Reunion Island (French Island)

For the most auspicious event of Vyasa Puja of Gurudev I organized a celebration at home with a few devotees in Reunion Island (French
island) where I live and preach Krishna Consciousness. For a few weeks I was collecting various information about Maharaj to speak about his glories on that day and everyone was enlightened to hear about such a pure follower of Srila Prabhupada and also about the
special area of Maharastra .

Thanks to Maharaj the glories of Pandharpur are broadcast all over the world. We also remembered Maharaj ‘s visit to Reunion Island in 2014 and how his quick visit here paved the way for some devotees to seriously engage in ISKCON. We received lots of blessings and although it is difficult to preach in France Maharaj has left unforgettable impressions.

We started the Vyasa Puja celebration with kirtans led by devotees singing Gurudev ‘s tunes, then we I offered the arti and devotees
offered flowers to Maharaj. We cooked an Ekadasi prasad (sweet potato cake, quinoa and carrots, apple chutney and coconut cookies , peanuts balls)

Devotees were really enthused by the small but emotionally intense celebration by which we all strenghten our commitment to Srila
Prabhupada As for myself I felt just blissful nourishing the thought how I could do better next year.

May the lotus feet of Maharaj be eternally enthroned in our heart.

Your insignificant servant and disciple
Dayalu Radha dd (Reunion Island)