jhulan where Jhulan-yatra took place. So like this Vajranabha contributed very much. In those days Braja was empty. He was feeling there is no one. Vajranabha was born after Krsna left this planet. After that Arjun took Krsna’s queens and some Dvaraka vasis and came to Hastinapur and then they came to Braja also. When the Pandavas heard the news that Krsna ended His pastimes, they also took a sankalpa of leaving everything. At the same moment they make Pariksit the king of the entire world. Hastinapur was the capital. That time Vajranabha was appointed King of Mathura. So in this way Parikshit became king of Hastinapur and the great grandson of Krsna, Vajranabha became King of Mathura. Pradyumna Krsna’s son. Pradyumna’s son was Aniruddh and Vajranabha was Aniruddh’s son. When Vajranabha took charge of Mathura-mandala then he established these temples, renovated Braja-mandala and gave names to these villages. He also established many Deities, like Baldev in Dauji, Keshav Dev in Mathura, Govind Dev in Vrindavan, Haridev in Govardhan, along with that he also established Kshetrapal. Bhuteshwar , Rangeshwar is Kshetrapal of Mathura, Chakleshwar is in Govardhan, Nandeshwar is in Nandagram. Like this he established Shivji as Kshetrapal. These services were done by Vajranabha. Now also if we come to know about the places where the Lords pastimes took place, the credit goes to Vajranabha. I started saying that today Vraja-mandala Parikrama reached Nanda-ghata and I explained to you how and why these places got these names. Who gave these names to these villages ? Today Parikrama bhaktas will cross Yamuna. When Krsna crossed Yamuna with his friends and cows how did he cross? I recited this lila when I was giving a class to the devotees on Vraja-mandala parikrama. There I told them how the cows walked on the water of Yamuna. Krsna played his flute and the liquified Yamuna would become solidified and the cows could easily walk on the river. Likewise the gwala baal would climb on the Akshayvat tree and walk on the long branches of the trees and then jump on the other side of Yamuna. in Bhadravan. That is how they would reach there. Once we also crossed Yamuna by walking and swimming in Yamuna, but now mostly they cross Yamuna by boats. So like this they will reach Bhadravan and from there the parikrama will go to Bhandirvan and they will stop there for the night. So many pastimes took place in Bhandirvan also. You all can read all these and can contemplate on these pastimes. Vraja-mandala ki jai … Damodar maas ki jai… Gaur Premanande Hari Haribol …