20th April 2019 Some of you are not Chanting every day, that is why numbers keep fluctuating. If you are head of the family, then you could get other members of the family to Chant. If you are a Bhakti-vriksha leader get your group members to Chant, if you are temple president, get temple devotees to Chant. If you are councilors, make sure your counselees are joining the conference. 'Each one teach one’. HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE So keep Chanting. Harer nama Eva kevalam! There is no other way. We don't have any other way (CC adi 7.26). Lord is to be remembered in the morning & also devotees of the Lord are to be remembered in the morning. So remember Lord in the morning in association of the devotees. Krishna is worth remembering in early morning hours. As we get up, we should be remembering someone worth remembering. Everyone is not worth remembering, specially not in the morning. So we have to take & choose, whom do we wish to remember during Brahma-muhurta or early morning hours. I was referring to Mahatma prabhu's Guide book. There he has given one tip, one hint, meditation that he talks about. He says , “I am out of my mind & in my heart, fully present to the holy names when I chant.” I think, what he is talking about is in English when we say, 'out of mind’ that means he is crazy, that is also one of the meaning. But here in this case, what is mind’s business? It goes on doing ‘Sankalpa & Vikalpa’. It goes on, all the thoughts. Some we accept & some we reject & we go on thinking, we all do it. Thinking, feeling, willing is the business of the mind. So, we are always thinking. We think of something & then we reject that thing for something else. Then we accept & reject. Those thoughts are at the mind’s level, without the help of the intelligence. Spiritual intelligence if it is not there, then you could be thinking of anything & everything or mundane things. Or your mind is going to be wondering of. Round & round, up & down. You are making rounds after rounds… 16 rounds, but your mind has done 16000 rounds. So he is talking about, getting out of such mind. Not allowing the mind to function normally or materially. Material mind as it functions. Get yourself out of the clutches of such mind. Liberate your mind & enter the heart. Then think of the Lord in your heart. Remember the Lord of your heart. When we say 'Hare Krishna’, we are addressing Krishna. We are saying O Krishna! O Radhe! If we address the Lord & Chanting is all about that. I am such & such. I am fallen. Aayi nandtanuj kinkaram (Shikshastakam verse 5) I am supposed to be Your servant, O son of Nand maharaj, but I am so fallen in this material existence. O Lord please pick me up from this ocean of birth & death. This is also prayer. When we are Chanting, we are also praying like this. So when we address the Lord like this, we will like Him to respond or pay attention to what we have to say. So hopefully Lord will listen to us, depending on how is our Chanting, what is the mood of our Chanting. How much 'laulyam’ we have for the Lord. Is our calling out from soul or from only throat. Are we really praying from bottom of our heart, is our Chanting like a crying of a baby as Srila Prabhupada was expecting us to do. Lord can sense immediately & He is going to take note of our attention & concentration in Chanting, intensity of our Chanting, greed in our Chanting. Lord definitely takes into consideration all these things. Accordingly, He will reciprocate with us. The point is also that when we are Chanting, we are praying, we are calling out, so Lord is going to ask, ‘O! What do you want?’ So we may be saying yes, ‘I want Krishna-prema’. If Lord did respond, He may ask , ‘What do you want? May I help you?’ Then we should be able to be respond to the Lord. Let the Lord know, why we have been praying. We have to reveal our heart unto the Lord. One of the process of Devotion is to go in front of the Lord & reveal your heart to Him. So,here Harinam Prabhu is our deity, we can reveal our heart unto Him. Mantra only is Lord. Naam is incarnation. So to that incarnation we have to present our prayers, deep thoughts of our heart. So like this, remembrance, prayers & Lord's reciprocation is expected to continue, during Chanting of mantra meditation. This is a Yoga, this is Link. Through the medium of Japa we communicate with the Lord. So this was some food for thought for you. Do contemplate on whatever has been said. Hare Krishna!