23rd April 2019 DEVOTEES EXPRESS THE GRATITUDE I want to quickly run through some of the comments posted on conference. Today there were around 100 postings. We have reviewed some postings of previous days. Devotees from Radha Rasbihari are here with us today. From Ukraine, Natalia mataji is expressing her gratitude for precious inputs. I think many of you have been grateful for conference & for Japa talk. Prahlad Maharaj from Himachal Pradesh is offering obeisances. Most of the postings are obeisances & koti koti dandavat. At least, you have that emotion & devition of offering obeisances. This mood of being grateful & thankful is appreciated, wanting to offer obeisances to the devotees & to the spiritual master who is also Chanting. Srila Sanatan Goswami for sure is a glaring example that while doing Chanting on Govardhan Parikrama, whenever he used to come across a Vaishnav on the way, he used to offer his obeisances. We hear, sometimes he used to offer two thousand obeisances during one Govardhan Parikrama while Chanting. It used to be outward expression of the verse trinadapi sunichen tarorapi sahishnuna amanina manden kirtaniya sada Hari. (Shikshashtakam verse 3) Don't sleep! ‘Soega woh khoega’- one who sleeps will lose. Then you will not be able to see Vaishnav on the way. Then how you will offer obeisances? You can stand up if feeling sleepy. Sanatan Goswami used to stand, while doing Japa as he used to do Parikrama. How will you show that you are amanina manden? By offering obeisances. It is giving respect to other Vaishnavas. Sanatan Goswami used to fall at their feet & offer obeisances. So, following in that mood, we should be also offering obeisances. This way you translate that statement into action. amanina manden. That not expecting any respect for oneself, but offering respect to others. Then it is said, in such a state of mind, one can chant holy names of the Lord constantly. If our mental state is not like this, then our sadhana can have break. Tanu Shukla from Noida is offering Dandavat. She says her husband has joined the conference for the first time. Shiromani Gopi mataji wants to serve Guru & Vaishnavas. So, by Chanting & Chanting, she has developed this desire. Since as we Chant we are praying, ‘O Lord! Please engage me in your Devotional service.’ In Sanskrit there is commentary which says ‘ Seva yogyam mam kuru’. So, she has developed intense desire to do service, that means Lord has heard your prayers. You are praying O! Engage me ! Engage me! That means Lord has heard your prayers. That means we are being blessed. Lord is giving us service, will to serve. Where there is will, there is way. Next one is from Coimbatore. Their son Parth's birthday today so they seek blessings. Then Sankirtan Gaur from Bangladesh was reminded of what I was talking about two days back. I was talking about Cuckoo's singing & spring season with lots of flowers & Radha Rasbihari being offered with lots of flowers that day. He is also reminded of that sweet spring morning. From Greater Noida Neetu Tripathi Mataji is writing, that her sister Chanting from Jodhpur, first time. So, this Mataji succeeded in preaching her sister in another town. Some devotees from Greater Noida are trying to join the devotees from Meerut. Some devotees from Noida & Bangalore are actively getting others to join. Krishnam from Beed has realized, how Krishna consciousness is very near to mother nature. He is commenting on what we said about spring season. Yes, it's a part of it. From USA Hardik Patel, who is a young boy of seventeen years old expressed he Chants extra round in the evening with you. Earlier he never used to sit, while walking he used to Chant, but now as per my instructions to him, he sits down & chant. Someone has expressed, that Japa conference is like Naam-hata for them. He is writing that song of Bhaktivinoda Thakur. Nadiya Godrume Nityananda Mahajan patiyache naam-hata jiver karan. Nityananda prabhu has opened a market of Harinaam & all faithful souls should take advantage of it . He is announcing. Please come & buy the product. What is the product? Harinaam. But you will have to pay the price. What's the price? Faith is the price. So pay the price, take the product, Chant Harinam & be happy. That's a nice realization. Okay, we better stop. See you all another day. Haribol!!!