22nd May 2019 Hare Krishna! We have 561 participants so far. Today is Wednesday and that is Krishna’s day as Krishna appeared on Wednesday. In Pandharpur every Wednesday is Krishna’s day, Vitthal’s day. So it’s very special day. And I said that ‘today is Wednesday and that is Krishna’s day, Vitthal’s day, one devotee who had gone for darsana of Lord Panduranga early morning, ran to me and offered this garland. This garland is of Lord Vitthal. I am feeling blessed, Lord Vitthal has blessed me. Krishna is blessing to all of you also as you are chanting not only on Wednesday but everyday. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, we are calling to Krishna; Oh Krishna! You are great. Oh Krishna! You are beautiful. When we chant, Lord hears, He knows that we are chanting. But how we are chanting? Whether we are clearly chanting, clearly calling out His name or we are just carrying on our chanting without seriousness, addressing Him lightly. Krishna also knows if we are chanting with bhava or not, what are our thoughts? He can read our minds. The shepherd takes care of sheep, so many of them, the goats, sheeps. Shepherd may sometime scream wolf! wolf! So he is just making a fun. There is no wolf around, but he is just making a fun and joking and crying wolf! wolf! Villagers come with sticks, ‘where is wolf?’ So if you will keep doing this ‘wolf, wolf no one will help you out, when help is actually needed. So one day wolf came and he started crying wolf! Help me. But as people had already heard him saying like this many times before, so no one took it seriously and did not come for help. When the help was really needed, wolf had actually come; no one came forward to help. We also have to call Krsna with bhava, bhakti. Krsna, where are you? Krsna please come. Lord can be purchased with Laulyam. That is eagerness, strong desire to have darsana of the Lord. ‘Laulyam eka mulyam’, is also said in sastras. Then we say Lord doesn’t come. Why is Lord not coming? Because you are not calling Him as Draupadi, Draupadi had called Him. It is not His fault. He is ready to come. So when we will call Him like Draupadi, then there will be no other alternative for the Lord. He has to give darsana, Aham bhakta paradhina (SB 9.4.63) He says: "I am the servant of my servant. We don’t call Him like Draupadi, so He is not coming. Lord wants to come but nobody is calling Him. Why Lord is not eating? Because you are not offering berries or fruit or food like Shabari had offered. Why is He not dancing? because you are not making Him dance like gopis. Gopis make Him dance. Gopi bhava! Why is Lord not coming? because our address is not like Draupadi. So follow the footsteps of Draupadi and so many others, six Gosvamis of Vrindavan, namacarya Srila Haridas Thakur. If we sing glories of Lord, Lord comes. yatra mad bhakta gayanti tatra tisthami narada There is no alternative for the Lord. There is no one for Lord other than His devotees. And there is no one for devotees other than Lord. Lord does come, there is proof. Yes, there are so many proofs. And what is the proof? Many devotees have called Him. Suradas called and Lord appeared there. Tukaram Maharaja also called on Bhandara hill which is near Dehu, there he called Lord, ‘Pandurang, Pandurang, Pandurang, Jai Jai Rama Krishna Hari! Jai Jai Rama Krishna Hari!’ May be we have not called like Tukaram Maharaja called. That time even there were no instruments. We use so many kinds of instruments. When we do kirtana there is microphone and so many other facilities. When Saint Tukaram used to do kirtana, he used to pick two stones and use them as kartal. So many examples, millions of devotees had called out for Lord many times and Lord gave them darsana every time. It is not that we are the first one who are calling Lord and desiring darsana, association of the Lord. As soon as right chemistry is there, right kind of address, right mood, intense mood and all that is there, then for sure, Lord keeps His promise. yatra mam bhakta gayanti tatra tisthami narada (BS 5.37) So Lord does come and He will keep coming, but there is some short fall on our part. How to chant with that mission, intention or mission, right mood, following footsteps. premanjancchurit bhakti vilocanena santah sadaivi hrdayesu vilokayanti (BS 5.38) Lord comes face to face. There is no problem from Lords side but problem is on our side. Lord understands what is the condition of our minds, what is going in our minds. ye tatha mam prapadyante tams tathaiva bhajami aham(BG 4.11) We cannot say that Lord is not giving darsana. So let’s keep chanting with devotion, feelings, you may say that I don’t have love and bhava then how could I call Lord with love and devotion when it’s not there. So the answer is, chanting of Hare Krishna is the means and the goal. It is sadhya as well as sadhana. Soul has love for Lord, keep chanting , Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Gradually day by day, day after day more love will arouse, manifest. Chant more and revive more love, revive and survive. Hare Krishna