16th March 2020 Let us dedicate our prayers to corona affected brothers and sisters Today there are 470 participants. Muralimohan Prabhu organised a one day padayatra in Ahmedabad and distributed 140 books. It was for the welfare of the Coronavirus affected people. You also can organise such sankirtanas for Coronavirus affected people and keep the theme for the betterment of Corona virus affected people. Our prayers are with them. We want to see them getting well soon. Our sympathy, our prayers are with them. You can distribute prasada and books. It's a big emergency for humans. We all are one as we are all getting affected by the same disease. Coronavirus does not differentiate between man and woman. It will affect all. I was thinking this disease can affect anyone Easterners and Westerners. This shows we all one and the same and our problem is also same. Pray and also when we chant we all are praying on the zoom conference. We dedicate all our prayers to the affected people all over the world. ceto-darpana-marjanam bhava-maha--davagni-nirvapanam The whole world is on fire and affected by problems. para dukha dukhi - that's the identification of a Vaisnava. As Vaisnavas see others suffering they become disheartened and try to help them whole heartedly. Hare Krishna devotees always try to help others. There are problems and problems all over. Lord has mentioned four main problems in the Bhagavad-Gita, janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi- duhkha-dosanudarsanam There is only one Lord and we are all children of the same Lord and He has given us all the same problems which ever country we belong to, rich or poor. Amongst the list of janma, mrtyu, jara, vyadhi. Now people are affected with vyadhi, a new disease. Getting sick is the dharam of the body. shariram vyadhi mandiram This is also said. The body is itself a temple of diseases. If we call body a temple then one deity is installed in this body and given to us. Take this body, which type of body? Who is installed in the body? Vyadhi mandiram. There cannot be a body without vyadhi. If you want a body then vyadhi comes with it. Vyadhi or a disease tag is attached to the body. We are souls and souls are not affected by any disease. The soul is free. Janma mrtyu, jara, vyadhi is not related to the soul. These don’t affect the soul. Soul never takes birth. The soul never dies. Since the soul does not take birth there is no question of death of the soul. The soul never gets old. adyam purana-purusam nava-yauvanam ca Lord is Adi-purusha, He is always new and fresh. The same thing applies to the soul also. The soul is as old as the Supreme Lord, as the soul is part and parcel of the Lord. pura api navam puranam The soul is old, but still new. There no relation of birth with the soul as the Lord is ajanma so the soul is also ajanma. There is no question of death for the soul. The soul never dies, only the body dies. na jayate mriyate va kadacin But who will read Gita and understand the soul. The soul is always healthy. All these problems are due to this body. When one has a desire to enjoy the sense objects, bhoga vancha kare - then take this body and enjoy. Senses are attached to the body and the senses enjoy the sense objects of this material world. Mind and intelligence also enjoy along with the senses. As we were talking about sariram vyadhi mandiram. Till we have this body we will have disease. After this body we will get another body it will also get affected by diseases. Vyadhi is not only in the human body. It affects all bodies. Luckily there are some bodies, I read somewhere fish suffer only from 8 diseases, lucky fish. We humans suffer from 80 different types of diseases or maybe 8000 types of diseases. It’s better to get a fish body. At least there will be less diseases and also the fish is not affected by the Coronavirus. Till we have this body we will affected by diseases. Everybody becomes old. Everybody falls sick. Did you ever think? Some diseases affect even the ants and some disease affect elephants. Dogs also become old, get affected by diseases and die. Like that this is the dharma of the body. Sariram vyadhi mandiram. There is nothing to be surprised about. This is bound to happen till we have this body. When we fall sick we go to the doctor and he does the diagnoses. With diseases there are so many arrangements, so many hospitals, so many medical colleges, so many doctors and so many drugs and for their manufacture there is so much research going on and what not. In this way this material world is kept busy managing the diseases. And there are so many arrangements done by human kind to overcome the diseases. Still even if we recover again after sometime we fall sick. And as we become old many types of diseases attack us and we are always scared of diseases. Birth is related to death. Once a person is born, the fear of death is born. And it's said, “As sure as death.” We cannot avoid death. We have to die one day. Devotees say, “When one is born he is born with a death certificate.” Birth is related to death. Like that old age is related to death. Old people keep of thinking of death always, young people don’t think of death so much. As one is in his 50s and 60s he keeps thinking of death. Old age is related to death. Disease is also related to death. When one falls sick he thinks that he will die soon. Once he gets admitted to ICU that's the one way ticket. Nobody comes back from ICU. Birth, diseases and old age all are related to death. All those suffering from Coronavirus throughout the world are our brothers, vasudhaiva kutumbakam. This is a higher thought, if the Head of the family is the Lord then all those suffering are our brothers and sisters. There was news that just in one day in Iran there were 500 cases. Someone said some treatment fro this disease has been found. But once we get free from this diseases that does not mean we are free. No, some other disease will again take a stand. After feeding medicines to the body one day we die and get a new body. Again that body will be affected by diseases, there is no end to this. From the life of Buddha Dev also we should learn something. He wanted to go on tour of Bharatvarsha, but his father never wanted him to go, His father knew that if his son goes out, he will see old people dying and affected by diseases and he will become sad. But Siddhartha wanted to go. So his father agreed, gave him a chariot and a driver for the chariot. As he moved in the chariot he saw a person suffering from leprosy, he asked ‘What happened to him’? The driver said, ‘He is not well.’ Siddartha said ‘Will I also fall sick?’ The driver said, ‘Yes why not.’ Then as they moved ahead he saw an old man with a stick finding difficulty in crossing the road. Siddartha asked ‘Do all become old?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Will I also become old?’. The driver said, ‘Yes, why not.’ Siddartha was noting all this. Then as they moved ahead and he saw a big procession and all were saying “rama nama satya hai.” He thought why so many be people are walking and one man is sleeping on the bed and people are carrying him. Siddartha said, ‘What is this?’ The driver said, ‘He died and he is being carried to the graveyard and will be cremated. He will not return.’ Siddarartha asked, ‘Will I also die?’ The driver said, ‘ Yes, yes for sure.’ Siddartha said, ‘It’s enough. Let’s go back.’ The driver turned his chariot towards home. He was thinking. I don't want to fall sick, have disease and become old and die. The same night he left his house, went to Gaya and became enlightened. He became Buddha Dev. “Oh Lord, I want to get free from these problems. Help, help.” The permanent solution is as Lord Buddha did. Becoming spiritual is the only solution. There is no other way, no other way, no other way. Even if we ever find a cure for this virus again some another problem will come and affect us. In such a situation which the world is facing now, we should become more serious in our devotional life and make people realize and put such thoughts in their mind. We can have sankirtana, distribute books and prasada. We should increase preaching. This is the only solution. Chant Hare Krishna and be happy. The soul becomes happy by chanting. We have to chant and make others chant. We have to honour prasada and give prasada to others. We Rupanugas are spiritual doctors. We have to diagnose the problems and treat them. yare dekha, tare kaha 'krsna'-upadesa Don’t think I can't do anything. No, that's not the case. Only you can do as you are devotees. Other fools do not have solution. This is an emergency. And Hare Krishna devotees have the permanent solution. Chant Hare Krishna. You be happy and make others happy.