12th November 2019 Glories of Kartik Month Hare Krishna Today we have 475 participant in the conference. Jagjivan is also in Vrindavan. Today is Kartik Purnima and also Tulsi Saligram marriage.Today is a very auspicious day.Tulsi means Vrinda Devi. Vrindavan means Vrinda Devi's forest. vrindayah vanam. This forest belongs to Vrinda Devi.She is holding a high status, just like Radharani. But none can match Sri Radharani. If someone can compare with Her, then it's Vrinda Devi.The gopis also get married to Krsna. It's all described in Sastra. Krsna also married Radharani, and in same way with Vrinda Devi and Gopis. In Vrindavan there exists parkiya bhava. Svakiya bhava exits in Dwaraka. In Vrindavan the Lord belongs to the Gopis. They act in parkiiya bhava. parkiya bhava bhaver jaha brajer prachar. Daily we pray to Tulsi Maharani and offer water and aarti and sing namo namah tulasi krsna-preyasi namo namah radha-krsna-seva pabo ei abilasi O Tulasi, beloved of Krsna, I bow before you again and again. My desire is to obtain the service of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna. As you are dear to Krsna, I offer you my humble obeisances. This prayer is very confidential. ei nivedana dhara, sakhira anugata koro seva-adhikara diye koro nija dasi   4) I beg you to make me a follower of the cowherd damsels of Vraja. Please give me the privilege of devotional service and make me your own maidservant.   Feeling associated with this prayer is of very good consciousness. We ask to make us just like them residents of Vrindavan. We sing, but do not contemplate on the prayers. If we think in this way while praying then we are uplifted. We become liberated and our life become successful. We follow Tulasi and Raganuga bhakti. If we follow Tulasi in full understanding then we get all perfection. Tulsi vivah yagna is also taking place in Dubai, Damodardesh as reported by Shymalangi Mataji. She reported that in Damodardesh lamp offering took place in 6000 homes. I don't know if any other country can compete with Damodardesh. All glories to it's residents. Today is last day of Damodara month and while we are chanting devotees in Bhubaneshwar were doing sankirtana. They are just like Caitanya Mahaprabhu. I am not superhuman to be able to read all the reports sent by you and I'm defeated. Sananandi Radhika is doing Vraja-mandala Parikrama. Today Vraja-mandala Parikrama is going from Rawal to Visrama-ghata. There they will take holy bath.Rawal is the village of Radharani. Caitanya Mahaprabhu started His Parikrama from Visrama-ghata. We started Vraja-mandala Parikrama from Krishna Balaram temple. You can read in Vraja-mandala darsana book. This is last homework for today. I hope and believe that many of you must be reading Vraja- mandala darsana. Param Karuna from Nagpur is reading Vraja-mandala darsana daliy and chanted about 2500 rounds. Solapur did 250 programs and 50,000 devotee did deep daan. Dayalu Radha from Reunion reported she developed more taste in chanting. Manjulali from Bangalore went to mangal aarti daily in Kartik. She wants to continue everyday. Vamsivadana from Nasik organised a big ceremony for Kartik deep daan. Ganesh Godse is very active in Kartik conducting Bhakti Vriksha. Ganesh is young boy conducting house programs. Param Karuna Prabhu is saying that the experience of Kartik sadhana was very thrilling. You all are writing your experiences, but time is very limited. I am unable to ready all the messages. But you can write all your special realisations that how Yasoda Damodara touched you.You all are souls .And how do you experience Vraja-mandala darsana and Parikrama.Kartik month is a gift from Sri Krsna.. Mukunda Madhava is also doing sadhana in Vrindavan. That's why it is called yoga, union. Link between you and Krsna. You can also share your experiences on Loksanga and Let's Chant Together Facebook page. You can share your experiences with other devotee also. This is nothing but guhyam gkahyati prcchati. Rupa Goswami describes this, Shat vidha priti laksanam. This is nothing but sharing confidential feelings with your heart.Kartik month is a very good month to revive devotional service.This is nothing but symptom of love that you have for other devotees. So I wish you all a happy Kartik Purnima Mahotsava. Today is last day of Kartik. I give my blessings to all of you. We will meet again. Gokul Dham ki Jai. Kartik mas ki Jai.