29th April 2019 O! SOUL ,YOU DON'T BELONG HERE Yesterday I got the report that more than around 850 devotees are chanting with us on an average. I am happy, Krishna is happy & I am sure, you also must be happy by chanting 'Hare Krishna'. Are you happy? Is it your personal experience also? Or you have just heard it that chanting gives you happiness. One who chants 'Hare Krishna' becomes happy, we have heard. That's nice that you have heard it, but if we also experience what we have heard, i.e. happiness. That’s good. Some of you are chanting from a while, some of you are chanting from few years. I am hopeful & confident that you are becoming happier & happier by or with chanting. Someone says 'in Bliss!'. You have to tell the truth, from bottom of your heart. You have to tell from heart, your experience & not just lip service. So, think about it. So, Lord is certainly kind. Why not, we could give Him name also. Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is very kind. 'Hare Krishna' is also His name. Sri Krishna Chaitanya is also His name. That holy name will reach every town & village on this Earth. Lord's prediction was not just that His name will be chanted in every town & village, but His prediction was that His name will reach the souls, who are His children in those villages & towns. Yesterday Murali Mohan Prabhuji with devotees from Jamshedpur, chanted on the streets of Jamshedpur in one day padayatra. So, the target is not just streets & walls hear, but the target is people around them, who hear the holy name. The souls will hear the holy name. As I was chanting with you all today, I was thinking, that prediction has come true because that holy name has reached me & that holy name has reached you - that's the perfection of prediction. It has not just reached towns & villages you reside in but it has reached the souls residing there. Haribol! Prediction of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu must come true & has come true. Then what has happened in your case is, you have taken to this chanting seriously. Most of you have been initiated formally to chant this holy name or mantra by diksha. So, what you have heard just one day on the streets through somebody, somewhere. Or you read the glories of the holy name. Reading is also hearing. Gradually by hearing again & again this mahamantra or glories of mahamantra, you have become serious chanter & you have realized, this is the way. Then you make connections. Of course, devotees were around you. At some point you came in contact with the followers of holy name, Gaudiya Vaishnava. They had been talking to you & talking & then you got convinced & decided to accept this mahamantra in a formal way & connect to this parampara. Not only connect with parampara, but you are also connected with the Lord, through the holy name of the Lord.. 'I want to connect with the Lord, through the holy name, that is the idea, at the time of initiation.' Then you signed the contract that,'I will chant 16 rounds daily.' then you are formally initiated, you established your relation with spiritual master, with this disciplic succession, with the parampara. You made connection with Krishna through Holy name, because holy name is Krishna. So, chant 'Hare Krishna' & be happy. What this 'Hare Krishna' movement is doing by preaching to us, by talking to us , by giving this 'Hare Krishna' mahamantra to us, is trying to separate us from the rest of the world. The mess of the masses. That understanding comes to us, No! No! We don't belong to this world; we belong to another world. You are also doing that by way of preaching. Srila Prabhupada formalized it by establishing ISKCON. Now we are members of it. Original founder is Nityananda Prabhu. There is example, Srila Prabhupada also gave this example. One time a cub of a lion got mixed with the flock of sheep & was staying with sheep & watching sheep around & then acting, eating, braying as ass like them. He forgot his origin. He belongs to the lion species or society. Then Lion & lionesses were attempting to separate that cub. But whenever they went & as they would roar, all the sheep's used to run away & so would little cub, run away with rest of the sheep. So, it was very difficult to get him back into their Lion community. Lion & lioness made so many attempts. How could they give up. They have lost their child, gone astray! So finally, somehow or other, on fortunate one day, they managed to separate their cub, their kid. Then what they did was, they brought him on the bank of river. They were trying to preach to him, do some brain washing, try to convince to him, No! No! you are not sheep. you are the lion! king of the forest! future King!. Now you are prince, & future king. Sheep had dirtied the brain of cub & now parents had to do the brainwashing to make him realize his real identity, that you are not sheep, you are lion. They were doing Chetodarpana marjanam for the cub. They also said look! look into the water. So, little cub looked into water. Then they said, look at us. Don't you look like us? You look like sheep or you look like us? Then he realized, ‘I don't look like sheep. I am lion! I am lion!' Then the lion & lioness took him & went where flock of sheep was grazing & told him ,'Today is your turn! Now you roar.' Then this little lion roared. Then what happened? All the sheep flee in fear. They were all afraid to hear the roar of little lion. Then parent lion told, ‘Look! you are lion. All the sheep's ran away, just by hearing your roar. You must be & you are lion. You are not a sheep.' Then he agreed, ' Yes! Yes! I am fully convinced, that I am a lion! I have nothing to do with sheep.' So, you could understand or come to conclusion, how that applies to us & to preaching which we are doing. That attempt of preaching aims at, we try to 'Let the soul know that you are not this body. We try to, attempt to let them know, you don't belong to this place, so don't go on & on & on with things over here. ' Then one may say, ‘okay! I am not the body! then who am I?’ You are the spirit soul & like that talk goes on. And the goal is to try to separate that, living entity, taking him away from world to another world to spiritual world. So, attempt to preach. Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ask everyone, 'jare dakho tare Kaho Krishna upadesh' (CC madhya 7.128) When we do that, we are attempting to, bring the souls to Krishna's side. Come over here! Come here!! Come here!!! Lord says, 'I am here, come near, do not fear.' People could be doctors, engineers, politicians, social workers, there can be so many conditionings. Such person could be our family members our neighbours. I think you are getting the point. Is it clear? Okay , I will leave you with this food for thought. This will nourish your brain, solidify your thoughts. Hare Krishna!